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Back exercises

Back pain in Germany include the most common physical complaints: about 70 percent of Germans say they suffer at least once per year back pain. Often a mostly seat of pain is the end of activity and little movement of the trigger of the back: In the result, namely, a painful tension in the back can arise. With regular back exercises, the complaints, however, it is often good to get a grip. We will show you 12 back exercises that you can imitate easily and without devices, in the home.


You go to an all-fours position: the arms are stretched and touch vertically under the shoulders to the ground, the knees are under the hips. Stretch the left leg back and right Arm forward. Note the following:

  • Note that Arm and leg form one line with the fuselage.
  • Keep the torso parallel to the floor and do not twist it.
  • Avoid a hollow back, tighten the abdominal muscles.
  • You look to the ground.

Hold this Position for 10 to 15 seconds and then switch the page. Perform the Exercise five times per page.

Alternative: stretch in a Quadruped, the left leg and right Arm. Together, you will then have the right elbow and the left knee under the body so that they lightly touch. Then extend Arm and leg again. Repeat this movement five times and then switch side. Perform a total of three series.