Help your digestion on the jumps

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Help your digestion on the jumps Regular digestion is a Foundation for our well-being. However, for each third going to the toilet is a Problem. A constipation is not just annoying. Völlegefühle, abdominal pain, bloating and fatigue can cause a General malaise. And, the longer the constipation lasts. What is normal? When and how often you need to use the bathroom, is individually different. Each has its own rhythm. Many feel that if you have once a day every day chair. But medically speaking, this is not a Must. First, if you have less than two to three times a week bowel movements, constipation. The main cause of digestive problems is our unhealthy lifestyle. One-Sided Diet: Our food contains too little fiber. It makes the bowel lazy,because fiber promotes bowel…
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Vitamin B12 – small dose, big effect

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Vitamin B12 – small dose, big effect Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) is a water-soluble Vitamin that can be exactly like other vitamins the body is not self - made, but about food, such as herring or liver. Vitamin B12 is especially important for our nervous system, but also has a protective effect on our cardiovascular System. A deficiency of Vitamin B12 occurs in Europe only rarely, and only Vegans who take no animal food, have an increased risk. As Vitamin B12 acts Our body needs only small amounts of Vitamin B12, but the Vitamin is involved in many important processes in the organism. It takes, among other things, influence on the cell growth, and cell division and is required for the formation of red blood cells. In addition, Vitamin B12 is…
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Mayonnaise, Remouladen and Dressings

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Mayonnaise, Remouladen and Dressings In large kitchens is Mayonnaise, are often made in self-production. What ingredients may include Mayonnaise, legally speaking? How is Mayonnaise on the most effective stored, and for how long you may be the guest in accordance with the manufacture? In the case of mayonnaise, Remouladen or Dressings are emulsified sauces. These are a variety of seasoning, or BBQ sauce-counted sauces to the deli. Emulsified (water and Oil) sauce to the fat content and ingredients, which are characteristic divided into Mayonnaise, salad mayonnaise, Remoulade and Dressing. Preservatives are substances, in contrast to the addition of color in Mayonnaise, salad mayonnaise and Remoulade allowed. Mayonnaise and its history Mayonnaise is a thick liquid, cold to the prepared Sauce on the Basis of egg yolk (containing Lecithin), vegetable Oil,…
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Lose weight with Sport and exercise

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Lose weight with Sport and exercise I can't get rid of my bacon at all – I eat so little! To whom this sentence sounds familiar, was it from your own mouth, or as a Outcry of the afflicted friend, you should befriend with the thought: Without the physical movement and regular exercise, no Slimming. The Problem of the matter is that our body is programmed to "stone age". At that time, the human body had to be able to stay in hungry phases. And if we were eating less to lose weight, our body thinks: Oh, I have to save calories, I get no more supplies. And reduces its power consumption. But the solution to the problem is not so difficult: if you move, you screwed its energy consumption…
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Mushroom time – the professional collector lives healthier

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Mushroom time - the professional collector lives healthier Favourable weather shoot the mushrooms provided now in field and forest from the ground. They belong neither to the plants nor to animals. Mushrooms surrounds since time immemorial, something Mysterious. Some promote health, others are known to be the opposite, and again, other than drug abuse. "Herb women", monks and shamans knew these secrets, and in Chinese medicine, the mushrooms still have their place. Extremely low in calories In addition to its incomparable taste dining offer mushrooms, tangible advantages: they are extremely low in calories because they contain almost no fat. In addition to about 90 percent water, they consist of little protein and carbohydrates, as well as between 2 (mushroom) and 16 percent (truffle) dietary fibre: The cell walls of fungi…
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Sprouts: the health of the window Bank

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Sprouts: the health of the window Bank Rapidly germinating sprouts of lentils, Alfalfa, mung beans & Co are healthy and delicious. Especially in Winter, when to harvest on the field, in the garden or on the balcony much, it is worth Sprouting. Either you used a special germ-a Mason Jar device, or simply as sprouts glass. So that the water can drain, the consumer the Mason Jar on its head and binds it with a Cheesecloth. Sprouts pull yourself Most of the seeds, first soak overnight and then into the rearing vessel, wherein the seed should not lie one above the other, so you still have plenty of space to Develop. First, a darker place is convenient, from 2. Day the seedlings, however, should light, but no direct sunlight, be…
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Bad marks for beverages with added benefits

