Asparagus: Healthy and low in calories

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Asparagus: Healthy and low in calories


The real Fans know, of course, when it goes off in about and long for the time. The other features, if there are suddenly again at each corner of the white (or green) rods. Most of it is in the second half of April as far as – basically, the asparagus depends on the harvest but of the weather and the soil temperature. When it is over, says an old Franconian farmer’s rule: “cherries red, asparagus dead”. Traditionally, the 24. June (Johanni) the last day. Then the harvest is completed, to allow the plants sufficient recovery time to the next harvest year.

Asparagus: Healthy and low in calories

Even if asparagus is enjoyed because of its incomparable flavor, the Gourmet bar, also diets have to offer logically. The Botanical Name Asparagus officinalis (lat. = Drug) already points out: the Chinese, the Romans and the Greeks prescribed it as a remedy against all sorts of health ailments.

In modern data expressed In a Portion (500 grams) is only 85 calories, but at least 7.5 grams of fiber. A Portion can cover the daily requirement of Vitamin C and folic acid to more than 100 percent of Vitamin E to 90, and in vitamins B1 and B2, at least about 50 percent. In addition, asparagus is characterised by its content of potassium, calcium and iron. Not to forget aspartic acid, potassium salts, and essential Oils that work together to promote the activity of the Kidneys and to contribute to increased water excretion.

Recent studies also indicate that the asparagus contains bioactive substances that inhibit cancer-causing substances. These include saponins, but also the dyes of the green and purple asparagus.

How do I recognize good asparagus?

The asparagus is classified in three quality classes:

  • Class Extra of the highest quality
  • Class I – good quality
  • Class II – the asparagus, the may not be ranked higher, but the Minimum requirements fully.

Further evidence for good quality:

  • You make the “fresh test”: Good asparagus can be when you press them Together at the cut end of the juice; the juice smells fresh and does not taste sour.
  • There is no discoloration or shrinkage are to be seen, the rods are not solid, the asparagus ends and dried out.
  • The heads of the white asparagus (white asparagus) are fixed, closed, and not blossomed.

Otherwise: Greenish discoloration are not artabhängig, but say something about the time of harvest. Purple head discoloration due to varieties.

Storage of asparagus

The asparagus tastes best fresh and should therefore be used immediately after purchasing. Unpeeled and in a damp cloth wrapped, it keeps in the refrigerator (storage temperature: 5-10 °C!) about 2-3 days without loss of Flavor. Green asparagus should be kept upright in the water standing.

Must be the asparagus is really so expensive?

The asparagus price fluctuates from year to year and within each season. He is, however, always relatively high, because of the cultivation-consuming, maintenance – and labor-intensive. He is, for example, engraved by Hand, “” what caused, of course, the high cost of personnel. In addition, the first harvest is expected only in the third year after planting.

The chef is to blame, when the asparagus tastes bitter?

NO, the asparagus not only tastes bitter, when he was stabbed close to the root stock. In this case, the asparagus need to be cut off-more generous than “normal”. Unfortunately, it is not helpful to withdraw the asparagus and bitter substances, by giving a small amount of sugar to the cooking water. Really bitter tasting asparagus is not thereby improved.

Throughout the year asparagus?

YES, because you can freeze the asparagus very well. Preparing it is washed and peeled, the woody parts cut off. Frozen asparagus can be stored for about 6-8 months. Then he should not be thawed, but the frozen stems are fed directly into the boiling water.

White or green asparagus?

A matter of taste! In contrast to the white or violet “white asparagus” grows green asparagus above the ground. The sun light makes it green (Chlorophyll). This is precisely the reason why the green asparagus contains more Vitamin C and carotene, as his white brother. He tastes something hearty and does not need to be peeled (from the Ends apart). He also has a lower cooking time.

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