Brewer’s yeast as an Anti-Aging and healing substance

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Brewer’s yeast as an Anti-Aging and healing substance

Beer yeast, the dried and powdered Form of yeast fungal cells, brings fully applied externally as internally, since at least 5,000 years, its remarkable effects as a remedy, a vital fuel supplier, beauty elixir and fountain of youth at the same time. Today, in the Form of capsules, tablets, flakes, powders and many cosmetics offered natural healing product and beauty is not recommended, it is only since the modern era of physicians, nutritionists and herbalists learning, white diploma nutritionist Bettina Geier of the society for nutritional medicine from Aachen. Given their versatility and the year-to-thousands of well-known Phenomena, does not carry the brewer’s yeast a long time the popularity status that would have the multi-talented charges.

Brewer’s yeast is positive for skin and hair

Brewer’s yeast consists of unicellular spherical yeast fungi belonging to the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The Micro-organisms multiply during the fermentation process, after the Mix of water, hops and barley in beer production. The multi-functional brewer’s yeast, which is isolated during the beer-brewing process-consuming, is a treasure trove of B vitamins, essential amino acids and various minerals and trace elements.

This combination has a positive effect on the appearance of skin, hair and nails, the function ability of the nervous system, organs and muscle tissue, as well as on the immune system. The brewer’s yeast but has also, as a side-effect-free natural remedies a variety of other medical applications.

Breweries best pharmacies

Records of Paracelsus, Hippocrates, Sebastian Kneipp and Hildegard of Bingen price, type value, that the small power plants, the yeast have been viewed cells for centuries as one of the most important medicines. The testimony of a physician from the 18th century. Century “Breweries are the best pharmacies are” was the all-time program. But much earlier, already in the 16th century. Century before Christ, was praised brewer’s yeast on Papyrus as an “Anti-Aging agent”.

Since the microorganisms are, however, only at 800-fold magnification for the people recognizable, it could be demonstrated that the brewer’s yeast however, only about 3,500 years later with the invention of the microscope by Louis Pasteur and their Wirkvielfalt subsequently explored in more detail.

The birth of the first beer is estimated to be the period of time between 4,000 and 5,000 BC. The ancient Egyptians are supposed to have developed from the remains of the pita bread, a sourdough, and this, with water, the first beer. Other recipes come about the same time of the Sumerians, who noted that bread came pasta with wild yeasts from the air in contact with it, to ferment started.

A Medical Cure

The Traditions of the healing properties of beer are as old as brewing itself. In Mesopotamia and in ancient Egypt, the “mud beer”, and the settled yeast was used as a medical remedy. We already knew that the beer yeast disease for many skin very good results. The people medical application of yeast since the 19th century. Century.

So the yeast slurry was used as a remedy against skin diseases such as acne, eczema, boils, skin impurities, skin fungal infections, and poorly healing wounds known and has been externally applied to the affected skin. In the case of various diseases, not only affect the skin and lack of diet with certain B vitamins due, creates brewer’s yeast as a dietary Supplement, taken, remedy. For this purpose, the brewer’s yeast in South America for 100 years.

Brewer’s yeast as an Anti-Aging secret tip

Mankind drank beer for thousands of years in its unfiltered Form, and led, so that the valuable ingredients of the beer to yeast the body automatically. To preserve the beer and to be able to make it over large distances without loss of quality transport, began in front of around fifty years, the yeast contained in beer to filter it out. The health promoter was a paradoxical way, to Committee product that has been disposed of.

But the modern age has its good sides: you do not need to renounce, in view of the variety of yeast products on their ingredients. In part, the beer is the yeast, depending on the use purpose, with the addition of certain substances, enriched as it is with the beauty vitamin Biotin, which is already included of course in the beer yeast. As a result, the natively existing Agencies achieve a further increase.

The growing range of food, complementary beer yeast offers yeast a recommended Alternative to the previously in the beer contained in the beer to health, and young people are Fresh, of course, falls to the judgment of Bettina Geier. Brewer’s yeast remains in any case a not to be underestimated, since the thousands of years of existing, Anti-Aging secret tip, the nutritionist of your comments.