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Bad marks for beverages with added benefits Drinks with angepriesenem additional benefit of not hold what they promise. In some cases, the alleged Messiahs turn out to be even potentially harmful to health. This was the result of a nationwide market analysis of the consumer's Central of the so-called functional beverages that promise due to the enrichment of various active pharmaceutical ingredients is a Plus to health, vitality, or Power. The drinks give the impression that you would only have to access in order to be healthy, eternally young and vital. In some cases, exactly the opposite may occur. In the framework of the investigation of the consumer centers 238 ACE drinks, Energy Drinks, sports drinks, probiotic milk drinks, Breakfast drinks, vitamin drinks, Wellness drinks, and water were purchased in…
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Diet for high blood pressure

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Diet for high blood pressure For high blood pressure patients the change of diet habits is of particular importance. Because it is through the proper diet, the use of drugs can often prevents, or at least their dosage should be reduced. We have compiled Below some of the dietary tips for you, without a lot of effort to integrate into everyday life. It is important that you follow the tips in the long term, then you will also have blood benefit pressure! Salt only in moderation A salt-rich diet can promote the blood pressure. That's why they feed as a hypertension Patient the best possible, low in salt. Per day, you should not take more than four to six grams of salt. This is often not so easy, since many…
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Hummus – Healthy from the chickpea

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Hummus – Healthy from the chickpea Hummus is an Oriental Paste made of pureed chickpeas, some spices, and Tahini, a Mus from sesame seeds. Especially in the Turkish and the Arab region, Hummus is a well-established food that is there to stay. Also in Germany, with Hummus as a spread or Snack is gaining more and more popularity. Therefore, Hummus is already in many stores. But making Hummus is very fast, so that the healthy and tasty Paste is already after five minutes of preparation, ready-to-eat. The origin of Hummus Hummus originates from the Middle East and is an integral part of the food culture. The chickpea puree is eaten in Turkey and the Arab region for centuries and is even on the daily menu. For a long time Hummus…
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Licorice The snail coiled cords, coated rods, or lozenges-shaped hard licorice, no Matter what the Form - characteristic for licorice the black color, for which the juice of the licorice Bush is responsible for (but it has helped today artificially). That licorice also has medical effects, is less well known. For the production of liquorice with the juice from the root of the licorice shrub is used, which originates from Asia and the Mediterranean. The Plant belongs to the family of the butterfly flowers family (Fabaceae). The woody Perennial is about 1 to 1.5 meters tall and owes its name to the sweet taste of your roots. The bark of the root contains Glycyrrhizin, a glycoside that gives the licorice taste and a 50-fold stronger sweetening power than cane sugar.…
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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookies – Syrup-And-Walnut-Cookies

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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookies - Syrup-And-Walnut-Cookies Syrup-Walnut-Cookies Baking cookies is part of the advent and Christmas season as well as visits to the Christmas market, or Decorating a Christmas tree. After Christmas, eating the many cookies, however, mostly ugly noticeable when the pants pinches or the shell no longer fits properly. Because in many of the Christmas too much Butter or sugar cookies. Here are some recipes for cookies that you can enjoy without a guilty Conscience. Ingredients for 45 pieces 100 g light sugar syrup 50 g sugar 100 g of walnuts 8 TABLESPOONS vegetable oil 300 g flour 1/2 level TSP baking powder 4 teaspoons gingerbread spice 3-4 TABLESPOONS of sea buckthorn fruit sauce (with honey, reform, house) 100 g dark chocolate POINTS® value: 2 per piece Preparation…
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Wine grapes – vitamin-rich berries

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Wine grapes – vitamin-rich berries Every year in late summer, the local grape harvest. Wine berries are called, such as wine grapes, then processed into wine, juice or jelly. At the end of the summer, the sun are Packed-kissed fruits are full of nutrients. The sweet only vitamins and mineral substances but also carbohydrates such as sugar but very few calories, does not contain berries. Healthy ingredients of grapes Raisins, i.e. dried grapes that have a particularly high sugar concentration. Not least for this reason, wine grapes have sometimes a bad reputation as a Fattening. Why, however, they are in truth, very healthy, will be apparent when you look at the ingredients in Detail. Per 100 grams of fresh grapes contain the following vitamins and minerals: Potassium: 192 Milligrams Calcium:…
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Food for the defense

