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How is Acidosis? What are the causes of an overly acidic stomach? More acidic metabolic waste is produced in the body as a neutralized and excreted, so it comes to a long-term chronic Acidification of the organism. The acid-base balance leads to imbalance, and the organism can only work sub-optimally. The body relies on mechanisms, this imbalance. For example, the body stores excess acids first in the connective tissue to loosen and only then to challenge, and to excrete, if the blood has enough basic Compounds.

Main Reason: Incorrect Diet

In the case of a prolonged lack of alkaline mineral and a at the same time more existing acid load Repository salts of these in-between camps. This can result in pain, Motion and function of limitations of individual cells or even whole tissues.

In addition, the body uses minerals from own stocks, for example, Calcium from the bones, which may in the longer term, lead to osteoporosis. It is a slow, sometimes long-lasting process. Eating habits, consisting of more than 25% acid-forming foods (meat, fish, cheese, sausage, etc.), are widely used in most people of the industrialized Nations, unfortunately. So an acid stress is promoted, just like a mineral deficiency of the organism.

The meat consumption is too high

In other words: The fruit and vegetable consumption is far too low. The recommendation of the German society for nutrition, 5-fruit time eat the day and/or vegetables, only to follow the least. A vicious circle begins: the Resulting acids have to be neutralised by alkaline mineral salts. Mineral salts are missing, the body acidifies.

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