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Body analysis by BIA method

The latest technology, and ongoing findings of science about the structure of the human body and its functions make it possible that we can today define our body weight, body water and fat percentage fairly accurately. And this not only in the field of medicine, but also in the normal family budget.

The keyword is: Bio-impedance analysis (BIA)

It is a science of learning, globally recognized measurement method, in the case of the weak, for the people are not palpable, flow through the body is directed. It makes Use of the knowledge that current flows more easily through the muscles than body fat. The measured Flow resistance (Bioelectric impedance) gives information about the body proportion of water that can be converted to the so-called Brozek formula and the reference values were obtained in clinical studies, the body fat percentage.

Background info

New findings from the fields of medicine, science and research have shown, that the classical measurement system of the BMI (Body Mass Index= body mass index), power is not always reliable statements about the proportion of fat and in 25% of all the calculations and even wrong. In the medical field, has measuring body composition for a long time the BIA method (Bioelectric impedance analysis), by which very exact control results and is scientifically recognized.

The recommended reference values for body fat percentage

Age in years healthy increased obese
20 – 39 21 – 32% 33 – 38% 39%+
40 – 59 23 – 33% 34 – 39% 40%+
60 – 70 24 – 35% 36 – 41% 42%+

The recommended reference values for body water percentage

  • Women 50 – 55%, men about 60 – 65 %
  • Athletes should be approx. avoid 5% higher values than the normal values have a harmful fluid loss during exercise (up to 1.5 litres of body water per hour).

Important notes for the measure, according to the BIA method

  • For reproducible results, should, whenever possible, be measured at the same time.
  • The Ideal period is in the evening between 18.00 – 20.00.
  • Always unclothed to measure. So the electricity can flow, you have to stand barefoot on the electrodes.
  • To achieve correct measurement results, you should drink about 30 minutes before any larger amounts, or food.
  • Scales should be according to the German medical products law (MPG) and approved to be properly calibrated, and to ensure a reliable measurement.

Note: For wearers of heart pacemakers, the BIA is not a suitable weighing system.