Breathing Exercises Preparation

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Breathing Exercises Preparation

Basic position

You stand straight with shoulder width your legs shoulder width apart. The arms hang on the side of the body. You are completely relaxed, the whole weight rests on the legs and feet.

Breathing technique

Breathe calmly and evenly through the nose. Then start each exercise with a deep, full breathing: Inhale first into the belly, then the chest and the lateral costal arches. Tips for proper technique: The lungs need to fill up first, from below, the belly bulges out. At the same time the lower part of the chest expands. Only then the upper lungs fill sections. At the end of the deep inhalation, the upper part of the sternum is lifted.

Preparation for the breathing exercises

  • You take your time.
  • You are not practicing with a full stomach.
  • Make sure it has a quiet environment.
  • You wear comfortable clothes.
  • Relax.

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