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Cherries – Healthy and around

Summer time is cherry time! That means eating cherries in the fresh air and sunshine. While in April and may, the flowering cherry trees will enchant you with her sight, there is the cherry harvest time between June and August is the tire to buy juicy vitamin bombs everywhere. Delicious cherry recipes are in high demand. To waffles and wafers, whether as a jam, compote, juice, liquor, cake, sugar refined, cooked or just raw and fresh-from-the – tree cherries to taste not only deliciously sweet, but also healthy, low in fat and full of vitamins.

Cherries: calories and nutrients

Calories are, however, hardly in cherries: 100 grams of cherries have just 22 calories, cherries 52 kcal. Cherries are not ripe, therefore, they are picked at harvest time, sold and should be consumed quickly. Two to three days you keep in the fridge, then they are brown and inedible. Before eating the cherries should be washed in standing water carefully, as the thin skin bursts under the running water quickly. Under the skin of the cherries, a lot of Healthy. The following nutrients-cherries are especially characterized by:

  • B-Vitamins
  • C-Vitamins
  • Folic acid
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

In addition, cherries secondary plants produce substances that strengthen the immune system. If you like, you can drink to the cherries by the way easily the water. The old rumor, cherries, and water would cause abdominal pain, is now solved long ago. Stomach ache get not more than that if you eat too many cherries, because, as every fruit and vegetable they produce in large quantities of flatulence.

Cherries: Healthy and around

As a stone fruit, cherries have a tough, raisins, large core, the spits just out or before eating, should be removed. Here, too, there are lots of prejudices: Supposedly, the core of which should be swallowed, because he could stay in a bulge of the intestine to hang. This is nothing more than an old wives ‘ tale. Similarly, the warning, the Crushing of the core would be placed in life-threatening hydrocyanic acid free. In a cherry stone a little prussic acid, but in such a small dose that it has no influence on our organism is.

Uncomfortable the Bite of a cherry core could be only for the teeth. It is better, because, to collect the spat seeds, in hot water wash and a small pillow sew. This so-called cherry stone pillow can be in the oven, or cooled in the refrigerator is warmed and optionally as a heat pillow or Cooling relief to the area of pain.

Cherries to thicken and cherries finishing

Who doesn’t like fresh cherries all at once to eat, can also (freezing with or without core) cherries, bring to the boil, candied Refine or jam make of it. When cooking, it should thicken the cherries, then you taste the waffles are particularly good or vanilla ice cream.

To the inserted to give the cherries out of the jar in a pot and three to four tablespoons of cherry juice. The cherries to taste a little bit of sugar and a cherry add water and bring to a boil. The repealed juice with one to two tablespoons of cornstarch to touch, to give the cherries, stir and leave to simmer. The finished mass is just about the waffles or the ice cream, some powdered sugar, sprinkle, and done.

Cherries: recipe for cherry pie

With this recipe for a delicious cherry pie cherries refining: 200 g Butter, 175 g sugar, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar and three eggs can be light and fluffy. Subsequently, 200 g flour, 2 TSP baking powder and 2 TABLESPOONS of milk while stirring. The mass of dough in a greased Springform pan and fill with cherries documents. At 180 degrees for 50 minutes to bake, then some sugar and almond flakes to sprinkle over the cake and again bake for 10 minutes. Then let it cool and with fresh whipped cream and enjoy. So, without major effort, cherries finishing.

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