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Acid-Base Balance

Power mad is really funny? Not always the old well-known Proverbs in a literal sense, correct. Certainly a heart-tale bite into a lemon, our facial features as slip away, that at least is funny. Nevertheless, we must often experience the negative sides of an acid load, sometimes even painful.

Acid load increases

Nutritional and way of life result in our civilized world to a greater acid load. Of course, our body is Amazing, in order to maintain the balance between acids and bases upright: everywhere in your body buffers that neutralize Excess acids and are deposited or in the best case, eliminated. We do not feel the effects of the acid load initially usually even when these buffers are already overloaded and unnoticed from the acid Intermediate storage final Repository. This condition can be seen from the fact that the urine constantly acids are excreted, i.e., that of the urine pH-value (measured with test strips) throughout the day in the acid range, i.e. below pH 7. Also non-specific muscle pain – in addition to many other complaints – possibly to an acid load. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to bring diseases in direct connection with an acid load: on the one hand, the question of why a disease exists at all, much too little explored, and on the other hand, common diagnostic procedures, a note on the Acidity in our body tissues.

Five portions of fruit or vegetables

No wonder, then, that the treatment of an acid load, is a fiercely controversial topic. The experiences have shown that a – is also suitable in terms of the acid-base balance-a balanced diet is excellent, prevent diseases, and an additional deacidification can even play an important part in the treatment of many diseases. In terms of the initially mentioned lemon it plays in the Rest of the no matter whether a food tastes sour or not. What matters is what is share during the metabolism of the Food components. Thus, for example, from the organic fruit acids in the fruit, basic Compounds, and from the neutral-tasting proteins in meat and cheese acids.

Ideally, we should stick to the official nutrition recommendations, and to take at least 5 times a day, a Serving of fresh fruit or vegetables to us to compensate for the acid sources (meat, sausage, cheese, Stress, drugs). Unfortunately, for many of us difficult to achieve. A balance can create food supplements that have a high acid-binding capacity, and on the other hand, our body with the vital minerals to provide Calcium and Magnesium.

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