Conversion of the diet

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Conversion of the diet More exercise, healthier diets, moderate alcohol consumption and not Smoking. This is the formula for a health-conscious life style. According to estimates by the world health organisation, WHO could have diseases, up to 80% of the coronary artery, 90 % of type 2 Diabetes and 33 % of all cancers can be avoided. The recommendations for a health-conscious life style sounds so simple and yet the implementation in everyday life is so hard. In an extensive examination of the Institute of European Food Studies, it was found that the principles of a healthy diet are the German consumers are very well-known, the practical implementation has not been without its Share of the population with difficulties. The relationship between energy intake and energy expenditure seems to be…
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Eat healthy – it can be so easy!

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Eat healthy – it can be so easy! Two liters of water, seven slices of whole grain bread and five times a day fruits and vegetables. Sounds hard, but with little Tricks you can feed optimally. What recommend us nutrition experts, is almost the ideal state, in order to keep disease risks as small as possible: five times, vegetables and fruit, 35 grams of fiber, two liters of fluid. To create hardly. Is not so bad. Even if you stay under the bar, you can do a lot for the health. What does this mean for our daily meal plan? Here are the five most well-known diet rules are: Five servings of fruits and vegetables In the process, 600 to 700 grams of empfiehlen. If the will is not always…
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Zinc – an essential trace element

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Zinc – an essential trace element Zinc is essential for our health. The trace element plays in a variety of metabolic reactions: It is involved in the function of approximately 300 enzymes in the cellular metabolism and in 50 enzymes. Zinc is important for growth, the skin, the storage of Insulin and protein synthesis, sperm production and the immune system. Zinc is a trace element essential for numerous processes in our body are essential. So the immune function of our body's zinc household is dependent. Zinc: function and effect Especially important is a sufficient supply of Zinc during the growth period, i.e. in childhood and adolescence zinc deficiency can lead to growth and developmental delays. Zinc is needed for cell division. Thus, it is tissue, it is also an important…
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Obesity Causes

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Obesity Causes In principle, it comes to Obesity, if the food energy is higher than the required or consumed as energy. The individual causes are diverse, often several causes together to play a role: Improper diet as one of the causes: excess of fat (especially saturated fat), many short-chain carbohydrates, for example, in sugar-containing soft drinks, alcohol, Fast Food, snacks Cause lack of exercise: no sports, no regular exercise, sedentary activities, car instead of bike Genes Psychological causes (Stress, "stress eating", food as a love substitute) Metabolic diseases such as hypothyroidism and Diabetes, hormonal Changes (pregnancy, menopause) Drugs as causes (corticosteroids, antidepressants, diabetes pills, beta-blockers, birth control pills) Maternal factors during pregnancy affecting the Unborn as causes (chemicals, such as Bisphenol A, medication, diabetes) Causes: obesity and genes Genetic factors…
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Syphilis Lues venerea - love disease - is the technical Name for one of the oldest sexually transmitted diseases. It was the mid-90s, when almost extinct, the number of new cases in recent years, worldwide concern. Pathogen Treponemes, spiral-shaped rod bacteria that live only on humans and predominantly by direct mucous membrane contact to be transmitted. Of microbes and human "Lust plague spreads", "Lues to draw again on the rise", "Syphilis outbreak in the Metropolitan area of Aachen" - the reports in Newspapers, on websites and in the reports of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is a bleak picture. An almost-forgotten infection is spreading again. The "hard chancre" more homosexuals, or men who have with other men Sex ("MSM"), he is but in a quarter of cases in Heterosexuals. High…
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Sunglasses: protection for children’s eyes

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Sunglasses: protection for children's eyes Whether Sand - or stone-paved beach, green plant or in a mountain meadow: Outside the Largest is a play for children. Sun cream and a hat get the Little ones usually missed out on the sunglasses, only a few parents think about it. Wrongly, because the children's eyes are especially sensitive and in need of protection. The children's eyes are clear, and light to develop more permeable than that of adults: pigments, which give the eye a natural self-protection against light and UV radiation, only with the years. Therefore, the eyes of a child can put the dangerous short-wave radiation only. Also, children should wear sunglasses Kerstin Kruschinski from the Board of Trustees of the Good: "exposed to the eyes of the Small durable of…
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Spelt – Healthy Ancient Grain

