Kohlrabi – Between cabbage and turnip

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Kohlrabi - Between cabbage and turnip Once from a mixture of cabbage and turnip, the Kohlrabi is something very Special. Not the fruit, blossom, foliage, or root here is so tasty. It is the Stem, which is the cause of tuber-like vegetables. Kohlrabi tastes slightly sweet and somewhat nutty. He is both raw and delicious cooked. Importance for the health Particularly important for the diet high content of Vitamin C and the mineral potassium, calcium and Magnesium materials. "Kohlrabi consists mainly of water and therefore has only low in calories," says nutrition expert from the German Green cross. Kohlrabi is also due to its fine-spicy mustard oils for the health of importance. These mustard oils are among the secondary plant substances, the importance of which was only in the last…
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Caffeine A way to Start the day without a hot Cup of coffee is for many people unimaginable. In the coffee contained caffeine, our blood circulation and has a positive effect on our mood. On average, each German consumes daily about 200 milligrams of caffeine in addition to coffee, the absorption also takes place over tea, Cola, energy drinks and chocolate. Since caffeine has a stimulating effect, help us to have a Cup of coffee or a glass of Cola to overcome small performance lows. However, caffeine can, especially if it is to consume a lot of it is also side effects. Effect of caffeine Caffeine takes between 30 and 45 minutes to enter the bloodstream. About this it is distributed in the body, before it is finally excreted with…
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Soft drinks: Not always unhealthy

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Soft drinks: Not always unhealthy Under soft drinks soft drinks are combined with no alcohol. They are usually carbonated and have a sweet-sour taste. In addition to carbonic acid you are also allowed to contain ingredients such as sugar, sweetener, flavors, fruit concentrate, as well as vitamins and minerals. Especially in the case of the use of sugar is not saved in the production of many soft drinks. That's why sweet drinks often have a high calorie content and are considered to be unhealthy. Not only soft drinks are soft drinks The term soft drinks, you think classic way first to soft drinks such as Cola or lemonade. According to the food code, the term soft is taken drink, however, considerably more. Therefore, drinks fall under soft: Fruit juice drinks…
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Healthy Tomatoes

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Healthy Tomatoes Not only that, the tomato is presented in a Red, as beautiful can hardly be it has also a very vitamin rich inner life. Was cultivated Solanaceae in South America, where it served in Mexico, the Aztecs also as a medicinal plant. Its cultivation in our latitude, we are indebted to the Spanish conquistadors brought the tomato with the potato to Europe. Tomato, Gold Apple, Love Apple Not only their species but also their names are many: its explorers, the native Americans, called them "tumatle". In Italy they are referred to their original yellow color due to as a "pomodoro", what a promise means, "gold Apple". But also love, Paradise Apple and tomatoes are the names, who bring laurels to the fruit already in advance. Through centuries of…
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Curry – A Blend Of Spices

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Curry - A Blend Of Spices There are actually, the curry tree (Murraya koenigii), the leaves of which are a mandatory ingredient in almost all curry dishes. However, this spice has nothing to do with the well-known Curry since this is not a separate spice, but a spice mixture. Curry: A relic of the colonial period The word "Curry" and the curry powder is an English invention. The word "Curry" in India during the colonial period, because with "kaari or kaaree" will be referred to sauce dishes and stews with vegetables and rice. In India, the different spice mixes for the preparation of the curry "Masala" (=mix). The Indian curry dishes get their name from a combination of the main ingredient and the Masala (e.g. Chicken Masala). In the UK,…
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Health assessment of tea

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Health assessment of tea Tea is as a beverage, becoming more and more popular. Not only because of the enjoyment by the fragrance and Aroma to do with a Cup of tea and something Good. Also our health benefits from the positive properties of the tea leaves. This has been proven by numerous scientific studies in which the effects of the different substances were studied in this tea to our body. In addition to the primary odor - and taste-the aroma giving substances, such as essential Oils and theanine, there are some special ingredients in the tea, which is even ascribed to the prevention of various diseases. Particularly, the polyphenols are the highlight here. Other important ingredients in tea is fluoride, which prevents strengthens tooth enamel and tooth decay, and…
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Daily Dose Of Zinc

