10 tips to prevent back pain

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10 tips to prevent back pain


Long periods of Sitting, poor posture, and incorrect loads on duration of pain: Three-quarters of Germans complain of occasional back pain. Eight million people are already chronically. “Targeted, active movement is often the most effective way of back pain and to prevent or alleviate them,” says Ute Repschläger by the Association of self-employed physiotherapists – IFK e. V.

Together with the Forum pain in the DGK therapists give here are the ten best tips to prevent back pain. “With the Motto strengthen muscles – relieve pain Sufferers the vicious circle of back pain by breaking that occurs due to an incorrect posture,” says Dr. Dietmar Krause from the Forum pain. “Most of the range of motion, physical therapy and mild pain medication to eliminate the discomfort.”

1) stay In motion

Prolonged bed rest is not recommend for back pain. Movement in a pain-free area reduces pain. Move the parts of the body that are not affected by the occurrence of Pain. This leads to a better blood circulation and therefore the removal of harmful substances, pain-inhibiting substances are produced and the perception of pain is muffled. Who has not been active for a long time, should first find the technical manual in order to avoid incorrect movement patterns.

2) spine to relieve

In addition to the activity for a discharge to storage helps to relax the spinal muscles and the sciatic nerve, for example, lie down flat and stored under the leg at a right angle. The intervertebral discs absorb liquid for your buffer function. The physiotherapist can show those discharge positions for pain-free storage.

3) avoid posture

A protective posture is often different to that of the well-balanced posture, so that certain muscle groups are being stretched and clamped. So each posture is detrimental to the benefit of the back instead of him. You can particularly in the case of chronic complaints, their attitude from the physical therapist to correct.

4) heat and tension

In the case of a tight muscles, heat helps. For example, you set the pain at the end of a damp cloth and a hot water bottle. The heat penetrates deep into the tissue, the muscles are well supplied with blood and relaxed.

5) The right back training

When back training the physiotherapist ensures that the affected joints of the Spine can be gently mobilized and stretch shortened muscles. The appropriate torso muscles to support the spine like a protective corset.

6) Supportive Massage

A Massage can improve blood circulation to the muscles, the nervous system calm and releasing tension. The Massage contributes persistently to alleviate the pain, it should be done professionally with the physiotherapist.

7) reduce Stress

Psychological stress leads to tension and on the muscles on the spine. Back is an important warning sign of too much Stress are pain therefore.

8) The attitude of schools

In the back school physical therapist show you the correct movements and postures in everyday life, e.g. Sitting at a computer station.

9) reduce Obesity

Every superfluous kilos on the belly draws you into a hollow back posture and reduces the stress on your spine.

10) consult doctor

Back pain after a few days worse instead of better, or also occurs a paralysis, you should consult a doctor. This can rule out a possible herniated disc or other disorders and, depending on the diagnosis, a physiotherapy prescribe.