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Children’s playgrounds

Faster, further, higher – playgrounds are intended for the child’s audacity. But how can parents recognize how safe a Playground is really? For example, with a check list. Children discover the world through Grasping, Running, Jumping and Climbing movement is for their development is of Central importance. Because you experience the environment rather than the senses and the body as by thought and imagination. Positive movement experiences to strengthen the motor skills, promote intelligence and increase self-awareness. Parents should give their offspring of the opportunity, outside extensively let off steam. On a daily basis and together with other children.

Playgrounds are the ideal place to do it

You stimulate to movement, and also communication centers for children. Here friendships are made – sometimes for the whole life. And the Little one to learn in dealing with other social behavior. While Waiting in the swing, for example, the joint construction project in the sandbox or in the case of complex role-playing games. In addition, children like to copy.

Especially anxious children on the Playground, the opportunity to practice on the example of their peers motion sequences, or to first get used to so much company. Therefore, it is especially for single children to Frolic regularly in the children’s Playground. And also small children have their fun. Even if you don’t romp, or build can climb, they are, nevertheless, greatly interested in what the others are up to.

Imagination Playground

Slide, swing, climbing frame and a sandpit, surrounded by a little lawn and a preppy hunter fence – so many children look havens. They give children the opportunity to move in a safe setting: The game devices correspond to the DIN standards, Sand, and mulch pads springs from the falls, the grassy areas ball games and are, at any time, from any point visible. What parents and children want more?

“Children need playgrounds that encourage your imagination and take you to a adventure world. Therefore, the ideal Playground for me quite different”. Christiane Betz, Director of an inclusive daycare center, which is currently planning the redesign of your outdoor area says. “A Playground that promotes children’s optimum, it is best to design with natural materials and should not be cleaned up. For example, there are puddles and scattered Branches”. The natural Vegetation and the landscape form should be taken into account in the design so that kids can experience nature even””. Such a well thought-out and scale terrain changes with the seasons and offering always new game incentives and opportunities.

Adventure with a security certificate

Whether it’s “furnished” or “adventurous”, the installations and individual devices in Germany are subject to strict security standards. The operators are obliged to check the railing in certain intervals and to wait. At least once a week, a sight check for possible damages due to vandalism or contamination. On a quarterly basis to be tested, the equipment, and once a year an expert check the entire system.

In spite of the fine-meshed Review also, parents should always implement a Check and defects immediately to the operator or the competent municipality register. Parents can also contribute to safety. For example, with the correct “Parking” of scooters and co. stroller and bike have nothing to seek in the play area, benches should not be adjusted powerful. To the game, course etiquette also includes: cigarette butts belong into the waste basket and dogs on a leash.

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