Challenge for parents

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Challenge for parents

Let go and at the same time, support

It is important not to be, that the parents, this behavior is understood as a personal Affront, advises psychologist. Mothers and fathers need to learn their children to let go and to give you still. The adults in the clashes should not add but just small.

Furthermore, you must demonstrate the growing limits, because excessive tolerance and tab rules provide no basis for frictions and conflicts. “Not conflict but are not able to try the Teenager and say” that is a psychologist, Zimmermann is convinced.

Challenge for parents

There are not enough points of Friction, are looking Pubescent other ways of provocation, by which their boundaries can explore – for example, by the lack of commitment to the school, or by the consumption of alcohol or drugs.

“The challenge for parents is to be able to, with patience between pubertärem Cockiness and clear boundaries to distinguish,” says the head of the Catholic education and family counselling centre in Cologne, Germany. In order to find the right level, it can help to interact with friends whose kids are the same age. “A teenager once drunk from a Party, this can be a one-time slip-up,” says Zimmermann.

It is more difficult, if this is repeated or if the adolescent became an hermit at the end of several months. “Then the parents should seek professional help, such as in the case of a child guidance centre”, recommends the psychologist. This shall also apply if the young people suffer from constraints and Fears, are violent or use drugs.


Important information about the state of development and about unusual behaviour of the young people are also the so-called J1-examination by a pediatrician. In the context of this investigation, Twelve to be reviewed – to 14-Year-old on their level of development. The youngsters are subjected to a Complete Check-up: in addition to a urine examination, Body Mass is determined Index. With the appropriate familial the doctor arranged for additional blood tests. In addition, important data, diseases, eating habits, school performance, vaccination status, movement, Social behaviors and addictions, but also covers sexual experiences.

Finally, there is a consultative conversation. The Teens decide for themselves whether they want to lead alone or in the presence of their parents. “The adult should prepare your children before the visit to the doctor to be physically examined. Because in puberty, the sense of shame in young people is very large,” says psychologist Zimmermann.

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