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4 tips for beginners

Sport is healthy, but if you overdo it, you do your body no Good. So many studies show that professional athletes are sick more often because your immune system is the duration of training can take it well. This phenomenon is regardless of the sport you are watching: Great efforts and exhaustion make the body more susceptible to the attacks of viruses and bacteria. An effect that can reverberate for up to ten days. Nevertheless, the sports doctors agree that the health Benefits of the sport outweigh the risks many times over. Millions of people of all ages play sports. Sport gives you every day a sense of togetherness, it creates social communication, increases the physical well-being, and helps to strengthen health, to restore and maintain.

4 smart tips for newcomers to the Sport

The risk of suffering an injury in Training, can minimize each of the athletes that he followed some simple rules.

  1. A health examination prior to the Sport. This is especially important for sports beginner and cons beginners over 40 years. Also in the case of existing diseases, disabilities, or in the case of current complaints the physician should be asked for advice. This applies particularly to people with high risk factors such as Obesity, Diabetes, elevated blood fats, heart disease, vascular or Convulsive disorders. A person who regularly takes drugs, should discuss the medication times on sports days, with the house doctor or the pharmacist.
  2. Important for every beginner is to start with the Sport slowly and to not immediately give full throttle. Best to start in a club or in the gym. And then it’s time to stay on the Ball, so it’s at least twice a week, the favorite sport to pursue. Sport should make an effort, but not overexert. According to the Sport you may be exhausted, but not totally broken. Better you train longer and with joy as a short and hard. In sports, it is important that training breaks and then should be sufficient time for recovery.
  3. Anyone who is sick or even a fever, it should suspend for a period of time with the Sport and the disease completely heal. An infection is not cured, it can lead to the Spread of the virus or bacteria from the blood to the heart muscle. Also a violation should not be given a sufficient break from training in order not to endanger the healing.
  4. Many athletes place too little value on the sports custom sports apparel. This has to be less fashionable, but functional: In Winter, warm yet breathable and windproof, in summer, should be worn in addition to light clothing, a head covering against the sun. Those who like to run in the forest or on meadows, and preventing tick bites with long pants and a long-sleeved Shirt.

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