Butterflies in the stomach – How emotions mix into our food

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Butterflies in the stomach – How emotions mix into our food

Love goes through the stomach. Love live from air and love. Yes, and also the grief bacon’s (unfortunately) not only literally. There is no denying that Our state of mind clearly influences our feeling of Hunger. But what exactly is behind it: Why do Lovers so little appetite – and why is frustration so often promotes “binge Eating”? Is unjust: he Who is in love and happy, and might get the dream figure. And who is sad? To eat to in addition, still the same grief bacon. There are very solid hormonal reasons.

Positive Feelings

Because falling in love is not just a feeling – it releases a very powerful hormone cocktail that swirls all the physiological processes in the body completely confused. Increased adrenaline put Love in the highest arousal, testosterone increases the Lust. But above all, the level of activity of hormone dopamine rises in the body, while, conversely, Serotonin, the hormone of balance, is less. The result: a Bubbly mood, euphoric flights of fancy, and a serious change of mood between sky-high euphoric and sorrowful to the point of death. Not only the need for sleep, the appetite is less. This is mainly due to the hormone phenyl ethylamine (PEA), which can not only knock for the heart and the butterflies in my stomach, but at the same time as an emotional appetite suppressant works: This “fabric” can be found not only in the case of Lovers in the blood, but also in chocolate, diet drinks and appetite suppressants…

Negative Feelings

Which brings us almost to the grief bacon… Also negative moods: they affect the metabolism and hormones, which, in turn, control the “hunger signals” in the brain. Studies have shown that Obesity in adults – especially in women – often go hand in hand with depression, which often begin in adolescence.

Also, increased Stress can cause the metabolic processes in the body are extremely confused. Under tension, the body produces, for example, increased the adrenal hormone Cortisol – which stimulates the appetite. And who knows, the: a quick grip to the chocolate bar to calm himself down again. Because sugar stimulates the production of Serotonin in the blood. What are the negative emotional sentiment lies behind it: One eat the grief of bacon in the truest sense of the word gradually. “And back to attack often ,a reward pattern’, which has already learned as a child,” says psychologist Frank Meiners of the DAK.

“It is the attempt to get happiness and satisfaction about the food.” The experience has shown will not work – the result is grief bacon. Because no matter if Sweet, Chips or burgers: The most popular edible “consolation”, it is also calories in. Frustration eaters should learn to take better care of and in a timely manner to all signals of your body and to react differently to you as a about food intake. How about a half-hour of Jogging, for example. It consumed almost 500 calories – almost as much as fell in Love with the love of the game.