A fructose malabsorption

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A fructose malabsorption


The fruit offer is nowadays bigger and more diverse than ever, so that hardly one can resist. But not everyone can fruit enjoy fully. You also belong to the people, where it comes to the enjoyment of the fruits often to rumblings in the stomach and intestines? Then a fructose malabsorption or intestinal may be fructose intolerance. How many people in Germany suffer from fructose malabsorption, is not exactly known. Many seem to be affected, without a diagnosis is made. This is with the help of a test, the so-called “H2 breath test”, is quite simple: fructose malabsorption-Test measures after exposure to fructose, through the breath, whether the typical intestinal gases and exhaled.

Fructose malabsorption: symptoms and causes

In the case of fructose malabsorption the absorption of fructose, so sugar that occurs naturally e.g. in fruit and honey disturbed in the small intestine. Largely undigested fructose passes, therefore, in greater quantity in the colon. The existing bacteria from fructose to short-chain fatty acids and gases such as hydrogen or carbon dioxide, the symptoms such as flatulence and/or diarrhea. The Affected fruit sugar, avoid symptoms such as bloating and/or diarrhea to disappear completely.

A complete renunciation of fruit sugar does not have to be in the case of fructose malabsorption, because a small amount of fructose is usually well tolerated. The fructose tolerance is to determine vary from Person to Person and individually. In some people, fructose malabsorption symptoms are only temporary, in the other hand, the fructose can make a life-long problems.

Hereditary fructose intolerance delimit

Not to be confused with the fructose malabsorption is a congenital (hereditary) fructose intolerance. This is a rare disorder of fructose metabolism, in the Affected is an enzyme that is required for the fructose breakdown, is missing. It requires from birth to a strict renunciation of fructose.

What foods with fructose malabsorption?

The simple sugar fructose is a natural component of fruits and numerous vegetables. Especially Apples, pears, plums, or grapes, and cabbage and carrots are fructose rich. Fructose is also in honey, fruit juice, fruit yoghurt, muesli bars, jam, confectionery, as well as lemonade and Cola.

Cause of fructose malabsorption is the inadequate digestion of the sugar building block, fructose, normally a van from the food in the cells of the small intestine and into the bloodstream. In the case of fructose malabsorption, this transport system is defective, or its performance is limited.

Sugar in intestinal fructose intolerance

Also the sugar substitute sorbitol should be avoided for people with fructose malabsorption. Since sorbitol is using the same means of transport, it can reduce in the short term, the absorption of the fructose. Sorbitol sets in some fruit species, and many of the products – exactly how fructose as a sugar substitute.

Glucose (grape sugar) is favored, however, the fructose intake, as it stimulates the activity of the Transporter. For this reason, sucrose (table sugar), which consists of fructose and Glucose is taken up by some Concerned better.