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Daily Dose Of Zinc The trace element zinc plays in our body in various metabolic processes as a component of enzymes (control substances) an important role. It is, among other things, for the growth of the skin, as well as for the storage of Insulin is important. In addition, it is involved in wound healing and immunological processes. Anyone who takes enough zinc to strengthen his defenses. Recommended Daily Dose The recommended daily allowance of zinc is 15 milligrams for pregnant women with 25 milligrams of a little bit higher. 15 milligrams of zinc include: 20 g of oysters 60 g of rye germs 100 g of wheat germs 150 g of calf liver 200 g Corned Beef 250 g nuts 250 g of hard cheese 300 g oatmeal 350…
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Mayonnaise, Remouladen and Dressings

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Mayonnaise, Remouladen and Dressings In large kitchens is Mayonnaise, are often made in self-production. What ingredients may include Mayonnaise, legally speaking? How is Mayonnaise on the most effective stored, and for how long you may be the guest in accordance with the manufacture? In the case of mayonnaise, Remouladen or Dressings are emulsified sauces. These are a variety of seasoning, or BBQ sauce-counted sauces to the deli. Emulsified (water and Oil) sauce to the fat content and ingredients, which are characteristic divided into Mayonnaise, salad mayonnaise, Remoulade and Dressing. Preservatives are substances, in contrast to the addition of color in Mayonnaise, salad mayonnaise and Remoulade allowed. Mayonnaise and its history Mayonnaise is a thick liquid, cold to the prepared Sauce on the Basis of egg yolk (containing Lecithin), vegetable Oil,…
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Bad marks for beverages with added benefits

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Bad marks for beverages with added benefits Drinks with angepriesenem additional benefit of not hold what they promise. In some cases, the alleged Messiahs turn out to be even potentially harmful to health. This was the result of a nationwide market analysis of the consumer's Central of the so-called functional beverages that promise due to the enrichment of various active pharmaceutical ingredients is a Plus to health, vitality, or Power. The drinks give the impression that you would only have to access in order to be healthy, eternally young and vital. In some cases, exactly the opposite may occur. In the framework of the investigation of the consumer centers 238 ACE drinks, Energy Drinks, sports drinks, probiotic milk drinks, Breakfast drinks, vitamin drinks, Wellness drinks, and water were purchased in…
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Hummus – Healthy from the chickpea

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Hummus – Healthy from the chickpea Hummus is an Oriental Paste made of pureed chickpeas, some spices, and Tahini, a Mus from sesame seeds. Especially in the Turkish and the Arab region, Hummus is a well-established food that is there to stay. Also in Germany, with Hummus as a spread or Snack is gaining more and more popularity. Therefore, Hummus is already in many stores. But making Hummus is very fast, so that the healthy and tasty Paste is already after five minutes of preparation, ready-to-eat. The origin of Hummus Hummus originates from the Middle East and is an integral part of the food culture. The chickpea puree is eaten in Turkey and the Arab region for centuries and is even on the daily menu. For a long time Hummus…
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Germans are jodbewusst

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Germans are jodbewusst The German health with a view to the supply of iodine to be particularly aware of: About 84 percent of the households use for the prevention of iodine deficiency thyroid-related diseases are already iodized salt. The preferred handle to iodized salt, the percentage of iodized salt or iodized salt with fluoride on the entire budget package salt sales. He passed last year, for the first time, the 80 per cent mark, as a survey among the salt producers. Iodized salt has prevailed That iodized salt is accepted by consumers on a broad level, also show the results of a recent global Nielsen study. This should be determined, what are the foods with specific health benefits consumers consciously select and buy on a regular basis. Also in iodized…
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Kiwis Kiwis are not only healthy, but also to eat and just Take in the winter months, often even a Kiwi with me to work and treat yourself to a healthy dessert. Kiwis are best to eat when you are cutting the raw fruit into two halves and then spoon. Calories and ingredients Kiwis contain almost twice as much Vitamin C as oranges – on average, it will bring 100 grams to about 70 milligrams. Thus, the daily requirement of an adult can be met by the consumption of a large Kiwi. In addition, kiwi fruit also contain even greater amounts of folic acid as well as potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. In spite of the many valuable ingredients of the kiwi fruit are very low in calories: 100 grams of…
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Cancer – vegetables and fruit protect it best

