Autumn Mushroom Time

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Autumn Mushroom Time When the warm Season draws slowly to an end and the first leaves of autumn color, are found in the fungal friends in the woods. From August to October, the fungus season is in full swing. Mushrooming is not only fun, but is due to the movement in the fresh air also healthy. In order for the mushrooms to taste at the end of the day, but also it should be Search careful, because some mushrooms are highly toxic. Fungi as food Mushrooms are healthy. They consist of approximately 90% water and are therefore extremely low in calories (20 kcal per 100 g). In addition, they contain a large amount of vital vitamins and minerals. To call the B-vitamins are important for nerves and muscles, and Vitamin…
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Slim in his sleep

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Slim in his sleep Lose weight in your sleep, who doesn't want that? Around half of all Germans is unhappy with their weight. Would you like to be slim. So it would be a dream to be able to sleep to remove it. Good news: It's not a dream, because in fact, our body burns fat at night, so the Decrease in sleep is not a utopia. Biorhythm critical But, of course, unnecessary, and unwanted fat do not tumble alone, Sleeping through the excess fat in our body, so we are slim. During the day, the belly with all sorts of delicacies, but to be able to put then to bed at night with the hope of slimming and slim, will remain an unfulfilled desire. But who pays attention to…
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Kohlrabi – Between cabbage and turnip

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Kohlrabi - Between cabbage and turnip Once from a mixture of cabbage and turnip, the Kohlrabi is something very Special. Not the fruit, blossom, foliage, or root here is so tasty. It is the Stem, which is the cause of tuber-like vegetables. Kohlrabi tastes slightly sweet and somewhat nutty. He is both raw and delicious cooked. Importance for the health Particularly important for the diet high content of Vitamin C and the mineral potassium, calcium and Magnesium materials. "Kohlrabi consists mainly of water and therefore has only low in calories," says nutrition expert from the German Green cross. Kohlrabi is also due to its fine-spicy mustard oils for the health of importance. These mustard oils are among the secondary plant substances, the importance of which was only in the last…
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Caffeine A way to Start the day without a hot Cup of coffee is for many people unimaginable. In the coffee contained caffeine, our blood circulation and has a positive effect on our mood. On average, each German consumes daily about 200 milligrams of caffeine in addition to coffee, the absorption also takes place over tea, Cola, energy drinks and chocolate. Since caffeine has a stimulating effect, help us to have a Cup of coffee or a glass of Cola to overcome small performance lows. However, caffeine can, especially if it is to consume a lot of it is also side effects. Effect of caffeine Caffeine takes between 30 and 45 minutes to enter the bloodstream. About this it is distributed in the body, before it is finally excreted with…
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Soft drinks: Not always unhealthy

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Soft drinks: Not always unhealthy Under soft drinks soft drinks are combined with no alcohol. They are usually carbonated and have a sweet-sour taste. In addition to carbonic acid you are also allowed to contain ingredients such as sugar, sweetener, flavors, fruit concentrate, as well as vitamins and minerals. Especially in the case of the use of sugar is not saved in the production of many soft drinks. That's why sweet drinks often have a high calorie content and are considered to be unhealthy. Not only soft drinks are soft drinks The term soft drinks, you think classic way first to soft drinks such as Cola or lemonade. According to the food code, the term soft is taken drink, however, considerably more. Therefore, drinks fall under soft: Fruit juice drinks…
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Beta-carotene for sun protection from the inside

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Beta-carotene for sun protection from the inside The vital nutrients Beta-carotene, winter pale skin prepares skin to the sunlight, and at the same time constitutes a protection against the sun. Because a healthy summer tan is not alone. People who, because of their sensitive skin in the summer, only the choice between sunburn and a noble pallor, should eat as much fruits and vegetables, because it contains Beta-carotene abundant. To prepare for the sun also Beta-carotene-capsules, tablets or Dragees are particularly suitable. Beta-carotene in foods Beta-carotene belongs to the large group of carotenoids and is known for its many beneficial properties. The intake of Beta-carotene in our body is very much dependent on how we offer it to the body. The vital substance is in yellow-orange, but also dark green…
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Premenstrual syndrome through nutrition affect

