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Andrologist – What will the andrologist do?


What will the andrologist do?

The andrologist examines the hormonal status of the man. Testosterone deficiency leads to severe disturbances in the blood formation, bone metabolism, mood, Libido, and erection ability. In this case, the Patient receives replacement therapy, either with a Gel, patch or injection molding.

According to information from the DGA four to six million men between the ages of 30 to 70 years, in Germany alone, of erectile dysfunction affected. The sooner the Problem is tackled, the higher the chances of a cure.

Many men go out late to a specialist

Unfortunately, many men from shame avoid the loss of their manhood going to a specialist. About one and a half years to be Concerned to wait on average before they seek medical help. Numerous diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer diseases lead to damage to the erection ability and thus to impotence. This so-called erectile dysfunction can also be a first indication of other disorders (e.g. coronary heart disease).

Andrologist: a doctor for the man

An increasingly important area of work for the andrologist is the treatment of the aging man. The special feature of ageing is explored on the side of the woman with the occurrence of the menopause (Menopause) is much better and clinically treated – “…here is a significant knowledge deficit on the part of the older man. The aging man has a particular andrological disease and a particular risk profile that needs to be considered in the implementation of therapies,” writes the DGA.

Only after careful studies, a DNA analysis of the genetic material, can be determined with a comprehensive therapy and started. From advertising well-known miracle pills against aging, against Obesity, or for erectile dysfunction that has little to do.

Men to go the other way with your health

In their last ten years of life, men are often sick. Every second man dies of diseases of cardiovascular. Men die at a higher risk of developing cancer or cirrhosis of the liver. About 40 percent of men over 30 have problems with potency. Not even 20 percent of men take the annual cancer screening examination by a urologist. A high price the men pay for their high demands on themselves, because health means for men in the first line of performance.

Martin Neumann of the technician health insurance (TK) of Saxony writes: “It seems almost a paradox that men often have to deal just squeamish with their bodies: they drink more alcohol, smoke more and eat more unhealthy than women. And if there are tweaks, but somewhere, then man reluctantly speaks about it, because an Indian knows no pain and has no time for this.” Also in these General health questions the andrologist advises.

Andrologist also advises clients on nutrition

Such a medical consultation involves, among other things, matters of nutrition, because men and women are different early on in life in your eating habits. Boys prefer salt, fat and sugar in your diet, girls are more likely to take fruits and vegetables. Men in industrial societies such as the USA, which are between 30 and 50 years old, eat more of meat, bread and alcohol, while women were there, fruit, yogurt and coffee prefer, such as the journal Epidemiology (3, 1992, 194) reported.

“The age is not innate, but within limits, self-determined,” writes Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Hesch, endocrinologist and pioneer of the men’s doctor in Germany, in his book, Absolutely man (Midena Verlag, Munich). “Who wants to be as old as the hills, but should also have a positive attitude to life and to permanently retain because optimistic people in a stable relationship live longer.”

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