Arginine expands the blood vessels

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Arginine expands the blood vessels

Arginine, L-arginine, is acid a semiessentielle amino. It plays an important role for us, since it is involved in many crucial processes in the body. Among other things, arginine has an impact on our hormonal balance and our immune system. The amino acid is produced by our body, for the most part even, under certain circumstances, the demand may exceed the body’s own production. This is the case, can arginine be either through certain foods or through dietary supplements. Food Supplement with arginine, but can also be used in Bodybuilding as well as a sexual enhancer for men. Here it is especially popular, since so far hardly any side effects of arginine are unknown.

Foods with arginine

Semiessentielle amino acids such as arginine are produced under normal circumstances by the body in sufficient quantities. In particular situations, they must be supplied from the outside. This is, for example, in the growth phase of the case, which is why arginine for children is essential.

In adults, the need for arginine in a particularly stressful phases of life exceeds, in the case of certain diseases or after an accident, the amount of self-produced Arginine. Then this amino acid must be supplied either by the consumption of particularly arginine-containing foods or special food supplements in addition from the outside.

Arginine is found mainly in foods such as meat, different seeds and nuts as well as cereal products. Foods that have the highest proportion of arginine are:

  • Pumpkin Seeds (17,7%)
  • Pine Nuts (17.6 Percent)
  • Walnuts (15.0 Percent)
  • roasted peanuts (11.9 percent)

Also, large quantities are dried peas (8.9%), unpeeled rice (7.6 percent), as well as in raw pig meat (6.7%), raw chicken breast fillet (6.8 per cent) and raw salmon (6.0 percent). In addition, it is also included in chicken eggs and cow’s milk, a lot of L-arginine.

Effect: arginine expands the blood vessels

Arginine contains a lot of nitrogen and can react with oxygen to form nitrogen monoxide. By nitric oxide of the heart muscle and the smooth muscles to relax. This results in vessels expansion of the blood. Therefore, nitric oxide makes vessels for improved blood circulation and oxygen supply to the blood.

Because arginine affects the dilation of blood vessels, it can have a positive effect in diseases such as atherosclerosis. This is done not only by vasodilatation, but also by the fact that the deposits on the walls of the blood vessels form back. In addition to atherosclerosis can the impact of arginine also has a positive effect in hypertension.

Arginine stimulates the release of Insulin

Arginine also has an impact on our hormonal balance. So arginine will affect, among other things, together with ornithine, the distribution of growth hormones. With the help of an arginine-Tests you can check whether there is a deficiency of growth hormones, which can lead, especially in children to stunted growth. By the intake of arginine can be stimulated in such a case, the distribution of the existing of growth hormone reserves.

Growth hormones also promote degradation of the muscle as well as fat. For this reason arginine is often used in Bodybuilding. Here it is also used as the vasodilatory effect, the veins standing out particularly strong. Dietary supplements such as arginine, which can lead to an increased flow of blood to the muscles, also referred to as a ‘Pump Supplement’. In addition to the growth hormones, this amino acid can also influence the hormone Insulin: arginine is supposed to help in Diabetes by increasing the insulin secretion in the body.

Arginine strengthens the immune system

Arginine is said also, that it strengthens the immune system. This should be done by the fact that arginine stimulates the production of white blood cells. Therefore, it is also preventative action, for example against the threat of colds, taken. During acute infections, as well as a tough, athletic workout, the immune system is burdened and the demand for arginine, therefore, particularly high. Also, after surgery a lot of arginine is required, since it can affect the wound healing positively. In addition, the amino acid is also an anti-cancer effect said. So by the gift of more tumor to response of cells to chemotherapy in breast cancer.

Many of the effects of arginine attributed to, are not confirmed scientifically, however, not yet final. Therefore, should be spoken to prior to taking with a doctor. He can also give tips on correct dosage of arginine. In addition, it should also be noted that there are differences in efficacy, depending on whether the amino is administered acid orally or intravenously.

Increased potency as a side-effect of arginine?

So far, only a few of the side effects of arginine are unknown. One of them is the lowering of the blood pressure, which can lead, especially in individuals with low blood pressure problems. Since arginine improves blood flow, should be by the intake of amino erection acid will also increase. This effect is, however, exactly how the required dose is controversial. In addition, arginine is less dangerous than chemical potency, nevertheless, the amino acid should not be consumed in the form of a dietary Supplement in too large quantities. Because an Overdose of arginine can lead to diarrhea and Nausea.

In addition to the potency of arginine can also male fertility have a positive influence. The amino acid is to improve the quality of sperm by increasing the number of sperm and their mobility increases. Just like the potency of this effect of arginine was not confirmed scientifically, however.