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Spelt - Healthy Ancient Grain Spelt, a close Relative of wheat, conquered, slowly but surely, the shelves of the super markets, since it is extremely healthy and versatile. People who react to wheat, allergic, often spelt as an Alternative. All of this is spelt: In the growth it is unpretentious, but he needs good ground. He is hardly susceptible to pests, the Winter cannot hurt him, but artificial fertilizers are not pushing him to maximum benefits and breeding success are not have with him. It tastes slightly nutty, is when baking is straightforward and is full of vitamins and minerals. He replaced the coffee and from its husk to make a pillow, the neck and shoulders during sleep massage. Ingredients of spelt Spelt, as it is called in the Holy…
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12 Golden rules for the Burnout treatment

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12 Golden rules for the Burnout treatment Recognize – not to blame – change! Against an emerging or actual Burnout syndrome, there are some important rules of conduct for self-therapy. To prove if from the forced, inner Emptiness to the feeling, not alone of a procedure, Situation, arises, one speaks of a Burnout syndrome. This change of pathological Motivation, there are 12 Golden rules of self-therapy, which recognize the Concerned teach them to see life with other eyes, and his misconduct is to blame. 12 tips to prevent Burnout Dr. Vincent Mans man, a long-time Anti-Stress expert, describes the 12 Golden rules, to be able to Burnout and self-treat prevent: Denial is taboo. You trust the intelligence of your body. Admit the Stress and pressures which have manifested physically, mentally…
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Eroticism of the woman – Lust is a tramp

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Eroticism of the woman - Lust is a tramp The nature has gifted "the fair sex": The woman not only has a G-spot, but also a K-point, and even a U-point. From head to toe, the female body is an erogenous Zone and able to experience three forms of climaxes: vaginal, clitoral, or - "two in one" - both of them together! Multiple Orgasms? Are also possible! Speaking of which, the clitoris is a small version of the male Penis, as high-erogenous and ejaculation! Did you know? Female sexuality leaves many issues open Unfortunately, only the men of the world do not know rather little about the "unknown creature: woman." The women themselves are often a mystery when it comes to the secret of their sexuality. About love, Lust, and…
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Nutrition in menopause

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Nutrition in menopause After the age of 40. The age of lost an average of 0.3-0.5% of bone mass per year. In the period before and after Menopause, the rate of degradation per year, rising on average by 2-5%. Regular exercise and optimal calcium and Vitamin D intake is for the maintenance of the skeletal system is essential. With the help of UV-light can be formed in the skin Vitamin D, but this ability decreases with increasing years of life. The bone loss and osteoporosis that Vitamin D prevents in addition to calcium, as this nutrient ensures that calcium can be absorbed in the intestine and in the bones built-in. Liver, eggs, fish and mushrooms provide small amounts of Vitamin D, but reliable, targeted nutritional supplements, should be discussed with…
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Children’s Early Development: Individual Gifts

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Children's Early Development: Individual Gifts Individual Gifts Not all the kids show at first glance an outstanding Talent, but each can be something good particularly. Also, most of the adults are finally gifted in many areas, only an average of. "The Little ones should enjoy your experiences. Blame and the pressure to the brakes on the kid, you take him to feel for its success. Of praise and confidence in his abilities to inspire it," explains the master of science in education. She points to the fact that human development proceeds in a straight line, but in phases. It is based on the respective requirements of everyday life. Some of the acclaimed wonder of the children fall back as adults to the mediocrity, from the physics genius of Einstein, for…
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Iced tea make it yourself

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Iced tea make it yourself Many of the ingredients of iced tea, such as, for example, preservatives and aromatic substances that are typical for soft drinks from the supermarket. Because in addition to sodas, fizzy drinks and sweetened juices and also iced tea is one of the so-called soft drinks. These are characterized usually by a high content of citric acid. Citric acid can attack with regular consumption the tooth enamel. In addition, some of the industrially produced ice tea products contain up to 90 grams of sugar per Liter. Thus, there is an increased risk for caries. Moreover, this iced tea can be products trigger for obesity and Diabetes. Artificial sweeteners produce the desire for more Although there are also sugar-free iced tea brands, these contain a lot of…
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Boreout – What to do?

