Cabbage and diseases

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Cabbage and diseases

Cabbage and diseases

Through the consumption of cruciferous vegetables can protect against cancer. This lead the scientists to the 49 different phytochemicals. One of these substances to the dye lycopene, which protects against stomach and colon cancer. Carotenoids such as Beta-carotene, are also included in large quantities. They supply the plants with the colors of yellow, orange or red. In the human organism, they act as antioxidants are called radical scavengers.

Free radicals are produced in every cell of the human body, they destroy, for example of chromosomes with genetic material, tissues and organs. The human organism protects itself from the Radicals with a so-called anti-oxidative protection system. This System is sufficient in our environmental toxins, polluted world. Antioxidants from the diet trap free radicals, reduce the risk of heart attack, prevent cancer, protect cells from damage to the genetic material and strengthen the immune system.

Cabbage and nitrate

So promising are the cancer preventive ingredients of the cabbage, it contains, like so many vegetables, cancer-causing components. In addition to its many good content reichert cabbage of substances but also of nitrate. This passes through nitrogen fertilization in the Plant. Nitrate is converted in the human metabolism to nitrite, and in the body, it can inhibit the transport of oxygen in the blood. Together with protein components can also form cancer-causing nitrosamines.

Therefore, you should choose Kale from organic farming, which proved to contain less nitrate. Vegetables from the greenhouse can be especially nitrate rich. Cooking salt can help in the stomach by certain bacteria, the formation of Nitrite. Also in the event of improper preparation or reheating of food nitrites and nitrosamines. Properly stored, especially at low temperatures, is converted into nitrate in the winter, vegetables in egg white: 16 percent were measured in Chinese cabbage after a month, after four months, 50 per cent less nitrates.

Why the cabbage smells

It is suppose to be an unpleasant smell, which prevents many of them to eat cabbage. Responsible for the odor of the sulfur compounds, which develop only when cooking. Now for the first time in the cabbage contained enzymes are activated, the columns of the verzuckerten sulfur molecules. The cabbage starts to develop the typical Aroma.

The longer the cooking time, the more molecules are released. Who cook, however, with a little vinegar or walnut, can improve the scent significantly, some people swear by a lemon in the pot. An unpleasant feature of Cabbage is that it can cause bloating. With a bit of cumin, is cooked, you can prevent this. If you don’t like Caraway seeds, use the ground variant.

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