Completely exhausted, chronically tired, burned out and empty – classic signs of a possible Burnout. Anyone who is exposed to particularly high stresses in the workplace and with virtually no breaks working, overwhelmed, and his body. Phases of relaxation and rest is extremely important for our well-being. But what to do when a makes their work ill? So about every fourth profession suffers from operating under the signs of Burnout syndrome. Symptoms such as concentration problems, fatigue, sleep disturbance and anxiety should definitely be used as a warning signal of the body. A Burnout can be prevented. The Stress escape – things to know on the subject of Burnout, as well as Golden rules for prevention and dealing with Stress.

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What is the difference between Burnout and Boreout?

Everyone knows the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion. For many people, this is a result of Stress. In some people, leading to the… more