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Premenstrual syndrome through nutrition affect Premenstrual syndrome is a disorder of the 80 percent of women are affected in the reproductive age, Katrin Raschke, a nutritionist at the German Institute for nutritional medicine and dietetics. Current studies show that evening primrose oil and Vitamin B6 can relieve the discomfort in front of the "days". The symptoms occur in the second half of the menstrual cycle and range from pain in the abdomen and back skin changes and mood swings to digestive disorders. The causes of these complaints are varied and to a large extent unclear. Especially a disturbance of the hormonal appears to play equilibrium a significant role. Recent studies have shown that women with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) have more linoleic acid in their blood than women who do not…
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Healthy Tomatoes

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Healthy Tomatoes Not only that, the tomato is presented in a Red, as beautiful can hardly be it has also a very vitamin rich inner life. Was cultivated Solanaceae in South America, where it served in Mexico, the Aztecs also as a medicinal plant. Its cultivation in our latitude, we are indebted to the Spanish conquistadors brought the tomato with the potato to Europe. Tomato, Gold Apple, Love Apple Not only their species but also their names are many: its explorers, the native Americans, called them "tumatle". In Italy they are referred to their original yellow color due to as a "pomodoro", what a promise means, "gold Apple". But also love, Paradise Apple and tomatoes are the names, who bring laurels to the fruit already in advance. Through centuries of…
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Honey enjoyment for every season

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Honey enjoyment for every season The culinary Potential of honey is much underestimated. Thanks to the diversity of the types of honey from all over the world the use of the unique nature of the product are virtually unlimited: From the delicious light spring dish up to the winter holiday menu. Honey is always been appreciated as a sought-after food as well as beauty elixir or gentle medicine. Still, the natural product comes honey so pure and unadulterated into the glass, as it is to the tireless work of the interior created – including the valuable ingredients. International delights liquid Gold Our health do something Good and at the same time with all of the senses – with a variety of Honeys from near and far the is game today.…
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Spinach – what’s in the leafy vegetables

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Spinach – what's in the leafy vegetables Thanks to an error on the part of spinach was for a long time as ten times the iron-rich, as he is in reality. But even if the spinach does not appear now on the list of iron containing foods in the front ranks, the vegetables. Numerous healthy ingredients and fewer calories to make the leafy vegetables is not only a popular ingredient in many recipes, but also the ideal food during a diet. What makes spinach so healthy and what you should consider in the preparation, you can find here. For what is spinach good for? Spinach is not only popular in the kitchen. Also as a medicinal plant the vegetables can be attributed to a number of positive effects on health:…
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Curry – A Blend Of Spices

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Curry - A Blend Of Spices There are actually, the curry tree (Murraya koenigii), the leaves of which are a mandatory ingredient in almost all curry dishes. However, this spice has nothing to do with the well-known Curry since this is not a separate spice, but a spice mixture. Curry: A relic of the colonial period The word "Curry" and the curry powder is an English invention. The word "Curry" in India during the colonial period, because with "kaari or kaaree" will be referred to sauce dishes and stews with vegetables and rice. In India, the different spice mixes for the preparation of the curry "Masala" (=mix). The Indian curry dishes get their name from a combination of the main ingredient and the Masala (e.g. Chicken Masala). In the UK,…
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Cabbage – the perfect winter vegetable

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Cabbage – the perfect winter vegetable This smell of the poor-people-food adheres to him still, and smell he does, in fact, not particularly good - the cabbage. But he is unbeatable, what relates to the substances its content of healthy content. Cabbage should even protect against cancer. Meanwhile, green cabbage and co. to conquer the Restaurants of star chefs. When the British Queen was on a visit in Düsseldorf, Germany, she came in to enjoy a menu of Michelin-star chef Peter Nöthel. Regional cuisine should be, with cabbage, to be more precise: Rheinischer Sauerbraten with cabbage brains, Apple compote and potato dumplings as a main course. Various Types Of Cabbage Cabbage was already appreciated in the ancient world: Marcus food Apicius, a famous Roman Gourmet and the most famous cookbook…
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Health assessment of tea

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Health assessment of tea Tea is as a beverage, becoming more and more popular. Not only because of the enjoyment by the fragrance and Aroma to do with a Cup of tea and something Good. Also our health benefits from the positive properties of the tea leaves. This has been proven by numerous scientific studies in which the effects of the different substances were studied in this tea to our body. In addition to the primary odor - and taste-the aroma giving substances, such as essential Oils and theanine, there are some special ingredients in the tea, which is even ascribed to the prevention of various diseases. Particularly, the polyphenols are the highlight here. Other important ingredients in tea is fluoride, which prevents strengthens tooth enamel and tooth decay, and…
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Down with the cancer – ran to the Ballast!

