Advent and Christmas – tips, so that only the candles are burning

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Advent and Christmas – tips, so that only the candles are burning

Each year, about 5,000 children are injured by burns and scalds is difficult – many of them in the Christmas season. Spent-Christmas decorations, Christmas trees have caught fire, or defective light chains can be the cause for such accidents. If a few rules are observed, many so-called Christmas fire avoid.

Security arrangements for the advent time

Candles make the most of the children’s eyes to the advent and Christmas lights. However, burning candles pose a great danger. We have compiled a number of tips together that Christmas fires are avoided and children can be protected from burns. So every mother and father can reduce the risk of a fire hazard in the advent and Christmas season to great effect.

Tips to avoid Christmas fires

  • They use thick candles for the advent wreath and provide a secure fixing to the wreath.
  • Set the wreath on a stable, fireproof surface (clay/glass/stone).
  • Set the tree in a sturdy, water-filled stand. You save big trees against the fall in the tie.
  • Keep in the advent and Christmas season is always a bucket of water for fire fighting or a fire extinguisher ready!
  • Replace the candles before they are completely burned down.
  • You waive real candles in the Christmas tree, if you can’t be sure that your children understand the danger of burning candles.
  • Pay attention objects to a safety distance between the burning candles of at least 30 cm decoration material, shelves and all combustible.
  • Especially on the Christmas tree, the candles, should be placed directly under a Branch or decoration material. 10 cm above a candle has a temperature of 400°C!
  • Remember that advent wreaths/arrangements and the Christmas tree is drying out due to the heated rooms quickly. It creates a resin-containing gas bell to the branches, which can ignite and cause an explosion. The risk of fire increases from day to day.
  • Change for flower arrangements, dry branches against fresh.

Children from burns protect

  • You can practice as early as possible together with children the safe handling of the fire.
  • Children may light candles only in the presence of adults.
  • Never allow children to with burning candles alone.
  • Go ahead with good example and don’t play with fire, you with the Advent of activity, just because it smells so good.
  • Make sure that children hold over burning candle.
  • Sparklers do not belong in the hands of children and not on the Christmas tree!
  • Keep lighters and matches out of reach of children!
  • Kindle you are getting the candle at the top of the tree first, and deleting the candle from the bottom to the top!
  • Delete before Leaving the room all the candles.
  • Check especially in the Christmas season, whether really all the candles are deleted when you leave the house or the apartment – candles wicks can afterglow.
  • Who wants to be on the safe side, you should change to electric strings of lights. Make sure that the light chains with a GS-marked sign for tested safety.

First aid for burns

It comes in spite of all precautions, to the point of combustion, should not be hurt, cooled for ten minutes in water colder than 15 °C. The non-affected regions of the body should be kept warm. You have to call 112 for an ambulance and stay arrives in your child, to help.