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Food for the defense Food for the defense The antimicrobial properties of garlic were known already to Aristotle, and Hippocrates. In the 2. World war II used garlic as a germ abtötendes means (antiseptic) against gangrene. Garlic is probably the food plant with the strongest anti-microbial effect. This effect is based on the contained sulfur-containing Compounds. Garlic juice inhibits in a test tube (in vitro) even at a high dilution (1:125.000) the growth of staphylococci, streptococci, Vibrios, bacilli, fungi, and yeasts. The highest concentrations of such antimicrobial substances have been detected in garlic, but they are also present in onions, leeks, shallots and chives in abundance. Defenses through food strengthen These foods will strengthen your immune in addition: Types of cabbage such as red cabbage or cabbage contain mustard oils…
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Germans are jodbewusst

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Germans are jodbewusst The German health with a view to the supply of iodine to be particularly aware of: About 84 percent of the households use for the prevention of iodine deficiency thyroid-related diseases are already iodized salt. The preferred handle to iodized salt, the percentage of iodized salt or iodized salt with fluoride on the entire budget package salt sales. He passed last year, for the first time, the 80 per cent mark, as a survey among the salt producers. Iodized salt has prevailed That iodized salt is accepted by consumers on a broad level, also show the results of a recent global Nielsen study. This should be determined, what are the foods with specific health benefits consumers consciously select and buy on a regular basis. Also in iodized…
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Kiwis Kiwis are not only healthy, but also to eat and just Take in the winter months, often even a Kiwi with me to work and treat yourself to a healthy dessert. Kiwis are best to eat when you are cutting the raw fruit into two halves and then spoon. Calories and ingredients Kiwis contain almost twice as much Vitamin C as oranges – on average, it will bring 100 grams to about 70 milligrams. Thus, the daily requirement of an adult can be met by the consumption of a large Kiwi. In addition, kiwi fruit also contain even greater amounts of folic acid as well as potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. In spite of the many valuable ingredients of the kiwi fruit are very low in calories: 100 grams of…
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Cancer – vegetables and fruit protect it best

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Cancer - vegetables and fruit protect it best The diet influenced the development of cancer - this is today undisputed. Approximately one-third of all cancer cases are related to eating habits. Of course, other factors such as cancer-causing substances from the environment (for example, Smoking), heredity, or infection play a role. Scientists could now clearly make cancer-causing food ingredients (Carcinogens) such as Benzpyrene in Grilled or black-smoked, as well as aflatoxins in moldy food. In addition, cancer-promoting factors (promoters) were determined, for example, alcohol and cancer protective factors (anti-promoters) such as, for example, Vitamin C. However, no person eats alone of Grilled or Vitamin C. The DGE has therefore examined the question of whether there is a food or diet that can protect disease before the most cancer. These include…
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Formula diets

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Formula diets In the meantime, the year is a few weeks old. But the good intentions are implemented? Many of the less alcohol is in addition to the stop Smoking and, not least, the desire to lose weight, the list. There are different ways to futterten rolls of fat to get rid of. One of them is the Slim down with ready-made drinks or powders, Formula diets are industrially produced. With low-fat milk, or water, the powder is stirred to a drink or a soup, and now there are many different flavors. During the diet phase, these mixtures are used to replace one or more meals of the day. A few calories, but a sufficient amount of the important minerals and vitamins to prevent a nutrient deficiency. Powder drinks also…
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Vitamins, Minerals & Co.