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Cancer - vegetables and fruit protect it best The diet influenced the development of cancer - this is today undisputed. Approximately one-third of all cancer cases are related to eating habits. Of course, other factors such as cancer-causing substances from the environment (for example, Smoking), heredity, or infection play a role. Scientists could now clearly make cancer-causing food ingredients (Carcinogens) such as Benzpyrene in Grilled or black-smoked, as well as aflatoxins in moldy food. In addition, cancer-promoting factors (promoters) were determined, for example, alcohol and cancer protective factors (anti-promoters) such as, for example, Vitamin C. However, no person eats alone of Grilled or Vitamin C. The DGE has therefore examined the question of whether there is a food or diet that can protect disease before the most cancer. These include…
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Vitamins, Minerals & Co.

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Vitamins, Minerals & Co. The Germans eat much less fruit and vegetables than their southern European neighbours – and against their better Knowledge of the health Benefits. Then the pharmacist are in demand as a consultant and help products the "vitamin unwilling" customers with dietary supplements. Also, the diet of children and young people is often not optimal, fat is usually and not too sweet. Such a eating habits solidify over time and can have serious consequences. Parents as good role models If a child is resorting to sweets or fruit, depends primarily on the model and behavior of the parents. If the parents eat hardly any fruits and vegetables, not learn it even the children. A healthy diet to ensure that the main components of food – carbohydrates, fats,…
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Guarana: caffeine out of the jungle

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Guarana: caffeine out of the jungle Guarana is supposed to make tired people awake. The Liane, one of plants of the soap tree and originally from the area of the Amazon river originates, has five times the amount of caffeine compared to a coffee bean. Therefore, the Guarana Plant as well as caffeine is referred to Liane. In Germany, Guarana is mainly in the Form of a powder, as capsules, or as an energy drink known and popular. Side effects are similar to those that can also occur with consumption of other foods with caffeine. Guarana as a powder, tea or capsules It are the small red fruits of the Guarana Plant, which contain in the Interior, the valuable, but bitter-tasting seeds, and also nuts. These are not only rich…
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The art of enjoying food

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The art of enjoying food Food and Drink belong to the basic needs of every human being. We usually eat several times a day our favorite foods and dishes. With the nutrients we feed our body and mind. But food is much more than the mere intake of nutrients. Eating means quality of life for us, gives us pleasure and joy, and has to do with all aspects of enjoyment. Before dealing in greater depth with the art of the enjoyable meal, take a little time and you answer critically the following questions: How many meals you take per day? How much time do you allow per meal? To prepare the meals yourself? You mainly use fresh products, or you rely more on finished products? You can cook sometimes together…
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Green tea – a miracle cure?

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Green tea – a miracle cure? A stimulating hot drink is Green tea all. However, a health promoting effect is ascribed. So he's supposed to prevent osteoporosis and the risk of cancer reduce. But what is it about his miraculous power? The Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung, so is a legend, drank to the loved ones of hot water. One day the Wind blew him in the bubbling water a few leaves, the water colored slightly green. He tasted the drink revived and refreshed the ruler. The history is about 5000 years old, and Green tea an integral part of Asian drinking culture. Extraction of green tea Like his brother, the Black tea produced from the Plant with the Botanical name Camellia sinensis. He, however, is not fermented by a fermentation process…
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Students and nutrition: From the main seminar on the cravings attack

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Students and nutrition: From the main seminar on the cravings attack With the new winter semester, the time of exams and oral exams will begin for approximately two million students. And that means often: Stress pur. Almost unnoticed, the food habits are changing now. While, for some, the tension literally on the stomach, and he eats out of a lack of time and Overload, hardly anything, in others it is an insatiable Desire for specific, usually unhealthy foods. Food against Stress "If I'm in the exam stress, I just need chocolate to soothe!" As Miriam K. many of the students. The DAK respondents Hamburger students to their eating habits in times of trial, and found that in the case of Stress-eaters in addition to fat-rich foods, such as Pizza and…
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Eat healthy – it can be so easy!