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Down with the cancer - ran to the Ballast! Dietary fiber reduce the risk of colon cancer. This interpretation, according to the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics, two current long time studies. The population in Germany, however, belongs rather to the "fiber-rings", and can therefore benefit the most from this protection. In the context of the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition (EPIC) study, researchers recorded the eating habits of 519.978 persons under the magnifying glass. They found that people can lower with a low fiber intake, their risk of bowel cancer by 40 per cent, if you double the fibre content of your food. It does not matter what food the dietary fiber. The race: cereal, cereal and fruit In a study of dietary fiber intake from…
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Tasty recipes around the poultry

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Tasty recipes around the poultry Whether roll roast Turkey breast or duck with red wine - we show you how you can prepare tasty dishes with poultry. Duck breast with red wine and BlackBerry puree Ingredients for 4 people: 800 g medium-sized potatoes, 2 shallots 1-2 Cloves Of Garlic, Salt Pepper from the mill grated nutmeg 150 g of whipped cream 50-100 ml milk 30 g grated Parmesan cheese 4 small German duck Breasts (approx. à 150 g) 200 g fresh blackberries (substitute frozen) 150 ml of dry red wine, about 2 TABLESPOONS brown sugar a little Oil for Smearing the pan Preparation: potatoes wash, peel and cut into thin slices. Potatoes in a fan shape in a greased gratin form. 1 shallot and peel the garlic. Shallot, finely dice…
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Daily Dose Of Zinc

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Daily Dose Of Zinc The trace element zinc plays in our body in various metabolic processes as a component of enzymes (control substances) an important role. It is, among other things, for the growth of the skin, as well as for the storage of Insulin is important. In addition, it is involved in wound healing and immunological processes. Anyone who takes enough zinc to strengthen his defenses. Recommended Daily Dose The recommended daily allowance of zinc is 15 milligrams for pregnant women with 25 milligrams of a little bit higher. 15 milligrams of zinc include: 20 g of oysters 60 g of rye germs 100 g of wheat germs 150 g of calf liver 200 g Corned Beef 250 g nuts 250 g of hard cheese 300 g oatmeal 350…
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Quince fruits with healing effect

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Quince fruits with healing effect While our grandparents prepared earlier regularly quince paste, quince nowadays rather unknown. This quince inflammation were already in ancient times as a remedy against skin, digestive complaints and colds appreciated. The fragrant fruits are also rich in nutrients. So quinces contain a lot of potassium, which is needed for the blood pressure, as well as the function of the heart, nerves and muscles. What quince are? A quince looks like a mix of Apple and pear – no wonder, because the three core fruit species are closely related to each other. Named according to their shape, a distinction of the tough, a little harsher Apple, quince, and the softer, milder pear and quince. Both varieties of Quince have a yellow, woolly skin and a core…
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Soy in medicine

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Soy in medicine The soy bean is viewed in our society is very ambivalent. On the one hand, large uncertainty, which relates to the use of genetic engineering in the production of Soya. On the other hand, the Image adheres to the soy products, to have a great health Benefit. So soy is attributed to, among other things, a cancer-preventive effect, and the alleviation of menopausal complaints. For this purpose, in particular, in the soy bean occurring, isoflavones are responsible, which belong to the group of secondary plant substances. As you exercise in the body, an effect similar to Estrogens, they are also referred to as phytoestrogens. Soy for menopausal symptoms helps? Typical menopausal symptoms in Japanese women with traditional way of life scarcely known. It is surprising, however, that…
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Help your digestion on the jumps