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Vitamins, Minerals & Co. The Germans eat much less fruit and vegetables than their southern European neighbours – and against their better Knowledge of the health Benefits. Then the pharmacist are in demand as a consultant and help products the "vitamin unwilling" customers with dietary supplements. Also, the diet of children and young people is often not optimal, fat is usually and not too sweet. Such a eating habits solidify over time and can have serious consequences. Parents as good role models If a child is resorting to sweets or fruit, depends primarily on the model and behavior of the parents. If the parents eat hardly any fruits and vegetables, not learn it even the children. A healthy diet to ensure that the main components of food – carbohydrates, fats,…
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Semolina and semolina porridge

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Semolina and semolina porridge Many people connect with semolina nothing but unpleasant memories of your Childhood, when you were in bed with a cold and forced, slimy semolina porridge spoons. This meal is done, however wrong – he is not only a very versatile food, but also healthy. Semolina is basically nothing more than a tiny piece of grain, produced during the Milling. Depending on which grain is used, it may be in soft wheat semolina, with the typical semolina, but semolina dumplings, semolina dumplings, and various Desserts are prepared, durum wheat semolina, which is suitable for Bulgur or Pasta and corn meal, used for the preparation of Polenta. The semolina is divided after how strong he was ground into three classes: Coarse semolina, medium semolina and fine semolina. Meal:…
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Overweight – every fifth child in Germany is too thick!

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Overweight - every fifth child in Germany is too thick! Overweight in children and adolescents is a Problem that is rife, and Now, about 20 percent of children in the Federal Republic of Germany are now overweight. The trend is growing - specialists speak of an epidemic. Since the 80s, has changed the life style in Germany, more and more. Children spend more and more time in front of the TV or Computer and move too little. So-called children's food often contain too much fat and too much sugar. Children who eat right, have clear advantages in the Kindergarten and in the school. You have greater power reserves, do not have to fight with the loads caused by Obesity and create a good basis for health and well-being in later…
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Diet for ulcerative colitis

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Diet for ulcerative colitis While the disease Crohn's disease can affect the entire digestive tract from the mouth to the Anus, the disease is ulcerative colitis on the colon. There ulcers are formed in the Affected in ulcerative colitis, inflammation and blood in the superficial mucus layers of the skin. As a result, a thrust of this chronic pain inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) bloody diarrhoea and body. Diet in ulcerative colitis: Acute thrust While in the symptom-free times of an almost normal everyday life is possible, have the Affected in the acute Phase of severe pain, which can only be at bed rest, sometimes even in the hospital. As in the case of Crohn's disease with ulcerative colitis the diarrhoea during a flare-up, excessive fluid loss, which must be balanced…
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Rhubarb Rhubarb is popular because of its fruity-sour taste and of a variety of food is available. Especially compote, cake or refined rhubarb in a special way. In addition, he has relatively few calories, but contains on the other hand, as the toxic force of oxalic acid. What is the effect rhubarb has on the health and what should be considered in its preparation. Rhubarb: Important Ingredients Rhubarb has many vitamins and minerals that are important for the human organism. These include: Vitamin C Vitamin K Magnesium Potassium Iron Phosphorus Iodine Malic and citric acid Pectin Tannins Glycosides essential Oils Rhubarb in Figures – nutritional values A quantity of 100 grams of rhubarb contains usually about 14 to 21 kilo calories and only 0.2 grams of fat and 0.9 grams…
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Guarana: caffeine out of the jungle

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Guarana: caffeine out of the jungle Guarana is supposed to make tired people awake. The Liane, one of plants of the soap tree and originally from the area of the Amazon river originates, has five times the amount of caffeine compared to a coffee bean. Therefore, the Guarana Plant as well as caffeine is referred to Liane. In Germany, Guarana is mainly in the Form of a powder, as capsules, or as an energy drink known and popular. Side effects are similar to those that can also occur with consumption of other foods with caffeine. Guarana as a powder, tea or capsules It are the small red fruits of the Guarana Plant, which contain in the Interior, the valuable, but bitter-tasting seeds, and also nuts. These are not only rich…
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The art of enjoying food

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The art of enjoying food Food and Drink belong to the basic needs of every human being. We usually eat several times a day our favorite foods and dishes. With the nutrients we feed our body and mind. But food is much more than the mere intake of nutrients. Eating means quality of life for us, gives us pleasure and joy, and has to do with all aspects of enjoyment. Before dealing in greater depth with the art of the enjoyable meal, take a little time and you answer critically the following questions: How many meals you take per day? How much time do you allow per meal? To prepare the meals yourself? You mainly use fresh products, or you rely more on finished products? You can cook sometimes together…
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Leaf tea or tea bags?