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Boreout – What to do? Boreout: What to do? Self-knowledge is the first step. If you have the feeling to suffer from Boreout, you should document them first, for yourself, honestly, how one spends his working days. The technician health insurance recommends that to answer these questions honestly: How much is actually Apparent? What is particularly boring? And what makes it fun?Initiative is the second step. In an interview with the boss, you should try to formulate the Situation in a positive and explain that you can have more and new tasks would be. Suggestions and ideas should be prepared. "No longer can motivate a victim to put energy into his Job, it is time for clear words to the supervisor to change the work situation or for a career…
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Mutism in children

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Mutism in children In familiar surroundings, it plays with its siblings and parents, laughing and raging. A Person is added, however, suddenly, the behavior changes abruptly: all of a Sudden not a word more, the child on the lips, it is silent, looks the other way, "latch". You know the feeling of their offspring? Perhaps your child is suffering from mutism, a communication disorder, in Germany, according to estimates of experts, 6,000 to 10,000 people suffer from it. Especially often mutism occurs in childhood. Incidence of mutism A study from the year 2001, according to the number of cases of selective mutism is 7 children out of 1,000. The phenomenon is about twice as common as autism, mutism is often mistaken. The term derives from the Latin "mutus" for "mute"…
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Programme of activities for Obese

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Programme of activities for Obese The Basis for increasingly more activity in Obesity: more General movement in everyday life. Shorter activities without Have throughout the day add up to a calorie effective stress. For example, you can incorporate a daily walk or increase the stairs instead of the escalator or Elevator to drive. Strength training Increase in muscle mass and strength. More muscles means a more efficient fat burning. Finding the maximum load that can be moved without shortness of breath and joint pain. All of the major muscle groups include; a set of 12-15 reps to fatigue of the claimed group of muscles. Training frequency at the beginning of 1 to 2, 2 to 3 Times per week. Endurance training Joints are preferable forms of Stress in overweight people…
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Two phases of the method of Montignac

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Two phases of the method of Montignac The Montignac method is divided into two phases. In Phase one should first of all be reduced in weight. Only food allowed to be taken with a low Glycemic Index. Potatoes, rice and pasta are taboo. "Good" carbohydrates with a Glycemic Index between 35 and 50 should not be with fat, for fats and proteins alone, no restrictions. Fruit is allowed, only on strong coffee and alcohol should be avoided. Michel Montignac eat without the Stress and pressure of time on calls. Method Montignac: Slimming and relaxation In addition to the Decrease, a recovery of the Insulin-producing pancreas is to be achieved. This is overused, according to Michel Montignac, in the case of many people, especially in the industrialized countries. The length of…
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White Tea

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White Tea White tea is one of the most valuable teas in the world. Because for the production of a kg of tea, up to 30,000 young buds of the Tea plant are needed. White tea comes originally from the Chinese province of Fujian, where it has a long Tradition. Already at that time, white tea was said to have healing and health-promoting powers. White tea is made from the same Plant as green and black tea also. White tea differs, however, by his gentle processing of the other two teas. In addition to caffeine, white tea contains many other ingredients that do not occur in such concentrations in other teas. The polyphenols, as antioxidants, the free radicals in the body cells to bind and strengthen the immune system. What…
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Ovarian cysts – cysts on ovary