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Help your digestion on the jumps Regular digestion is a Foundation for our well-being. However, for each third going to the toilet is a Problem. A constipation is not just annoying. Völlegefühle, abdominal pain, bloating and fatigue can cause a General malaise. And, the longer the constipation lasts. What is normal? When and how often you need to use the bathroom, is individually different. Each has its own rhythm. Many feel that if you have once a day every day chair. But medically speaking, this is not a Must. First, if you have less than two to three times a week bowel movements, constipation. The main cause of digestive problems is our unhealthy lifestyle. One-Sided Diet: Our food contains too little fiber. It makes the bowel lazy,because fiber promotes bowel…
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Vitamin B12 – small dose, big effect

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Vitamin B12 – small dose, big effect Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) is a water-soluble Vitamin that can be exactly like other vitamins the body is not self - made, but about food, such as herring or liver. Vitamin B12 is especially important for our nervous system, but also has a protective effect on our cardiovascular System. A deficiency of Vitamin B12 occurs in Europe only rarely, and only Vegans who take no animal food, have an increased risk. As Vitamin B12 acts Our body needs only small amounts of Vitamin B12, but the Vitamin is involved in many important processes in the organism. It takes, among other things, influence on the cell growth, and cell division and is required for the formation of red blood cells. In addition, Vitamin B12 is…
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Mayonnaise, Remouladen and Dressings

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Mayonnaise, Remouladen and Dressings In large kitchens is Mayonnaise, are often made in self-production. What ingredients may include Mayonnaise, legally speaking? How is Mayonnaise on the most effective stored, and for how long you may be the guest in accordance with the manufacture? In the case of mayonnaise, Remouladen or Dressings are emulsified sauces. These are a variety of seasoning, or BBQ sauce-counted sauces to the deli. Emulsified (water and Oil) sauce to the fat content and ingredients, which are characteristic divided into Mayonnaise, salad mayonnaise, Remoulade and Dressing. Preservatives are substances, in contrast to the addition of color in Mayonnaise, salad mayonnaise and Remoulade allowed. Mayonnaise and its history Mayonnaise is a thick liquid, cold to the prepared Sauce on the Basis of egg yolk (containing Lecithin), vegetable Oil,…
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Lose weight with Sport and exercise

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Lose weight with Sport and exercise I can't get rid of my bacon at all – I eat so little! To whom this sentence sounds familiar, was it from your own mouth, or as a Outcry of the afflicted friend, you should befriend with the thought: Without the physical movement and regular exercise, no Slimming. The Problem of the matter is that our body is programmed to "stone age". At that time, the human body had to be able to stay in hungry phases. And if we were eating less to lose weight, our body thinks: Oh, I have to save calories, I get no more supplies. And reduces its power consumption. But the solution to the problem is not so difficult: if you move, you screwed its energy consumption…
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Mushroom time – the professional collector lives healthier

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Mushroom time - the professional collector lives healthier Favourable weather shoot the mushrooms provided now in field and forest from the ground. They belong neither to the plants nor to animals. Mushrooms surrounds since time immemorial, something Mysterious. Some promote health, others are known to be the opposite, and again, other than drug abuse. "Herb women", monks and shamans knew these secrets, and in Chinese medicine, the mushrooms still have their place. Extremely low in calories In addition to its incomparable taste dining offer mushrooms, tangible advantages: they are extremely low in calories because they contain almost no fat. In addition to about 90 percent water, they consist of little protein and carbohydrates, as well as between 2 (mushroom) and 16 percent (truffle) dietary fibre: The cell walls of fungi…
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Sprouts: the health of the window Bank

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Sprouts: the health of the window Bank Rapidly germinating sprouts of lentils, Alfalfa, mung beans & Co are healthy and delicious. Especially in Winter, when to harvest on the field, in the garden or on the balcony much, it is worth Sprouting. Either you used a special germ-a Mason Jar device, or simply as sprouts glass. So that the water can drain, the consumer the Mason Jar on its head and binds it with a Cheesecloth. Sprouts pull yourself Most of the seeds, first soak overnight and then into the rearing vessel, wherein the seed should not lie one above the other, so you still have plenty of space to Develop. First, a darker place is convenient, from 2. Day the seedlings, however, should light, but no direct sunlight, be…
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Bad marks for beverages with added benefits

