Honey enjoyment for every season

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Honey enjoyment for every season The culinary Potential of honey is much underestimated. Thanks to the diversity of the types of honey from all over the world the use of the unique nature of the product are virtually unlimited: From the delicious light spring dish up to the winter holiday menu. Honey is always been appreciated as a sought-after food as well as beauty elixir or gentle medicine. Still, the natural product comes honey so pure and unadulterated into the glass, as it is to the tireless work of the interior created – including the valuable ingredients. International delights liquid Gold Our health do something Good and at the same time with all of the senses – with a variety of Honeys from near and far the is game today.…
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Lose weight without Sport: it works!

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Lose weight without Sport: it works! Lose weight without Sport is not easy – with the right tips and Tricks, but quite possible. Exercise burns energy and can thus get rid of lighter excess weight. However, even without welding Training blowing, you can make your pounds fall off. To succeed in losing weight without sports, it is vital that you are disciplined. You must not hold a strict diet, your diet but in the long term, meaningful change. Hunger you should, however, not the case. We give you the best tips on how to without sports can lose weight. 1) fruit and vegetables If you want to lose weight without exercise, a healthy diet and to eat daily at least five servings of fruits and vegetables. You carve the best,…
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In the forest master

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In the forest master As the Name already says: the forest master is in woods to the house. Starting in April, the experienced walkers can find green carpets of fragrant Plant. The wonderful, aromatic scent of the forest master owes its Botanical name, Galium odoratum. Translated in the German language, this means: fragrant bedstraw. Coumarin in Woodruff The flavor is a chemical compound with the name coumarin is responsible. However, voluntarily, the forest master is not spread its fragrance because the Plant contains a precursor of the Fragrance. Only when plant cells are injured by Crushing or Wilting, enzymes of the aromatic coumarin. But coumarin is not only taste and fragrance. In the 80s, it resulted in liver damage and is considered carcinogenic. Later studies disproved this assumption. However, coumarin…
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Milk While babies need milk, children and adults can draw, of course, many other food products. Nevertheless, you should have the benefits of the milk – usually cow's milk – not to be missed. Milk is an all-rounder. This is about the fact that babies do in the time of their rapid growth, this is the only food shows. Milk is a complete food that you can drink. The German society for nutrition recommends a half a litre of milk or milk products on the day. Milk provides calcium, zinc and Magnesium The water content of the milk to be about the many varieties of fruit and vegetables to compare. Per Serving it is, however, comparatively more vital nutrients - experts speak of a higher nutrient density. The most famous…
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Black and green tea – a healthy indulgence

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Black and green tea - a healthy indulgence What the English and East Frisian have in common? They are self-confessed tea drinker. Green and black tea are especially known and loved. Rightly so, because they not only have a stimulating, pleasant effect, but serve with your ingredients also of our health. Green and black tea are made from the same sheet of material. Black tea is produced by Fermentation after Wilting and thus receives only its dark leaf and infusion color. For the taste and Aroma of black teas, this process is crucial. Green tea not fermented variant. So the tea is not fermented, it destroys the enzymes, briefly Scalding in boiling water or by treatment with water vapor. Finally, the tea is rolled several times and dried. Tips for…
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Strawberries: Delicious Vitamin C-Bombs

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Strawberries: Delicious Vitamin C-Bombs Strawberries are high in Vitamin C content of 65 milligrams per 100 grams of important part of a healthy diet. With only 32 calories per 100 grams, they provide the body with little energy and get the slim line. In addition, they contain with Ferula and ellagic acid secondary plant substances for their cancer-preventive effects are known. The ancestors of our cultivated large-fruited strawberries strawberries are small, juicy and more aromatic woods. Already in the year 1714, beer varieties originated in France by crossing two Forest, the first large fleshy strawberries. In the meantime, there are over 600 different varieties, which differ in size, structure, color, and taste of each other. Vitamins in strawberries Strawberries are rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C in large quantities in…
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Cinnamon – which is Why he can damage