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Ovarian cysts - cysts on ovary About seven percent of women have discovered one or more cysts in the ovary, usually happen at the ultrasound. Fortunately, these liquid-filled cavities are rarely cause for concern, they often disappear even by itself. Ovarian age occur singly or in greater number, on one or both ovaries can cysts in every stage of life. They do not grow by growths of cells, but by the accumulation of tissue fluid. They are the most common benign tumors of the ovary. How are ovarian cysts? The vast majority of cysts develops from the normal hormonal function of the ovary. You are therefore known as functional cysts. They occur predominantly in women in a sexual maturity, and very often during puberty and the Menopause, so in times…
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Pets Pets are considered to be the best friends of people. Who wants to buy a pet, you should make sure, however, to predict which Pets are suitable for Allergy sufferers. Many people suffer from pet allergies, often without knowing it. The Pets to which you are allergic, this can be both a dog, a cat, a mouse, a rat or a rabbit. It is, therefore, advise every pet owner in spe, the acquisition of one or more Pets to see a doctor to Test for any allergies. Only in this way it is ensured that the runs with the new four-legged roommate easily. If you pay attention to this, you can enjoy the time with his pet to the full. General information on the topic Kids and dogs: What…
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What to do in case of bone fractures?

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What to do in case of bone fractures? Children are very active, get hurt easily and break, sometimes even a bone. When it comes to fractions, have compared to adults but there is one advantage: Because in children, the fractures grow together, due to the still very active bone metabolism and better blood circulation more rapidly, and usually without complications. In addition, in the case of small children, the bone can break without the periosteum is destroyed. You call this violation of green wood fracture. Because green wood is juicy and pliable, not breaking apart when pressed Together. For the violation of the is advantageous, because the bone tissue surrounds the fracture, and the bone at the fracture site better can heal. How can you recognize a broken bone? It…
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Do you drink enough?

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Do you drink enough? Around 20,000 persons sought, within a year, the answer to this question and let the the Forum drinking water online advise. Now the data has been evaluated. The results: 80 percent of all participants would like to drink more. People who regularly drink small amounts throughout the day, make it to drink of the day in the middle of almost a litre more than people who only drink once a day much. Interestingly, The situation seems to have an influence on the drinking behaviour. Who lives in a partnership or family, forget the Drink, rather than Singles. Setting realistic goals Strict resolutions rarely lead to success. This also applies to the improvement of the drinking behavior. With intentions such as "Starting tomorrow, I will drink…
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Back-friendly workplace for children? Wrong!

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Back-friendly workplace for children? Wrong! You'd save the health of your child? Hardly. However, the work of an adult, several Thousand euros, while, for example, for a "children's work" (= a Desk and a chair) in schools a maximum of 250 euros will be invested. Accordingly, the equipment in the schools is not back friendly. Also home rare to find jobs that meet the ergonomic requirements. And, although kids today sit more than ever before: about nine hours a day. Alarming Figures This neglect comes in an old-age phase, in which sensitive growth processes, and the spine for damage, is especially vulnerable. So it is not surprising that 48 % of all 11 - to 14-year-olds suffer from posture disorders, as well as 44 % of all fourth graders occasionally,…
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Children’s skin – how to protect, how to maintain

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Children's skin - how to protect, how to maintain Our skin is a true miracle: it regulates body temperature like a Thermostat, it protects us from harmful environmental influences and pathogens, it is important for our metabolism and it conveys tenderness and well-being. Clearly, they must be maintained, therefore, a particularly careful - and so you can not early enough to start The course for a good "skin-future" later in life are already made in the Childhood. Children's sensitive skin Actually, the main care of the baby age begins, when the mother feeds the infant and provide him with sores and painful inflammation of the saves. Statisticians have calculated that In the 4,000 - to 5,000-times a Baby is wrapped and then with a high quality protective ointment applied the…
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Cabbage – A Mild Cabbage

