Amenorrhea – diagnosis and treatment

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Amenorrhea – diagnosis and treatment

How is the diagnosis?

Often no other symptoms besides amenorrhea. Nevertheless, the woman’s doctor will collect a detailed medical history, to see if life circumstances play a role, whether other diseases are present, operations in the abdominal cavity were made or medicines are taken. Also, he will ask for exactly the previous cycle.

Then a woman is carried out medical inspection and palpation of the vagina, uterus, and ovaries, usually supplemented by an ultrasound examination. In some cases, a laparoscopy, in particular, in the case of primary amenorrhea.

For the diagnosis blood tests with hormone disturbances and other disorders notice. If necessary, a pregnancy test is made. The suspicion of a brain tumor, is a computer tomography of the skull.

What kind of therapy are there?

If treatment is necessary, this will be done according to the cause and the investigation findings. The doctor will speak with the Affected together the possible and reasonable measures, as well as any complications. Drug therapy is usually tablets with hormone.

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