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Eat healthy – it can be so easy! Two liters of water, seven slices of whole grain bread and five times a day fruits and vegetables. Sounds hard, but with little Tricks you can feed optimally. What recommend us nutrition experts, is almost the ideal state, in order to keep disease risks as small as possible: five times, vegetables and fruit, 35 grams of fiber, two liters of fluid. To create hardly. Is not so bad. Even if you stay under the bar, you can do a lot for the health. What does this mean for our daily meal plan? Here are the five most well-known diet rules are: Five servings of fruits and vegetables In the process, 600 to 700 grams of empfiehlen. If the will is not always…
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Slimming herbs and pills

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Slimming herbs and pills If it would be so easy! But neither herb, nor tablets let the body fat melt, even if the advertising promises something quite different. On the contrary, Many slimming products use just in case of permanent dangerous. Always when new studies to the ever increasing Obesity of the Germans or the Europeans appear to be the pharmacies, because then the demand for over-the-counter products that can reduce your appetite or burn fat increases. Always new products on the market, often as "purely vegetable" means disguised, but just then the messages that you will help in the long term, neither the one nor the health to serve, pile. Example: "thermal Power", is a dietary Supplement that contains ephedrine. Fat Killer Ephedrine Prior to the "cooking Power" has…
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Causes of Obesity

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Causes of Obesity The causes for high are many and varied. To be discussed as the main causes (diet and exercise), genes, and socio-lives-cultural factors. However, some diseases such as thyroid can increase function and disorders of the cortisone budget (Cushing's syndrome), as well as some medications such as hormones, antidepressants and corticosteroids the weight. Life habits The continuous increase in obesity cannot be explained solely by genetic predisposition to justify. It can be assumed that the genes of the Central Europeans in the last 100 years have changed little. Nevertheless, the Problem is growing rapidly. The reason for this is increasing calorie intake is, at the same time decreasing physical activity. It is too much, too fatty, and eating too sweet and too many calories are consumed in beverages…
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Peach – Healthy, fruity, sweet

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Peach - Healthy, fruity, sweet Not only his soft skin with the fine hairs, but also the incomparable, sweet taste of the peach to probably the most enticing of all fruits. Peach season is from mid-may until the end of September, which is why the scent of peach awakens in many people, pleasant memories of long, hot summer days. No wonder, finally, a fresh peach, with its high percentage of water is a perfect refreshment without too many calories. Also as jam, compote, Melba-a Dessert, tart or juicy peach pie, the stone is the fruit of great popularity. Peach: calories and nutrients An average peach weighs about 125 to 150 grams. In 100 grams of peach for about 40 calories, 87 grams of water as well as potassium, calcium, Magnesium,…
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Hangover – what helps?

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Hangover – what helps? Holidays, such as Christmas or new year's eve, but also weddings, birthdays and many other occasions, invite you to drink a glass of alcohol. Often it is, however, not in a glass, and the Morning after you Wake up with a bad hangover: The head is pounding, the stomach is rumbling, and the body longs for water. We give you tips on how to avoid a hangover and what you can do if you have looked once deep into the glass. The best tips for a hangover The easiest – and for most obvious tip to avoid a hangover, of course, is a drink no or at least only a little alcohol. If it's wet, but once-cheerful, you can avoid with the following tips, a hangover,…
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Pelvic inflammatory disease – treatment and prevention

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Pelvic inflammatory disease - treatment and prevention What kind of therapy are there? Most of the time a hospital admission is required, in any case, strict bed rest. The focus is on the administration of an antibiotic is that at the same time against a number of germs and in many cases, initially as an Infusion is to be administered. In addition, painkillers are used, which also act anti-inflammatory. With a towel wrapped ice pack on the lower abdomen, the pain and the inflammation relieve. It is important to drink plenty and empty the bladder and bowel regularly. Sexual intercourse should be avoided in the first time, the Partner may need to be treated. Smoking is taboo. Subsides, the acute inflammation (which can be determined by blood tests to check),…
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Glutamate – daily seduced