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Cinnamon - which is Why he can damage Cinnamon in pregnancy For a long time already it is known that cinnamon can cause in sensitive individuals allergies. Interestingly, the consumption of cinnamon may also result in persons who are allergic to herb pollen (e.g., mugwort) allergic reactions (so-called cross-allergies). In pregnancy should cinnamon be enjoyed with caution - the Oil can cause contractions. Cinnamon: harmful effect on health Since a few years, you know that cinnamon naturally included - Phenylpropanoide (v. a. coumarin, but also safrole) can be harmful to health. A certain percentage of the population seems to be particularly sensitive and reacts with liver damage (why not) know so far. In addition, it has been shown in an animal experiment an increased risk for cancer; the extent to…
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Pain relief from the chili pepper

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Pain relief from the chili pepper Cayenne pepper not only in spicy dishes from the inside of fiery Hot in the body. In the fruit of the Cayenne pepper, the chili peppers contain the active ingredient Capsaicin. He also acts from the outside in the case of joint pain warming, analgesic and healing. A salve with Cayenne pepper stimulates the circulation deep in the joint, the supply of nutrients to the articular cartilage is promoted, the formation of synovial fluid is stimulated. The pain, and the normal mobility returns. After prolonged use, the nerve fiber respond to the Capsaicin - the long-term analgesic effect occurs. The Cayenne pepper - a natural remedy In medicine, the fruit of the Cayenne pepper since the long-term use. Especially in the treatment of joint…
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Spinach – what’s in the leafy vegetables

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Spinach – what's in the leafy vegetables Thanks to an error on the part of spinach was for a long time as ten times the iron-rich, as he is in reality. But even if the spinach does not appear now on the list of iron containing foods in the front ranks, the vegetables. Numerous healthy ingredients and fewer calories to make the leafy vegetables is not only a popular ingredient in many recipes, but also the ideal food during a diet. What makes spinach so healthy and what you should consider in the preparation, you can find here. For what is spinach good for? Spinach is not only popular in the kitchen. Also as a medicinal plant the vegetables can be attributed to a number of positive effects on health:…
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Eggplant (Solanum melongena)

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Eggplant (Solanum melongena) The eggplant, Solanum melongena or egg plant, is a nightshade plant and a popular part of our diet. There are many recipes with eggplants. Typical of the Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine, is the use of eggplant is very varied and the preparation is relatively easy. But also for the health of the eggplant can also play a role. Low in calories, eggplants are, however, usually just before preparation. Eggplant: Healthy Multi-Talent There are different types, shapes and colors of eggplant. The most famous eggplant is dark purple with a round oval shape. Eggplant not only taste good, they are also said to have a healing effect. Especially in the fruit water of the eggplant should have a positive effect on rheumatism, sciatica and kidney disease. In addition…
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Olive oil – a cultural asset with a certain Extra

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Olive oil - a cultural asset with a certain Extra Shady olive groves dominate for centuries the landscape of the entire Mediterranean area. Their fruits are an important part of the Mediterranean cuisine, healthy, know, in the meantime, probably the most. In addition to the taste and versatility is probably one of the reasons why olive oil is becoming more and more popular, and also the entrance into our kitchen. A plant with a medicinal effect, Hardly any other Plant has always been so much worship, such as the olive tree and its products. Whether as a Symbol of peace, as the highest prize in the Olympic Games or as a healing Plant with far reaching medicinal effects. Olive oil has 9 kcal per gram and contains, in addition to…
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Grapefruit and grapefruit

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Grapefruit and grapefruit The three citrus fruits, Grapefruit, grapefruit, and Pomelo are closely related to each other and therefore share some similar characteristics: in Common is their high Vitamin C but low in calories, as well as their slightly bitter taste of the three fruits. This makes the citrus fruits not only in the summer to a delicious and healthy refreshment. Are grapefruit, Grapefruit, but also taken on Pomelos together with certain drugs, but can occur in interactions. Bitter Sweet Taste The Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) is the fruit of the grapefruit tree, which occurs in nearly all subtropical countries. It is the result of a cross between Orange (Citrus aurantium) and grapefruit (Citrus maxima). The result of crossing Grapefruit and pummelo, in turn, is referred to as the Pomelo. While…
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Mushrooming – but do it right: As mushroom lovers will get their costs

