10 good reasons for organic food

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10 good reasons for organic food

Organic products are becoming more popular, because more and more people be aware of your diet. Organic food comes from ecologically controlled cultivation. You may have been treated neither genetically modified, with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. They also contain less additives than other foods. In the case of animal products, the organic label assures that the animals are kept humanely and not with growth hormones or antibiotics to be treated. With organic foods, they do so not only themselves, but also the animals and the environment some Good. We have selected for you the 10 best reasons for organic food.


Full of taste: fruit and vegetable from organic cultivation are largely without artificial additives. Instead of flavour enhancers in the case of Bio-products on the taste of the food. This is in the case of organic fruits and vegetables is usually more intensive than in conventional foods. Ecologically grown fruit and vegetables has a lower water content and makes the taste more prominent.

In addition, organic foods are especially healthy because they contain more vitamins and minerals than conventional food and less chemical plant protection products are charged.