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Burnout – symptoms and treatment


Everyday life is organized from morning to night through and in the Job nothing goes without an appointment calendar more… Who is professionally a lot of Gas and constantly the maximum performance required from, and runs the risk of breaking on the Burnout syndrome. And not only managers are affected. The American psychoanalyst Herbert Freudenberger coined in 1974 for the first time the term “Burnout syndrome”. In the case of Doctors, he had identified a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion due to prolonged and repeated stress. Today is generally understood as including a persistent stress response to stress in the work world. Nearly a Million Germans will be affected by this disease to the point of total exhaustion.

Definition of the Burnout syndrome

Although the Burnout syndrome occurs more and more often nowadays, there are as yet no uniform Definition. It describes the state of emotional exhaustion and reduced motivation. The course begins with the long descent seeds from a high level of performance readiness in the inefficient daily work. The Burnout syndrome is characterized by, in the first line:

  • Dejection,
  • inner restlessness and
  • Exhaustion.

In this state of Exhaustion can happen to anyone who is permanently overwhelmed in everyday professional life. Excessive expectations of yourself, let the pressure grow, to accomplish this.

Burnout: What are the causes in question?

The list of causes of Burnout is long and very varied: bullying, Overtime, long-lasting loads, a high-performance pressure, fear of job loss, crises in the family, but also organizational weaknesses. Other causes are the unrealistic claims, Overwork, and little or no recovery periods.

So it have to say perfectionists and people with a helper syndrome demonstrably serious “no” and make it rare, more work to reject. Also, the claims themselves are, these people are often so large that Failure is almost inevitable.

Burnout: What are the risk groups are particularly vulnerable?

Vulnerable people are generally highly motivated and hard-working. Anyone can suffer a Burnout, ranging from a doctor to a housewife. Most people are under a strong burden and show a high level of commitment. These people seem often to many tasks and set unrealistically high demands on themselves and their environment. The constant Overwork, however, brings the body and soul more and more out of balance.

Particularly susceptible to the Burnout syndrome is not only managers, but also members of the healing professions, as well as teachers, educators, police officers and Housewives. In General, the risk increases:

  • Persons with multiple exposure
  • Strongly committed people
  • Extremely ambitious or power-oriented people
  • People can manage their time poorly
  • People are not able to work on other make
  • People who ignore the warning signals of the body

You Can Determine Your Risk Of Burnout

  1. You feel exhausted a lot longer than 6 months total?
  2. The energy for the simplest tasks of daily life is often a lack of?
  3. You always need longer to recover?
  4. Feel exhausted already when you get Up?
  5. Do you suffer from lack of concentration and forgetfulness?
  6. Have you lost the fun in most things?
  7. You have the feeling to achieve more and more energy is always less?
  8. Pull back more of your fellow human beings?

If you have answered 5 or more questions with “Yes”, you should speak with your doctor (source: Kur + Reha GmbH)

Burnout: Symptoms

The feeling, the ongoing Stress and problems in a professional environment, not more, burden on the personal relationships. Feelings of anxiety, aggression or indifference to take this even faster. Defeats gnaw at the self-esteem, willingness to communicate decreases. Concerned to limit social contacts therefore, more and more, and are trapped in this exhaustion situation.

The symptoms of the disease is very complex: one feels nervous-excited, restless and irritable. Others are depressed or anxious and withdraw. The soul is beat only once in such a way, can Express a physical discomfort:

  • Heart Problems, High Blood Pressure
  • Digestive disorders
  • Increased Susceptibility To Infection
  • Back Pain, Muscle Tension
  • Persistent Fatigue

The fact is, however, the disease will not occur overnight, but develops over a longer period of time. It is the first symptoms and signs is, therefore, to observe and to react as early as possible. Early symptoms, e.g., headaches, loss of appetite or sleep disorders. On the psychological level it can lead to concentration problems, despair, nervousness and helplessness in the face of their own Situation. Typical phrases are: “I am no longer able to cope with the pressure.” or “I feel empty inside and burned out.”

Burnout self-medicate

Who wants to break out of the vicious circle, and a Burnout to stop, must seek a change in his deadlocked situation in life and more relaxation in life. In the first place, an analysis of the life situation and the situations that trigger the inner Emptiness. May be it is because of the analysis necessary to define his personal and professional goals.

It is important to create a new equilibrium and return to a life in Balance. To sleep, a healthy diet and sufficient exercise are sufficient. For more safety and Serenity in dealing with Stress, and even friends and family – they give the soul the necessary support. Regular breaks should be scheduled in everyday life. So you can, for example, in the lunch break, a brisk walk and fresh air. Or after work, sports, or 20 minutes of relaxation listening to music to unwind. The time invested here, comes back double. After a small rest break it is full of energy.

Many of those Affected are in a vicious cycle: you are stressed, suffer from nervous restlessness and exhaustion, and find at night because of the inner tension hardly sleep. The next day you are feeling like whacked and completely. This spiral is to interrupt, are particularly well-suited herbal combination preparations with the ingredients of St. John’s wort, Valerian, and passion flower. Is exceeded a warning level, it should always be a therapist visited.