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Mushrooming - but do it right: As mushroom lovers will get their costs Moist and moderately warm - the best conditions for mushrooms. Porcini, chanterelles, chestnut boletes, or Redcap taste the best from nature. So mushroom pickers have currently high season and flocks to collect in the forest and field the sought-after delicacies. You may also find the fungus of the year 2005 - the star of spikes and a leopard pattern embossed weather star. However, in fungi the first step in any case. The verbraucherzentrale Bayern points each mushroom collectors to collect only mushrooms that he knows exactly. "A poisoning, to exclude, must be omitted in case of doubt, not necessarily on the fungi, or to be an expert to be consulted," - said in a press release to…
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Successfully lose weight – without the yo-Yo effect

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Successfully lose weight – without the yo-Yo effect On the way to the perfect figure for the summer, some of the pitfalls lurking. So, too, the well-known yo-Yo effect. Just then, if you could reduce the following a diet to be successful weight and now his old eating habits again lay down, comes one of the yo-Yo effect on the ropes and strikes with a new weight gain. However, there are ways the yo-Yo to prevent effect from the beginning. What is the yo-Yo effect? In children times a Jo-Jo was connected with positive experiences when Playing. But who comes as an adult with the yo-Yo effect, is about constant up and down, mostly unhappy, because this time it relates to the own weight of the device from time to…
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Zucchini – Little sister from the pumpkin

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Zucchini - Little sister from the pumpkin Zucchini delight since the 80s great popularity in Germany. And since this vegetable has little flavor of its own, it can be in almost all variations to prepare. Anyone who enjoys in the summer is not a light Zucchini salad or a delicious casserole with Zucchini, tomatoes and minced meat? While the Zucchini are rich in vitamins, have a high water content and low in calories. It is also easily digestible, so that a recipe with Zucchini therefore ideal for a diet. Foodies know even the yellow flowering of the vines crop as a special treat, how to appreciate eat. On the Grill the Zucchini is particularly well – and when the season is over, the Zucchini is also easy to freeze: is…
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Sweet Not only are kids snacking like Sweet. Adults also love sweets. The Federal Association of the German confectionery industry reported that in 2009, on average, every German 30,12 kg of Sweet eaten. Especially popular are the ice and not just on hot days. But not only ice cream and chocolate is candy. Also liquorice and fruit gum are loved by sweet tooth. If you fancy something Sweet, doesn't have to sacrifice every Time, but there are a few tips for proper behavior in the cravings for Sweets, sweet treats remain a pleasure without remorse. What is the effect of a sweetener is a sweetener is really low calorie as sugar? Interesting facts on the topic of Sweets and ice cream. General information on the topic Water ice: a low-calorie…
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Polenta as a carbohydrate supplier

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Polenta as a carbohydrate supplier Hot, yellow and steaming – so Polenta lands traditionally prepared on the table, and is therefore particularly in the autumn and in the Winter a popular snacks. Hot a is, however, already in the preparation, the cooking of Polenta is true to the bone. But the effort of cooking is worth it, because Polenta is a delicious side dish that contains carbohydrates and important minerals. Polenta is healthy? Since Polenta is usually only corn flour and water, it is not particularly rich in nutrients. Similar to pasta or rice, it provides carbohydrates, and quickly tired of it. However, the slurry also contains protein, potassium, Magnesium, and silica. This makes the maize meal porridge for a healthy side dish. In 100 grams of cooked Polenta for…
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Curry – A Blend Of Spices

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Curry - A Blend Of Spices There are actually, the curry tree (Murraya koenigii), the leaves of which are a mandatory ingredient in almost all curry dishes. However, this spice has nothing to do with the well-known Curry since this is not a separate spice, but a spice mixture. Curry: A relic of the colonial period The word "Curry" and the curry powder is an English invention. The word "Curry" in India during the colonial period, because with "kaari or kaaree" will be referred to sauce dishes and stews with vegetables and rice. In India, the different spice mixes for the preparation of the curry "Masala" (=mix). The Indian curry dishes get their name from a combination of the main ingredient and the Masala (e.g. Chicken Masala). In the UK,…
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Nutrition tips in the small intestine output

