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70 plus (Healthy) nutrition in old age

In the higher age serious life changes occur in many people. Many older people suffer from the increasing performance limitations. What was previously slightly out of Hand, can suddenly be only done with great effort. In order to remain nevertheless, in the case of forces, and for as long as possible independently and autonomously, is a healthy diet is of great importance.

Beware of weight loss

While in middle age, Obesity is a very common Problem in the old age to observe rather under weight and malnutrition. With increasing age, and by various diseases occur more and more frequently, problems with food or eating.

The diet is too one-sided, or the energy intake is less than 1500 kcal per day, usually do not ensure that all nutrients are consumed in sufficient quantity. The result is that too little life to be taken the necessary nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. The body must draw on reserves, and the weight decreases. Diseases, has, contrary to the organism of these little.

Since it is especially in old age is very difficult, a loss of weight to make up for, should early be controlled. You should lose within a few weeks of weight, constantly weak, tired and unmotivated feel, this is something to take seriously. You should discuss this Problem with your family physician.

On correct selection and preparation, it is

Elderly people need less energy overall, the demand for vital nutrients, but some nutrients are required in higher amount. The correct choice of food is, therefore, in this age particularly important. It should preferably come food on the table, the density is a great nutrient. These include:

  • Vegetables, Fruit,
  • Whole-grain cereal products,
  • Milk products, low-fat meat,
  • Fish, Poultry, Eggs,
  • Legumes and
  • Vegetable oils.

But also the preparation and presentation of the food should not be neglected. Because the ages can occur when you eat increasingly difficulties such as problems in Chewing and Swallowing or lack of appetite.

If the food no longer tastes as it used to

People in the higher age are more likely to report loss of appetite. There are a variety of causes. The perception of taste decreases with age, as the number of taste buds is reduced. In particular, the taste qualities sweet and salty are affected. The sense of smell. The odour perception threshold is at an old people up to 12 times higher than in young adults.

Because of the taste and smell of food are essential for the enjoyment of the food responsible, the effect of these constraints clearly to the appetite. Try food preparation your taste and sense of smell to stimulate.

  • They spice the dishes vigorously.
  • You access not only to the salt shaker, but you can use fresh herbs, Curry, garlic, nutmeg, etc., of The intense scent of spices stimulates in addition the appetite.
  • To inform you the food is appetizing, as is also the eye eat with.
  • Keep in mind that some medications can affect the appetite. You discuss this issue with your doctor. Often may have alone, the time of Intake of the medicament cheap.

If the portions are small

By increasing the activity of satiety factors in the gastro-intestinal tract, and changes in the hormonally-controlled Central satiety system in the elderly to early satiety and reduced Essantrieb. Per meal, only small portions can be consumed.

  • You eat several small meals per day, so you can take all the nutrients in sufficient quantities. Start with a Breakfast in the morning and finish the day with a nightcap. You have to take at least one warm meal per day.
  • You ready for a snack and small appetizers, such as a appetizing sandwich, a sliced Apple, a Cup of yogurt or a piece of cake fruit.

Think also of the drinks. Because not only the appetite is low, the thirst for to feel. So you don’t forget the Drink, can be a drinking plan helpful.

If Chewing and Swallowing difficult be

In the age of the Kauleistung as a result of the loss of teeth and poorly fitting dental prostheses from increasingly. Many seniors also suffer from difficulty in swallowing and dryness of the mouth. Many foods that are very kauintensiv such as raw vegetables, raw fruits, whole-grain bread and meat, will then be avoided. The diet is very monotonous and consists mainly of easy to swallow food such as rice porridge, milk, soup, Pudding and mashed potatoes.

  • Do you drink enough to stimulate saliva production.
  • They crush bad chewing food: rasp, grate, or puree fresh fruits and vegetables, cut meat in small pieces.
  • Remove tough food ingredients: peel the fruit, cut off the Bread crust, remove the skin bad to chewing Sausage.
  • Select easy-to-chewing of bread, have a high grain content, such as Graham bread, whole-grain toast.
  • Replace hard foods by equivalent softer: fish instead of meat, scrambled eggs instead of Fried eggs, cream cheese instead of hard cheese, potatoes instead of rice, salt/boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes instead of fried potatoes.
  • Select appropriate methods of preparation: to Prepare preferred meat dishes, stew fruit and vegetables, use finely ground whole-grain cereals, casseroles, and pulps to prepare hearty stews.

Problems with digestion

With increasing age, the frequency of the bowel to dullness. So 40 percent of the more than 60-Year-olds are already complaining about the stool problems, and constipation. After the 75. Age the number of people Affected increases significantly. In women, a blockage occurs three times more often than men. A daily intake of ballast substances in combination with a sufficient intake of fluids contribute to a good Functioning of the digestive system.

It is noteworthy, however, that neither a low fiber diet can be a low fluid intake as the main cause for constipation. Also, please note that in the case of the Occurrence of acute constipation in urgent need of a doctor to determine the underlying cause sought.

If the cooking is not fun anymore

Not a few suffer the painful loss of a life partner. For many, this means a drastic change in life. Grief and loneliness prevail. Often, the drive for the everyday things is missing. The food is often a pure food intake, since the company is missing. To cook a full lunch meal is considered too time-consuming for a Person. Thus, a wide monotony of a often in the meal plan. Permanently is encouraged by a lack of food.

  • You are viewing the food and food preparation remain as an important and enjoyable part of your life.
  • Try to eat as often as possible in society. Maybe other older people from your environment in the same way as you. You cook together your favorite recipes. Also makes shopping more fun.
  • They create a pleasant Essatmosphäre with a beautifully set table and candlelight, even if you eat alone.

Meals-on-wheels as an Alternative

The self-employed food preparation is too laborious, the “meals on wheels” is a good Alternative. Before you decide on a provider, you should inform yourself exactly about the supply and performance of the various services Menu. Because here, there are some differences both in price and in quality.

Thus, it was found in an investigation of the Stiftung Warentest, that, for some providers, deficiencies in the nutrient composition were to be criticized. The Test showed that the fat content of many dishes was too high and the proportion of carbohydrates and dietary fibre is too low. Also, the content of vitamins and minerals (especially calcium, Magnesium, and folic acid) was not always satisfactory.

  • They can therefore be used prior to your final decision, a sample menu, bring it home and check for taste and appearance.
  • Check whether the packaging information and ingredients list, nutritional value are declared. Make sure you can find these simply and a good read.
  • Check the packaging and the handling of the product. The packaging should be easily opened and the handling of the product (e.g. Heating, decanting, etc.) should be simple and easy to understand.
  • Get a first impression of the delivery service (punctuality, friendliness of the staff).
  • Ask for a weekly or monthly meal plan and ask what the rhythm of the meal plans repeat. Compare the menu plans of various mobile services.
  • Check the offer of different diets such as diabetic meals, Pureed food, vegetarian food, etc.
  • Check whether daily fresh fruit and salads are offered.
  • Compare prices and terms of delivery.

You are in the selection of the mobile menu, service is quite critical. The more you will enjoy the daily delivery of the courts and this with pleasure and the appetite to eat.