Bed wetting is a right treat

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Bed wetting is a right treat

Every sixth child under the age of five years wets it at night when the 15-Year-old is still around 1.5 percent. “The night the bed a big burden,” says Dr. Ingo Franke, a senior physician at the center for Pediatrics of the University hospital Bonn is oozing usually, both for the child and for the parents. Fear and shame often interfere with the self-confidence of the children, who do not want to spend the night due to the nocturnal bed-wetting, called Enuresis nocturna, for example, in the case of friends or refuse to to class to participate in trips.

Bed-wetting is usually very treatable

If a child is at night, not dry, is not based on the, as is frequently incorrectly assumed a psychological cause such as Stress, but rather a maturation delay. The nocturnal Enuresis is usually successfully treatable. First of all, the child is examined in a comprehensive medical, to organic causes, such as, for example, malformations of the urinary exclude paths.

With a Uroflowmetry device, the doctor can determine if bladder emptying is actually a functional disorder, as in the nocturnal enuresis, or an organic cause, such as in the case of an acute urinary tract infection or neurogenic voiding dysfunction, and Bladder. Such a device measures during bladder emptying urinary flow, and shows the case of certain diseases, a typical course.

Drinking behavior log

Experience has shown that the behavioral therapy achieved very good Healing results in nocturnal Enuresis. First of all, the parents run behavior of a Protocol on the drinking as well as urination and enuresis of your child over a period of four to six weeks. “Up to a quarter of all children become dry after your drinking behavior were logged, and then the drinking habits made aware of,” says top doctor Franke.

Bell pants

The use of ring pants, a loud ringing sound, as soon as they are wet, is for Franke rather ineffective. This method has a 75 percent has a high failure rate, because the children ignore the ringtone frequently and oozing continues to be nocturnal. Useful, this method only, if the bell is the parents Wake up, so they consistently go in any Ring with the child to the toilet. The only way this conditioning can bring lasting success. “It is of paramount importance, as is the suffering of both the affected child and the parents,” says Franke.

And Medications?

Of a drug therapy, he advises: “A child should not take regularly due to a maturation delay of psychotropic drugs.” There is also the risk of poisoning in case of wrong taking is quite large. In exceptional cases, such as, for example, forthcoming school trips, however, the addition of certain hormone preparations useful as they produce a short-term effect.

Bed-wetting due to respiratory disorders?

In Sydney scientists have oozing a connection between the bed and the nocturnal breathing disturbances were noted. Children with large palatal or pharyngeal tonsils could often be due to the elimination of the respiratory obstacles from bed-wetting freed. Also: wetting the bed, their breathing is disturbed due to a narrow palate, evidence of the Wear of the expander to stretch the throat rapidly dry, as first study results.

In Germany there are as yet no approaches to research in this area. The reason why children with nocturnal respiratory condition complaints, is still unclear. “There might be problems decreases due to the breathing of the negative pressure in the chest, so much so that certain hormones, which excrete additional fluids from the body,” a Children’s nephrologist Franke. “In particular, children with very stubborn the course of controlled in a child, the sleep lab just to be examined.” He holds a study of the relationship between respiratory disorders and bed-wetting makes a lot of sense, because that could be helped with simple methods, many children. Source: University Of Bonn