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Nutrition tips in the small intestine output The artificial outlet in the area of the small intestine or at the beginning of the large intestine is the bowel after surgery for a while until he switched to the modified digestion. In the first time of the bowel movement can be thin, later, he should be a thick liquid. Since the colon is not happening, it can, however, be no fixed, regular bowel movement formed. Especially in the initial phase of the intestine is not yet able to provide all nutrients in adequate quantity. Some of the tips will help, however, to support the gut just at this time, and to provide the body as well as possible with food: Drink plenty of fluids – approximately 2 litres per day. Drink…
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The world of Cognac

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The world of Cognac Cognac is so famous that he is often used as a Synonym for the generic wine brand. You can learn more about this unique noble drink, that the connoisseurs around the world fascinated. Cognac is produced by the Burning of the wines of a certain Region according to specified rules. Therefore, Cognac is a brandy of a special kind. Where's the Cognac? The area of origin of Cognac is located in the South-West, about 80 km North-East of Bordeaux. Its landscape is called "Charente" after the main river in the Region. The name for the drink is the capital of the Charente, the town of Cognac. The climate is characterised Charente by the relatively cool Atlantic climate. With only 7% Vol. Alcohol and 10g/l acid, the…
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Mustard To give his two cents: we have to play today to reveal that somebody enquired of all his opinion. In the 17th century. Century, when this phrase came into circulation, was meant to be the proper mustard. Because of our ancestors so precious and sought after, that a host who could afford it, hinzugab it unasked to every meal, regardless of to fit whether the recipe for mustard or not. Mustard do-it-yourself Today, we use mustard mainly as a spice. Healthy he is, however, not only as an addition to certain foods, even externally, a healing was applied to the mustard of the oldest cultures in effect awarded. For the production of mainly used mustard paste, the seeds of white, brown or black mustard. The darker they are, the…
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Cabbage – the perfect winter vegetable

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Cabbage – the perfect winter vegetable This smell of the poor-people-food adheres to him still, and smell he does, in fact, not particularly good - the cabbage. But he is unbeatable, what relates to the substances its content of healthy content. Cabbage should even protect against cancer. Meanwhile, green cabbage and co. to conquer the Restaurants of star chefs. When the British Queen was on a visit in Düsseldorf, Germany, she came in to enjoy a menu of Michelin-star chef Peter Nöthel. Regional cuisine should be, with cabbage, to be more precise: Rheinischer Sauerbraten with cabbage brains, Apple compote and potato dumplings as a main course. Various Types Of Cabbage Cabbage was already appreciated in the ancient world: Marcus food Apicius, a famous Roman Gourmet and the most famous cookbook…
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Herbal tea: vital nutrients, and healthy makers

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Herbal tea: vital nutrients, and healthy makers Some drink it because of its healing effect, the other to make a cult of it. Tea is more popular than ever. He is slim, protect against cancer and the heart to keep fit. It all just Humbug? And above all: this Applies only to "real" tea from the Tea plant or herbal teas and fruit teas? Learn more about the different commercially available herbal tea places, their ingredients and effects. Polyphenols in tea Tea is considered to be healthy. Reason for this, in particular, the so-called polyphenols. These substances are also found in red wine, Yes - in moderation - a health-promoting effect is attributed. In America, there are even a number of commercial preparations containing polyphenol extracts from tea and/or red…
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Health assessment of tea

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Health assessment of tea Tea is as a beverage, becoming more and more popular. Not only because of the enjoyment by the fragrance and Aroma to do with a Cup of tea and something Good. Also our health benefits from the positive properties of the tea leaves. This has been proven by numerous scientific studies in which the effects of the different substances were studied in this tea to our body. In addition to the primary odor - and taste-the aroma giving substances, such as essential Oils and theanine, there are some special ingredients in the tea, which is even ascribed to the prevention of various diseases. Particularly, the polyphenols are the highlight here. Other important ingredients in tea is fluoride, which prevents strengthens tooth enamel and tooth decay, and…
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Energy drinks: Harmful to health?

