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Crispy Flakes and Pops of taste to children and adults alike. However, cereals are not promises to be nearly as healthy as the advertising. In a quiz, it went the other day to the question: Which Breakfast is the healthiest? Bacon and eggs, whole-grain bread with cheese and sausage, cereal or coffee and cigarette? Of the four candidates, two had at least the right answer: the cereal. A question remains, however, unclear. What the candidates understand about the cereal? And: Belong to so-called cereals, such as Flakes, Pops, Loops and also to the healthy Breakfast options?

What is crunch doing there?

Just for children, but also those that were in the 70-ies or 80-years, counting shapes puffed and roasted cereals products of the most popular Breakfast. Because they are quick and easy to make and crunchy delicious. And when healthy, they are also valid: After all, cereal is to be eaten with calcium-rich milk and plenty of vitamins they also deliver – so that the products advertise. This is all what speaks for the cereal.

The list of negative characteristics is, however, considerably longer. First of all, Flakes, and co. are one of the most processed foods at all. That is, the product is manufactured with the raw materials from which it is only little in common. This becomes clear if one remembers that most of the crunchy Treats are only 40 to 70 percent from cereals.

For the flavours, provide, in part, also squeak colorful-looking dyes. And the vitamins are not derived from Corn, rice or oats – they are added in powder form. That doesn’t make you, although not necessarily worse than other vitamins, of course, your add-on. On the contrary, often it is dosed so high that a child is cared for by a bowl of Flakes in the Morning already three-quarters full with different vitamins. Necessary this is certainly not, if the day is eaten.

High sugar content is problematic

The main problem with the cereals to the high sugar content that is hidden in the ingredients list, often behind the name of glucose syrup. Up to 45 per cent, of pure sugar stuck in the Knusperpops. In the case of a small Portion of and small the usually specified portion of a quantity of 30 grams – this equates to about five cubes of sugar. A hungry eater is quick at double the amount.

Quite a bit of sugar containing the normal Cornflakes with about a cube of sugar per Serving, the content in all the other cereals lies somewhere in between. The percentage of real honey, by the way, even if he is called in the name of or on the pack shown, in General, very low. More than one to two percent are not included in conventional products. In the case of Pops from the natural food store, the balance is somewhat better.

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