Active around the clock – Even “by the way,” tumble the pounds

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Active around the clock – Even “by the way,” tumble the pounds


Whether Bicycle going to ride or Walk, window cleaning, or climbing stairs – everyday activities also, the fat on the grab handles. And: Who brings movement in its day, in the evening enough momentum. The Transition to the sports program. Below consumption of calories refers to a 80 kg heavy Person. In the case of higher weight, more calories will be lost. Who brings less pounds on the scale, it also consumes less energy.

In The Job

“Desk perpetrators” to consume in the daily office work around 110 calories in the hour, the sellers of approximately 150 kcal. The can increase:

  • Leave the car behind and travel more often by bike to work. Additional calories: 240 calories per half hour. That’s the equivalent of cream, for example, a piece of Apple pie with a small dollop.
  • Who’s driving the Bus, should get off the best of a Station in advance, and the rest of the way to walk. Additional consumption of calories: 150 calories per half-hour. Just as much energy contains a quarter of a litre of red wine.
  • Avoid the Elevator, the stairs, the leg is strengthened increase muscle and fat is burned. Additional calories: 270 kcal per half hour. That would be, for example, a Magnum ice cream.
  • You can use the lunch break for a little walk. Additional calories: 140 calories per half-hour, which corresponds to a Portion of vanilla pudding.

In The Household

Alone, cooking for about 180 calories lost in an hour. So much energy, it also includes a Croissant. However, even regular Brushing is not for the benefit only of the apartment, but especially of the figure.

  • Iron trained Arm, chest and back muscles and consumes energy at the same time. Additional calories burned: 80 calories per half-hour. For that, you can eat an Apple or four butter cookies.
  • When vacuuming, floor mopping, or washing Windows the entire body on your toes. Additional calories: 180 calories per half hour. The same way many calories are in a Berlin.
  • Whether mowing the lawn, trimming weeds, or trees – gardening provides exercise and fresh air. Additional calories: 180 calories per half hour. That’s the equivalent of a doughnut.

In the leisure

Also, who is in the evening just lazy on the Sofa, requires energy. About 50 calories lost per hour. So much energy, contain also bears ten rubber. That is not enough, of course, to lose weight. You will be active and you enjoy the leisure and sports for the soft start in the future sports program.

  • Morgenstund has Gold in the mouth: Gentle gymnastic Exercises to boost the metabolism and strengthen the muscles. Additional calories: 120 calories per half-hour. This would be a pork cutlet.
  • After work it is: comfortable clothes and sport shoes and then get out in the fresh air. You go to step tight to the Block. Additional calorie consumption: 250 calories per half hour. This amount of calories is in a Hamburger.

It’s all a question of habit…

Who brings more movement into his daily life, will manage the Transition to the regular sports program without any problems.