A lot of women with love-life unhappy

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A lot of women with love-life unhappy

Many women wish for a better love relationship. This is the evaluation of an Internet survey conducted by the information centre for sexuality and health (ISG). Accordingly, only every fourth woman (25.9%) is your sex life satisfactory. Around 70 percent of the respondents, the desire for sexual activity does not meet your expectations.

Internet survey of women

Two-thirds of the women (67.7 percent) indicate that they did not know whether her Partner is with her erotic behavior, satisfied. About 82 per cent would like to change something in your sex life. In the survey, which extended over a period of one and a half years, have been involved 2.215 women in the age from 15 till 90 years. The average age was 35.5 years.

Apart from the age group of under 20-year-old women, who are half of your love life happy, not seems sexual dissatisfaction to be age-dependent. Thus, 82.3 percent of the 20 to 29 specify, for example,-Year-old to have in their sexual relationship has some problems. In the 50 to 59 Year olds it is 86.5 percent.

Sexual satisfaction in the partnership

“The results are not representative, because the survey does not take into account socio-demographic parameters. They show but a General issue, the life, the love, and thus threaten mutual satisfaction in the partnership,” says Dr. Michael Berner, member of the ISG Board of Directors. He refers particularly to the connection between sexual satisfaction and Talk about the topic.

“The problems of women are very different and range from pain during intercourse (34.1 percent) over orgasm difficulties (68.1 percent) to desire a reduction due to negative environmental influences such as Stress (70.5 per cent). A possible solution requires, however, that the Affected to talk openly about it with your Partner or a doctor, what usually happens to little or not at all.”

Lack of a voice for men and women

The phenomenon of speechlessness in the face of sexual problems in men known to be suffering from erectile dysfunction. Experts estimate that their number is about six million. But only three to four out of ten victims of the subject to speak to the Partner or to the doctor open and can hope to be effective and low-risk treatment.

Point of contact ISG

Over the past five years, the ISG supports men and women with sexual problems. Background of the educational work of the, on the Initiative of Doctors and scientists based information centre for research results, according to which a satisfactory love relationship has a positive effect on health. Those seeking advice can find information on the Internet, or directly to the telephone consultation. As encouragement for partnership dialogues on sexual desires and needs, the ISG has created a brochure with the title “love keeps you healthy”.