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Black tea, green tea – Healthy content

Healthy Content

Whether black, white or green: Healthy all kinds of tea, but with a different expression. For example, a new joint study by Spanish and British biologists has shown that green tea can slow the growth of cancer cells.


One of the main ingredients of green tea, epigallocatechin gallate, in short EGCG, binds to an enzyme that cancer cells need for their proliferation, and prevents you so, spread out. The same result researchers at Japan’s Kyushu University, came last year. A tumor-inhibiting concentration of EGCG can be achieved in your studies, already through two-three cups of tea per day.


Black tea kills against Plaque bacteria on the teeth. In addition, a lot of fluoride, which hardens teeth, as well as calcium, iron, potassium, Magnesium, and zinc contain both green and black tea. Specially in the green tea, the vitamins B1, B2 and C

Secondary Plant Substances

Even higher concentrations than in the case of the vitamins have both kinds of tea, the polyphenols: phytochemicals, found in fruits, chocolate, and red wine. These natural ingredients of the Tea plant the body’s own immune system to strengthen. They protect the cells and vessels by destructive free radical trapping.

Which and how many of the polyphenols in the Cup, stuck, depends on the variety and processing of the tea During the Fermentation, the vegetable substances to be converted in part. You are in the black tea as effective as in the unfermented green. So, more flavonoids, both of which are sub-groups of the polyphenols are stuck in black tea theaflavins in green tea.

Also in the bag’s Good

The tar no matter in the supermarket Teepuristen make a great bow, especially since there is normally only tea. The bags are not worse than loose sheets. It is not waste, but are either the finest Screening or extra for the bag of chopped leaves. Bagged tea is abundant and times comes with the shorter Pull, the quality and the ingredients are the same.

But: It also goes up to the ceremony. The preparation of this fine beverage-means to pause for a Moment in the day to day business and gives the consumer the feeling of doing something Good for yourself.

Persistently stimulating

That tea, like coffee, due to its caffeine content liquid be robber, is now considered obsolete. The German society for nutrition about keeps tea and coffee for is completely suitable, to quench thirst, it is only not more than four, five cups a day.

Earlier in tea caffeine was to the supposed distinction between “Tannin”, but chemically it is the same fabric as the coffee. Due to the tannins in the tea it works but is slower, and the stimulating effect lasts longer.

In connection with coffee is caffeine immediately placed in the stomach and passes quickly into the blood but reduced again very quickly. In addition, the amphetamine remains from the end effect in the case of tea, because it contains less caffeine: black tea, about half as much as coffee, green tea even less.

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