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Leaf tea or tea bags? Leaf tea or tea bags? Tea is available as leaf tea and small leaf tea. Leaf teas contain whole tea leaves, playing with 1-2% only a minor role. The by far largest part of leaf of tea – the so-called Broken – tea from make small. The infusion is more intense than in leaf teas. The smallest of the leaf grades, and Fannings and Dust, may be used for the infusion bag. They create a strong, aromatic infusion. Sheet degrees not only provide information about the size of the tea leaves, but about their quality. Basically, the quality of the tea bags is not different from the quality loose tea. For infusion bag finer leaf grades such as Fannings and Dust used, as the finer…
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Buckwheat, Quinoa and Amaranth

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Buckwheat, Quinoa and Amaranth Quinoa, Amaranth and book the most well-known representatives of the so-called pseudo-cereals are wheat, because they form similar to cereals, starchy grains. Their seeds can be processed, such as cereal grains, so that, for example, you can be like rice as a side dish consumed. They can also be used for baking bread, but only together with wheat-, rye - or spelt flour, because the Dough easing major glue protein Gluten. This is the pseudo-power of grain, however, for patients with celiac disease is interesting. Similar to Quinoa, Amaranth has a high content of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber. The biological value of the proteins in Amaranth exceeds even that of the milk. To Claim A Loose Buckwheat Buckwheat is today, especially in the Full-kitchen popular.…
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Overweight children have increased dental caries

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Overweight children have increased dental caries The most recent Figures are alarming. 10 to 12 percent of German children and adolescents are overweight, of which 6 percent are addicted to even as morbid obesity. Scientists believe that 85 percent of those Affected are also struggling in adulthood with Obesity. The extra pounds in the long term health consequences such as motor coordination disorders, Diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. Researchers from Mainz have shown a connection of the oral health and Body Mass Index in elementary school students: children who are of primary school age, very overweight, are more likely to have caries than children with normal weight. The Study The scientists of the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz, investigated in a total of 1942 elementary school students between the ages of six…
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Matcha – pick-me-up tea from Japan

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Matcha – pick-me-up tea from Japan Matcha is a powder made from ground green Tea and has its origin in Japan. A tea from this powder-like essence of the ingredients, which green tea are due to its healthy effects to a multiple infusion more concentrated than in a normal tea. Therefore, the green Matcha powder is regarded as a real Superfood. And not only the nutrients are more concentrated, but also the caffeine. Therefore, the herb-tasting Matcha tea as a pick-me-up popular and is often referred to as "the Espresso among teas". We explain what is in the powder, and give tips for preparation as well as for purchase. What is Matcha? Japanese Matcha (pronounced: Matscha) "ground tea". In fact, the dried leaves of the tea plant – most of…
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Green tea – a miracle cure?

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Green tea – a miracle cure? A stimulating hot drink is Green tea all. However, a health promoting effect is ascribed. So he's supposed to prevent osteoporosis and the risk of cancer reduce. But what is it about his miraculous power? The Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung, so is a legend, drank to the loved ones of hot water. One day the Wind blew him in the bubbling water a few leaves, the water colored slightly green. He tasted the drink revived and refreshed the ruler. The history is about 5000 years old, and Green tea an integral part of Asian drinking culture. Extraction of green tea Like his brother, the Black tea produced from the Plant with the Botanical name Camellia sinensis. He, however, is not fermented by a fermentation process…
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Conversion of the diet

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Conversion of the diet More exercise, healthier diets, moderate alcohol consumption and not Smoking. This is the formula for a health-conscious life style. According to estimates by the world health organisation, WHO could have diseases, up to 80% of the coronary artery, 90 % of type 2 Diabetes and 33 % of all cancers can be avoided. The recommendations for a health-conscious life style sounds so simple and yet the implementation in everyday life is so hard. In an extensive examination of the Institute of European Food Studies, it was found that the principles of a healthy diet are the German consumers are very well-known, the practical implementation has not been without its Share of the population with difficulties. The relationship between energy intake and energy expenditure seems to be…
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