15 tips to fight procrastination

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15 tips to fight procrastination

4. Rule against procrastination

You can use the Power of thought! A thought strengthens with the frequency. You say that you create it, instead of thinking: “This can be nothing…”

5. Rule against procrastination

Stop trying to be perfect. The result is that you get bogged down, and finally, on the point of contact. Instead, focus on the Essentials.

6. Rule against procrastination

Praise be to doubt instead. Are You Rewarding Part. Praise leads to Motivation and strengthens the trust in the own forces. As a result, the efficiency is increased actually.

7. Rule against procrastination

Be aware of your body rhythm: Each man has his own rhythm. Whether we are a long sleeper or an early riser, and determine our genes. Instead of fighting it, you should try to do difficult tasks in their personal work phases.

8. Rule against procrastination

Do not get distracted. Try to avoid interference, be it from colleagues, the phone, or your own rambling thoughts. Try to focus only on what you are doing.

9. Rule against procrastination

Set yourself a time limit. The more time you have for a project, the longer you need for it. To improve, however, without the result, because the focus is not limited to the Essential. If you vordatieren in the calendar, a Abgabetatum, you win an additional correction time.

10. Rule against procrastination

Integrate your environment. As we all know: a sorrow Shared is a sorrow halved. Not only team work makes the slide-lust; who is reported by colleagues and friends of his projects, creates an outward pressure, and thus a new incentive.

11. Rule against procrastination

Be honest to yourself. You’re just inventing an excuse to postpone, or is something else really important?

12. Rule against procrastination

You distinguish Any importance. You are planning by using a list in advance, which tasks have the highest priority and is the first to need to be done. You keep at this Plan.

13. Rule against procrastination

You will remain in your tasks realistically. Do not try to do too much and plan for breaks. You can use these breaks even for regular sports. Yoga, Jogging or Pilates are a great way to escape Stress.

14. Rule against procrastination

You lead aware of your successes and Strengths. This is more effective than your strength to fight your weaknesses.

15. Rule against procrastination

Assume you work as a part of your life. Try to make your Job not just as a chore, but you take the opportunity for active design. Trick your thoughts by defenses that even the most boring tasks are insanely interesting.

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