Alcopops – note the high%!

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Alcopops – note the high%!

“I’ll drink to that today, Red Berry. The red color matches my hair!” “Nah, I’ll stick with Tropical Lemon, the taste is simply cool!”. A harmless conversation in front of the juice shelf? No, a conversation between Laura and Marie, two teenagers, which will provide for the carnival with alcohol. Alcopops or RTD (Ready to drink) vibe: a party mood at young consumers, selling euphoria in the manufacturers and hangover in policy and consumer protection. What’s in it? What is it?

In the criticism

The so-called Alcopops are mixed drinks and high-proof alcohol (e.g. Rum, vodka, Tequila) and/or beer with sodas and juices. The ready-to-drink mixtures are mainly in a 275-Milliliter bottles in the trade. What looks and tastes like soda, which contains about 5.5 percent alcohol by volume, per vial a double brandy. Since health experts, the trend beverage with the increased consumption of alcohol by young people, are Alcopops come under criticism.

“Latin spirit”, cool guys, tanned and sexy – the ads and the liquor industry have discovered the young target group … and meeting the Black. Advertising budgets in the tens of billions of euros of sales last year, has tripled. A successful response to the decline in Per capita consumption of liquor in Germany. In order to protect the young people, to discuss, to consumer associations and the Federal government is currently on a special levy, or a ban on the advertising of Alcopops.

Colorful and trendy

Colorful and trendy, the bottles look, sweet and sparkling, the content tastes like. Presumably, the party drinks in children and adolescents are particularly popular, because beer and wine taste is often bitter and pure spirits to be strong. In the trendy mixed drinks mask the sweeteners and intense flavors to the alcohol. According to a scientific survey conducted among girls and boys between 11 and 15 years, Alcopops are the most popular alcoholic drink after beer.

Already a third of all 15-Year-old boys regularly drink alcohol. The high-percentage alcohol-based mixed drinks count, at least to the spirits, and may not be delivered according to the youth protection act, young people under the age of 18 years. According to the world health organization, WHO, alcohol, and its consequences (especially traffic accidents and violence) are Europe-wide, the most common cause of death in men between 15 and 29 years.

More alcohol than beer

Whether gateway drug or not, adults also should know, that the popular party drinks contain more alcohol than, for example, beer. The sweet taste encourages us to drink faster and more than usual. In addition, sugar and carbonic acid and the alcohol particularly easily into the blood move. Therefore, some tips: To quench one’s thirst water and juice are mixed at best.

The deliberations of the Bundestag on special tax

The Bundestag is currently consulting on the proposed Sonderst your on alcopops. The act also includes a ban on smaller – and thus cheaper – cigarette packs. So young people should be better protected against alcohol and tobacco. The special tax on alcopops should be the design, according to 83 cents per 275-ml bottle of spirits of wine-based mixed drinks. In addition, a warning should be banned “not for sale to persons under the age of 18 years” on the front of duty. The law should, if possible, on 1. July enter into force. Source: aid infodienst