Between June and August, red cherries, contrary to shining at us from the trees everywhere juicy. Whether fresh from the tree or as jam, juice or pie cherries are available in many delicious variants. Bought the cherries once, they should be consumed quickly, because more than two to three days to keep cherries in the refrigerator. The old rumor that cherries don’t mix with water, is not true, by the way. In larger quantities of cherries can lead to bloating.

Calories and ingredients

Depending on the variety, contain 100 grams of cherries between 22 and 52 calories. The red fruits are particularly rich in Vitamin C and folic acid. Folic acid is important for cell division and the formation of new cells. Especially in the case of desire for children and during pregnancy, an increased folic acid is needed. In addition, even larger quantities, put in cherries in calcium, Magnesium, potassium and iron.

Recipe: Cherry-Whole Grain-Crumble

400 grams of sweet cherries wash and remove seeds. 50 grams of Butter in small cubes and sprinkles, together with 80 grams of wholemeal flour, 50 grams of sugar and half a packet of vanilla sugar, stir in the cut. The cherries in a greased baking dish, and then use the sprinkles to cover. On a medium heat for about 30 minutes to bake. Then with vanilla sauce or vanilla ice cream to serve.