Children’s skin – how to protect, how to maintain

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Children’s skin – how to protect, how to maintain

Our skin is a true miracle: it regulates body temperature like a Thermostat, it protects us from harmful environmental influences and pathogens, it is important for our metabolism and it conveys tenderness and well-being. Clearly, they must be maintained, therefore, a particularly careful – and so you can not early enough to start The course for a good “skin-future” later in life are already made in the Childhood.

Children’s sensitive skin

Actually, the main care of the baby age begins, when the mother feeds the infant and provide him with sores and painful inflammation of the saves. Statisticians have calculated that In the 4,000 – to 5,000-times a Baby is wrapped and then with a high quality protective ointment applied the cream. An effort that is necessary, because the baby’s delicate skin is much thinner and more sensitive than the skin of adults. She is not able to protect the body efficiently, this ability is only in the course of time to be fully effective.

Water is for Washing, because

Parents know that body care is for babies still relatively easy, because the Little ones will enjoy the bath and the subsequent tender Lotion. It is more difficult, if the children be slightly larger. Then soap, and especially Shampoos, are absolutely undesirable and Wash, or even showers are on the list of unpopular celebrities.

Too fierce discussions about the topic should spare mothers and fathers. On the one hand it is good, if you give in here and there and not on the daily shower – or twice a week is enough also, if the Little ones are washed regularly. On the other hand, you can outsmart your children with special care products.

A mild Shampoo in the cheerful Design, which does not burn in the eyes, works wonders, and converted most of the hair washing person. In addition, there are also colorful soap creams that can be painted as finger paint on the body. Also nourishing bath tablets that color the water colorful, are very popular with children. Red, blue, green – each bathroom is such a special pleasure.

The colorful care products should be tailored to the needs of the delicate skin of children. Parents should only use products that contain no irritants. Perfumes pollute, for example, the skin.

Measure, also the Cleanliness

Neither too little nor too much Cleanliness is good. Some children love the fun with water and foam. You can stay for a very long time under the shower or in the bath. Whether with or without the foam, not only cleaning products, but also a lot of water the skin from drying. And many Small Problem: Nearly two-thirds of the children under ten years of age, have a dry skin, the protection of which is the damage of the layer through the washing orgies.

Tip: The delicate skin of children is often quite dry. Special help cleaning baths with nourishing Oil. These funds should Not use up to the age of puberty. After that, the skin by nature is oily.

Beautiful skin instead of chocolate

Those with a sweet tooth have to be careful. Because, especially in the autumn, when the temperature drops, increasing the desire for Sweets. Chocolate tastes particularly delicious, and also highlights the mood. Of the skin can damage you but because you activated the histamine in the body and this hormone-like substance that makes the skin more sensitive to all outside influences.

The healthy Alternative that also tastes good and energy: fresh fruit and raw food! Although it is not as popular as chocolate, but if the fruit is cut funny and lovely and will, have parents, often a experience of success.