Around the Egg

Around the Egg


Eggs in Germany are a popular food: on average, every German eats approximately 215 eggs per year. High season the eggs, of course, on Easter for centuries, eggs are painted for Easter colorful or elaborately decorated. However, as you can see where the Egg comes from, what quality it has or whether it is fresh? In addition to the answers to these questions, we also give advice on storage of eggs.

Where is the Egg?

When shopping it is recommended to pay attention on the fact that the eggs are fresh. In the case of a printed date of Laying, the assessment is easy. Is specified instead, the date of minimum durability, pull out of this just for 28 days – then you have the laying date. Where an Egg comes, you can see that from the producers ‘ code printed on each Egg. The first number indicates how the chickens were kept:

  • 0 stands for Eco
  • 1 for free-range
  • 2 for Soil conservation
  • 3 for cage farming

Then the abbreviation for the country of production. DE stands for Germany. The next Numbers indicate the laying operation and the stall number. You look for when buying eggs, however, not only on the stamped date, but also to dents and cracks. Because the eggs are damaged, have it of Salmonella and other bacteria easier to “find shelter”. The class provides information about the weight of: eggs with less than 53 g wear a S, M is 53-63 g L 63-73 g and XL stands for eggs, 73 g.

Fresh or not?

Grandma knew the little Trick to distinguish fresh eggs from old, the the glass of water method: In a glass of water to swim old eggs on top, fresh eggs sink to the bottom. Why? The older an Egg is, the larger its air chamber, as the water contained evaporates through the shell. Your Egg lies flat on the ground, it has seen the light of the world, raises its tip slightly, it is only a few days old. It creates the Egg, to keep it perpendicular in the balance, it is 2-3 weeks old. As soon as it floats, or even his “butt” out of the water stretches, you should not eat it. But when you Turn to it on a plate, you can detect how fresh an Egg is. In the fresh Egg the Yolk is arched high, and the egg white significantly in the two zones divided. Egg white and Yolk together to flow, no longer is the Egg edible.

Eggs keep right

Fresh eggs may be stored at room temperature, since they have antibodies against germs. At the latest after 2.5 weeks you should be Hiking in the refrigerator. For dishes with raw or only briefly cooked eggs (desserts, Fried egg), should not be the eggs older than 18 days. After that, you should through and through the heated, suitable up to about 6. Week, for example, even for baking a cake. Pig iron-dishes, keep a maximum of 24 hours in the fridge, boiled eggs keep for about two weeks.

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