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Energy drinks: Harmful to health? Energy drinks are becoming more popular: In the office, you will be consumed in order to increase the efficiency, and on parties to distribute the fatigue. Children and young people are increasingly turning to energy drinks – without having to think, however, the unwanted side effects of the stimulant drinks can cause. Energy drinks: What's in it? Depending on the manufacturer, the ingredients of energy can be drinks are quite different – in General, the drink is however, from the following substances: Water Carbonic acid Vitamins and minerals Caffeine Taurine Glucuronolactone Color and aroma substances Effect of energy drinks Energy drinks have a stimulating effect: you dispel the fatigue, and should also have a positive influence on our concentration and performance. This effect of energy…
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Why Kefir is so healthy

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Why Kefir is so healthy Kefir is considered to be very healthy and supports digestion and the immune system. In the Caucasus, his homeland, is Kefir known because of its positive effect as a "drink of the Centenarians". But what is its effect? What is Kefir and what are the ingredients of this drink? Here you can learn everything there is to know about Kefir. What is Kefir? Kefir is a fermented milk drink produced by the fermentation of milk with kefir fungi. It was originally made from Mare's milk, today it is mostly used in cow's milk. The thick liquid drink tastes similar to sour like butter milk, but contains carbon dioxide and bubbles. Depending on the manufacturing process for Kefir has a low alcohol content. In addition to…
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Down with the cancer – ran to the Ballast!

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Down with the cancer - ran to the Ballast! Dietary fiber reduce the risk of colon cancer. This interpretation, according to the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics, two current long time studies. The population in Germany, however, belongs rather to the "fiber-rings", and can therefore benefit the most from this protection. In the context of the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition (EPIC) study, researchers recorded the eating habits of 519.978 persons under the magnifying glass. They found that people can lower with a low fiber intake, their risk of bowel cancer by 40 per cent, if you double the fibre content of your food. It does not matter what food the dietary fiber. The race: cereal, cereal and fruit In a study of dietary fiber intake from…
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Coffee has a stimulating effect

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Coffee has a stimulating effect Most of the German decide on a daily basis for their Cup of coffee – after all, 73 million cups we drink German per day. In every Cup of coffee 100 mg of caffeine. If we enjoy the hot drink in moderation, coffee is extremely positive effects. In the 17th century. and 18. Century the coffee slowly, but surely in Europe. Initially, coffee was drunk for Breakfast, and later more and more in the other meals. The popularity of coffee is its stimulating effect. This effect of coffee can be attributed Mainly to the caffeine and the chlorogenic acids. Caffeine content in coffee A coffee bean contains between 0.8 % and 2.5 % caffeine. The caffeine content in coffee is also determined by the duration…
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Tasty recipes around the poultry

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Tasty recipes around the poultry Whether roll roast Turkey breast or duck with red wine - we show you how you can prepare tasty dishes with poultry. Duck breast with red wine and BlackBerry puree Ingredients for 4 people: 800 g medium-sized potatoes, 2 shallots 1-2 Cloves Of Garlic, Salt Pepper from the mill grated nutmeg 150 g of whipped cream 50-100 ml milk 30 g grated Parmesan cheese 4 small German duck Breasts (approx. à 150 g) 200 g fresh blackberries (substitute frozen) 150 ml of dry red wine, about 2 TABLESPOONS brown sugar a little Oil for Smearing the pan Preparation: potatoes wash, peel and cut into thin slices. Potatoes in a fan shape in a greased gratin form. 1 shallot and peel the garlic. Shallot, finely dice…
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Daily Dose Of Zinc

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Daily Dose Of Zinc The trace element zinc plays in our body in various metabolic processes as a component of enzymes (control substances) an important role. It is, among other things, for the growth of the skin, as well as for the storage of Insulin is important. In addition, it is involved in wound healing and immunological processes. Anyone who takes enough zinc to strengthen his defenses. Recommended Daily Dose The recommended daily allowance of zinc is 15 milligrams for pregnant women with 25 milligrams of a little bit higher. 15 milligrams of zinc include: 20 g of oysters 60 g of rye germs 100 g of wheat germs 150 g of calf liver 200 g Corned Beef 250 g nuts 250 g of hard cheese 300 g oatmeal 350…
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