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Barley grass powder juice or capsules?


Who would like to buy barley grass, must decide, which is the Form he prefers. Because barley grass is, among other things, as a powder, barley grass juice, but also in the Form of tablets or capsules, as well as fresh or in processed products available.

Behind the various terms:

  • Barley grass powder is made from barley grass, which is first carefully dried and then ground.
  • Activated barley or germinated barley was in front of the Drying and Grinding soaked for two days in water and then sprouted for a few days.
  • Tablets and capsules provide easy dosing and quick intake of barley grass powder without any prior preparation.
  • Barley grass juice is obtained by juicing (pressing) of barley grass. It contains in relation to barley grass less ballast substances. Barley grass juice does not have to be freshly pressed: It is also dried barley grass juice powder is available and can be mixed with water.
  • Fresh barley grass is considered the healthiest variant, as in the processing of some of the valuable nutrients are lost.

In addition, a large number of products with barley grass are now available, for example in the Form of protein shakes or protein bars. Often, more as a Superfood applicable ingredients, such as Spirulina, wheat grass or hemp protein powder contains these.

Barley grass buy: 5 tips

Have you decided for the purchase of barley grass – no matter in what Form you should take note of the following tips on buying:

  • Barley grass is often found in the health food store or organic Shop, but can also be ordered online.
  • You can only buy barley grass without additives such as sugar, dyes, or preservatives.
  • You grab it better certified organic barley grass, to ensure that no pesticides are included.
  • Barley grass originates from many production areas. Because of the ideal climatic conditions and the nutrient-rich soil barley grass from new Zealand is particularly popular.
  • A comparison of the prices can be worth it: The barley grass should not be too cheap, but many retailers charge overpriced prices.

Barley grass powder should be dry, well closed and in front of the sun to be stored in a protected place. Storage in the refrigerator is not suitable, since it can form condensation.

Barley grass self-grow

Barley grass it is very easy to grow. Because the sweet grass grows out of the normal barley grain. The seeds are barley under the term “Sprießkorn” to be found in many health food stores.

And so the cultivation of barley grass:

  1. Place the seeds overnight in water and pre-sprouting.
  2. Fill a shallow seed tray or a flower coasters (ideally the containers should have bottom holes) about five inches high with earth and damp.
  3. Place the swollen seeds close together (but not stacked) on the earth.
  4. Cover the container at room temperature with a damp cloth and spray the seeds and the earth twice a day with water to keep it moist. The cloth can be removed after four days.
  5. Already after two to four days, the seedlings can be harvested as sprouts are eaten.
  6. The young, green leaves of the Plant can be harvested once they have reached a size of 10 to 15 centimeters – usually after 10 to 12 days.
  7. To Harvest, cut off the barley grass just above the root as close as possible to the earth.
  8. With a suitable juicer, you can restore then barley grass juice. The barley grass can also be cut into small pieces to eat.

To grow barley grass or wheat grass itself, has the advantage that the fresh Grass has a particularly high content of healthy content. Fresh barley grass should be processed quickly or stored in the refrigerator.

The use of barley grass powder

To whom is the own cultivation of barley grass is too expensive, you can simply grab the finished powder. Usually just a teaspoon of barley grass is to be dissolved the powder in cold water and drunk. Who doesn’t like the spinach-like flavor that can also stir the powder in juice, cereal, yogurt or a Smoothie.

Even as a spice, barley grass powder: According to the cook about the food spread or as part of a self-made herbal salt, the taste is hardly notice. It is important not to heat the powder, so that the nutrients are not destroyed.

For the use of barley grass powder, many recipes can now be found. Of course, you can also collect your own experiences and do a Test, in which the Form of barley grass tastes the best.

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