Chinese cuisine – health is through the stomach

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Chinese cuisine – health is through the stomach

Holistic nutrition is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Food is for the Chinese to Win the life energy, called Qi, is important for health and well-being elementary. Health complaints try the Chinese in the first place, by a different life style, in particular, by a change in Diet,.

You are what you eat

From the Chinese point of view, there is no clear separation between Medicinal and food products. Foods are regarded in China as mild therapeutics. Everything Edible has a so-called Qi power, which defines how and where the food influences the people. Such a diet can affect a disorder of the Qi in the human organism and the harmony in the body to disrupt or restore.

The Chinese cuisine is not only enjoyment, but wants to be healthy. The Chinese kitchen however, there is just as little as there is a European kitchen, because the taste preferences are in the various parts of the country, the 1.3 billion inhabitants of the state are very different: “In the North is salty, East is sweet, mild in the South and in the West, sharply,” describes a Chinese proverb, the kitchen.

All regions have in common is that the food generally has a high priority. One wishes for any nice day, but asks as a greeting: “Have You already eaten?” The formula comes from a time in the Fed was not, of course, but it is widely used even today.

Components of the diet

The all of the regions of the common basic principles and ingredients of Chinese cuisine explained TK-nutrition expert Schmidt: “the basis of the healthy Chinese cuisine is in all directions equally, the use of fresh food. What makes the food so healthy, especially the balanced ratio of vegetables, meat and rice.”

Unlike the us, where the meat often accounts for the main share a meal and vegetables, rice and potatoes are relegated to smaller side dishes. In addition, cups will receive the nutrients stay longer through a low-fat, and at the end of preparation, frying in a Wok, Blanch and steam cooking in Bamboo. And deep fried is baked, however, only cautious.

“The Chinese don’t dissect your food according to nutritional value, carbohydrate, Vitamin and fats. Do not count calories and do not rely on ever-changing food trends as it is in the Western world, often the case. Rather, the quality, taste, smell and color of food are in the foreground,” says Maike Schmidt.

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