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Cabbage - A Mild Cabbage Cabbage or pointed cabbage is a kind of vegetable cabbage (Brassica oleracea), and comes as the Chinese cabbage is probably from China. Although it is closely related to cabbage, but cabbage is much more tender and friendly than all the other varieties of Cabbage. Closely related to cabbage is also Filder herb, which is preferably processed to Sauerkraut. Cabbage is generally regarded as a winter vegetable, cabbage is already in the spring and is harvested in the early Winter. Therefore, cabbage is also referred to sometimes as a summer cabbage. Its name to the cabbage owes its Form: Growth habit is loose and cone-shaped, towards the top, the green-yellow pointed leaves. The longer the cabbage is stored, the more he turns to the Yellowish. When…
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Ketchup When you remove the lid of a Ketchup bottle, rises to one of the seductive smell of tomatoes and vinegar quickly in the nose. But be careful – in the red sauce, not just tomatoes, but also a lot of sugar, flavor enhancers, and often flavoring agents, thickening agents and preservatives are stuck. Therefore, the question of whether Ketchup is unhealthy or healthy. Ketchup is healthy? Ketchup is only about 70 percent of tomatoes, not Ketchup contains only a lot of tomatoes, and the healthy colour lycopene, but also a high percentage of sugar. For this reason, a good Ketchup should have a that is low in Sugar because too much sugar damages the teeth and fattening. In a single bottle of Ketchup can be - depending on the…
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Series: residue from production to the plate

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Series: residue from production to the plate In agricultural production, various tools are used for quality assurance and yield improvement. For this purpose, fertilizing, plant protection and veterinary medicinal products. In case of improper application, residues in food can result.   Among the residues refers to residues of substances while the primary production of plant or animal food use, to achieve certain effects. You will protect, among other things, used for the harvest from spoilage, yields, or to improve and to provide hygienic and flawless products. Legal provisions stipulate that their use shall be limited to a minimum. These substances are not degraded during the life time of the plants or animals or to consumption of the food fully, they remain as residues in the food. For these residues are…
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No longer a taboo topic: bugs in the house

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No longer a taboo topic: bugs in the house In some of the kitchen Cabinet, behind baseboards, in basements and under mattresses abound, crawl, and eat them: dust mites, cockroaches, rats and mice, beetles, moths, ants and bugs - you and many others are uninvited house guests to get rid of as quickly as possible, before they cause greater damage. Because some of these pests transmit diseases. Not always but you have to use concentrated chemical: There are a number of simple tools and Tricks that work quickly and almost always reliable. Vermin in the apartment Sometimes you see them at night, very volatile, and if you look closely they are gone again – because most shy away from the light of day the cockroaches from the kitchen, cockroaches. Silverfish…
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Cycling only with a helmet More safety in road traffic

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Cycling only with a helmet More safety in road traffic 34.534 children and young people under the age of 15 died in accidents in 2006 in the road transport. This is evident from the current balance sheet of the Federal Statistical office. Thus, the number of injuries to Children have decreased substantially again, still 136 girls came but and boys have been killed and more than 5,600 others were seriously injured. Noticeable high the risk while Cycling in a collision with a car or other vehicles involved or to falls without external influence, is for children over ten years, according to the new statistics. More than a third of all children's accidents happen. Fatal head injuries are not uncommon, but even less serious injuries can draw according to the findings…
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Green Asparagus: A Low-Calorie Indulgence

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Green Asparagus: A Low-Calorie Indulgence Asparagus is one of the most popular vegetables in Germany and in many countries of the world as a delicacy. In this country, far the white asparagus is widely used. In addition, there are green asparagus and purple asparagus. In comparison to its white and violet Relatives of the green asparagus is characterized by a more intense heart taste. He is also a very valuable and low-calorie source of vitamins and fiber. The green asparagus season usually lasts a good two months from mid-April until the end of June. Green versus White The asparagus places to get your different color, by the way of cultivation. The green asparagus grows, for example, in the sun. By the sun's rays, the plant pigment Chlorophyll is produced that…
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Osteoporosis in men

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Osteoporosis in men Those who thought that osteoporosis is just a woman's disease, will be disabused. 20 to 30 percent of patients with osteoporotic fractures are in men. Scientists assume: The number of affected men is expected to increase in the future due to the increasing life expectancy and the changed way of life. For men, there is still no clearly-documented risk characteristics. But it is likely that the factors that can lead to osteoporosis, differ very little from those that can also trigger in women osteoporosis. Strong risk factors are: Frequent Fall or Falls (within 6 months two or more times). Past or current history of bone fractures, which occurred from slight occasion Suspected vertebral fracture, for example, due to acute encountered persistent severe back pain or body height…
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