12 Golden rules for the Burnout treatment

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12 Golden rules for the Burnout treatment


Recognize – not to blame – change! Against an emerging or actual Burnout syndrome, there are some important rules of conduct for self-therapy. To prove if from the forced, inner Emptiness to the feeling, not alone of a procedure, Situation, arises, one speaks of a Burnout syndrome. This change of pathological Motivation, there are 12 Golden rules of self-therapy, which recognize the Concerned teach them to see life with other eyes, and his misconduct is to blame.

12 tips to prevent Burnout

Dr. Vincent Mans man, a long-time Anti-Stress expert, describes the 12 Golden rules, to be able to Burnout and self-treat prevent:

  1. Denial is taboo. You trust the intelligence of your body. Admit the Stress and pressures which have manifested physically, mentally or emotionally.
  2. Life circumstances change. If your work, your relationships, a Situation or a Person is making you miserable, try to change the circumstances, or, if necessary.
  3. Überengagement avoid. Pick out the areas or aspects in which they are the most violent überengagieren, and work on a “pressure reduction”.
  4. Isolation avoid. You don’t have to do everything alone! You make or renew close relationships to friends and people who do them well.
  5. Circuit with a world suddenly fell. When other people lose weight habitual problems and duties, then you have to learn to take a polite distance. Try to ensure that you are caring treated.
  6. Shorter. Learn to delegate, not only at work but also at home and in the circle of friends.
  7. The value of exchange. Try to separate the important values of the transitory and fluctuating – the Important from the Unimportant–. You save time and energy.
  8. The courage to be “no”. You reduce your excessive use of if you stand up for yourself. This means, additional claims, or demands on your time or your feelings are dismissed.
  9. Personal Pace. Try to live in a balanced way. You only have a limited amount of energy. Determine what you want in your life and need and then try to balance work with play and relaxation in a balance.
  10. Caution Body! Don’t leave out any meals, don’t torture yourself with strict diets, give in to your need for sleep, keep doctor’s appointments. Pay attention to a healthy diet.
  11. Dealing with Worries and Fears. You limit Concerns the lack of any reasonable basis as to a Minimum. You can get your Situation better, if you spend less time Brooding and to take care of instead of more in order to your real needs.
  12. You keep your sense of Humor. Laughter is the best remedy for Burnout. Breathe 3 times daily, mindfully and smile on the Exhale gently.

In the case of Burnout, seek professional help

If you have the feeling of being on a Burnout headed for extinction, and will not be able to feel the vicious circle, alone, to break through, do not hesitate to take professional help.

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