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Glutamate – daily seduced Glutamate gives many foods a special touch. As a flavor enhancer glutamate is controversial. Glutamate: pleasure or danger? The stomach growls loud, but the desire to cook is limited. Fortunately, there are ready-made soups in the cupboard. Quickly a bag of Asian noodles torn up, drenched with boiling water, stir and ready. Hmm, tastes really intense and kind of own – simply umami. Umami is the Japanese word for delicious and spicy Aroma. The sound of full flavor, typical for the Asian cuisine, in this country, glutamate. Glutamate in addition to sweet, sour, bitter and salty and the fifth taste. What is glutamate? Glutamate, one of the body's own protein building block, that can also be found in foods such as tomatoes, meat, and soy. The…
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What all is there in chewing gum

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What all is there in chewing gum Chewing gum 100 gum in the year is chew popular: Each of Deutsche chews estimates. Children delight often for chewing gum bubbles, and the colorful balls from the Gumball machine, but adults chewing gum like. The many different varieties can be chewed for various reasons: Some use chewing gum for dental care, others chew nicotine gum when you feel the Craving for a cigarette. What is chewing gum anyway? Chewing gum a mass that is flexible and easily deformable, sweet or sour tastes, and up to several hours chewed can be without this mass dissolves. Chewing gum can be made from three different materials: One of them is mastic, a soft resin of the mastic tree. These gums are preferably chewed in the…
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Ectopic pregnancy – diagnosis and therapy

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Ectopic pregnancy - diagnosis and therapy How is the diagnosis? A pregnancy is known or the period remained, and it to develop these characters, should as soon as possible be a woman medical attention. The suspicion of a court of first instance, in accordance with the Request of the clinical history and the palpation (possibly uterine and/or abdominal pain-sensitive) is first performed an ultrasound examination and examination of blood and urine (pregnancy test by Determining Beta-HCG, to the exclusion of urinary tract infections). Especially in early pregnancy, the findings are sometimes not clear; however, a hospital admission is the slightest suspicion rates. What kind of therapy are there? The procedure in the hospital depends on the symptoms and ranges from a wait-and-see behavior with regular checks via a diagnostic and/or…
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Pack Donkey School Child? The load with the satchel

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Pack Donkey School Child? The load with the satchel Who wants to be cool, you have to suffer... especially if the satchel is adapted to heavy or incorrectly. Three-quarters of all elementary school students have to lug your school stuff harder than it would be for your age and weight is advisable. What parents and students should be aware of, you can find here. Lisa does not like to go to school anymore. Only in the last few weeks, the little girl visited the second primary school class. And although Lisa had in the last school year, great fun in the lessons, cry and find fault with you now, almost every Morning. Long Lisa's mother did not know the Council, spoke with the teachers and Lisa's doctor, but none had…
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Selenium: Health Significance

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Selenium: Health Significance Health significance of selenium Selenium is a component of important enzymes and helps (in the Form of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase), the cells of the body in the defense of aggressive metabolic products, the so-called free Radicals. In this function, it belongs to – such as vitamins A, C and E – to the so-called anti-oxidants. Free oxygen radicals arise in nearly all metabolic processes, can damage the body cells and the genetic material (DNA) and cause cancer. Cancer It has been observed that in areas where selenium-rich diet prevails, cancer and heart attacks are rare. Therefore, a certain degree of protective effect against cancer and Atherosclerosis will be discussed. In experimental studies have shown that selenium may help prevent cancer. In addition, selenium protects the body…
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Coenzyme Q10: deficiency is rare

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Coenzyme Q10: deficiency is rare Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance that was first discovered in 1957 at the University of Wisconsin. Q10 is produced by the body itself, as well as food. However, some manufacturers offer food supplements, creams and lotions with extra servings of coenzyme Q10. Experts refer to these extra portions, however, as useless. What is the effect of coenzyme Q10 is? Side Effects? As it comes to a lack of Q10? Occurrence and effects of coenzyme Q10 The human body converts every day, relatively large amounts of coenzyme Q10. Since he manufactures the coenzyme, it is rather rare to have a deficiency. In addition, the substance is taken up via the food – Corn, sardines, soy, nuts, meat, poultry, and some vegetable Oils are particularly rich…
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