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Bad marks for beverages with added benefits Drinks with angepriesenem additional benefit of not hold what they promise. In some cases, the alleged Messiahs turn out to be even potentially harmful to health. This was the result of a nationwide market analysis of the consumer's Central of the so-called functional beverages that promise due to the enrichment of various active pharmaceutical ingredients is a Plus to health, vitality, or Power. The drinks give the impression that you would only have to access in order to be healthy, eternally young and vital. In some cases, exactly the opposite may occur. In the framework of the investigation of the consumer centers 238 ACE drinks, Energy Drinks, sports drinks, probiotic milk drinks, Breakfast drinks, vitamin drinks, Wellness drinks, and water were purchased in…
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Diet for high blood pressure

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Diet for high blood pressure For high blood pressure patients the change of diet habits is of particular importance. Because it is through the proper diet, the use of drugs can often prevents, or at least their dosage should be reduced. We have compiled Below some of the dietary tips for you, without a lot of effort to integrate into everyday life. It is important that you follow the tips in the long term, then you will also have blood benefit pressure! Salt only in moderation A salt-rich diet can promote the blood pressure. That's why they feed as a hypertension Patient the best possible, low in salt. Per day, you should not take more than four to six grams of salt. This is often not so easy, since many…
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Hummus – Healthy from the chickpea

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Hummus – Healthy from the chickpea Hummus is an Oriental Paste made of pureed chickpeas, some spices, and Tahini, a Mus from sesame seeds. Especially in the Turkish and the Arab region, Hummus is a well-established food that is there to stay. Also in Germany, with Hummus as a spread or Snack is gaining more and more popularity. Therefore, Hummus is already in many stores. But making Hummus is very fast, so that the healthy and tasty Paste is already after five minutes of preparation, ready-to-eat. The origin of Hummus Hummus originates from the Middle East and is an integral part of the food culture. The chickpea puree is eaten in Turkey and the Arab region for centuries and is even on the daily menu. For a long time Hummus…
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Licorice The snail coiled cords, coated rods, or lozenges-shaped hard licorice, no Matter what the Form - characteristic for licorice the black color, for which the juice of the licorice Bush is responsible for (but it has helped today artificially). That licorice also has medical effects, is less well known. For the production of liquorice with the juice from the root of the licorice shrub is used, which originates from Asia and the Mediterranean. The Plant belongs to the family of the butterfly flowers family (Fabaceae). The woody Perennial is about 1 to 1.5 meters tall and owes its name to the sweet taste of your roots. The bark of the root contains Glycyrrhizin, a glycoside that gives the licorice taste and a 50-fold stronger sweetening power than cane sugar.…
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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookies – Syrup-And-Walnut-Cookies

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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookies - Syrup-And-Walnut-Cookies Syrup-Walnut-Cookies Baking cookies is part of the advent and Christmas season as well as visits to the Christmas market, or Decorating a Christmas tree. After Christmas, eating the many cookies, however, mostly ugly noticeable when the pants pinches or the shell no longer fits properly. Because in many of the Christmas too much Butter or sugar cookies. Here are some recipes for cookies that you can enjoy without a guilty Conscience. Ingredients for 45 pieces 100 g light sugar syrup 50 g sugar 100 g of walnuts 8 TABLESPOONS vegetable oil 300 g flour 1/2 level TSP baking powder 4 teaspoons gingerbread spice 3-4 TABLESPOONS of sea buckthorn fruit sauce (with honey, reform, house) 100 g dark chocolate POINTS® value: 2 per piece Preparation…
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Wine grapes – vitamin-rich berries

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Wine grapes – vitamin-rich berries Every year in late summer, the local grape harvest. Wine berries are called, such as wine grapes, then processed into wine, juice or jelly. At the end of the summer, the sun are Packed-kissed fruits are full of nutrients. The sweet only vitamins and mineral substances but also carbohydrates such as sugar but very few calories, does not contain berries. Healthy ingredients of grapes Raisins, i.e. dried grapes that have a particularly high sugar concentration. Not least for this reason, wine grapes have sometimes a bad reputation as a Fattening. Why, however, they are in truth, very healthy, will be apparent when you look at the ingredients in Detail. Per 100 grams of fresh grapes contain the following vitamins and minerals: Potassium: 192 Milligrams Calcium:…
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