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Cinnamon – which is Why he can damage

Cinnamon in pregnancy

For a long time already it is known that cinnamon can cause in sensitive individuals allergies. Interestingly, the consumption of cinnamon may also result in persons who are allergic to herb pollen (e.g., mugwort) allergic reactions (so-called cross-allergies). In pregnancy should cinnamon be enjoyed with caution – the Oil can cause contractions.

Cinnamon: harmful effect on health

Since a few years, you know that cinnamon naturally included – Phenylpropanoide (v. a. coumarin, but also safrole) can be harmful to health. A certain percentage of the population seems to be particularly sensitive and reacts with liver damage (why not) know so far. In addition, it has been shown in an animal experiment an increased risk for cancer; the extent to which these results can be transmitted to humans, however, is not clarified yet.

Due to the pathogenic property, only a certain maximum value (2 mg) is allowed by law to cinnamon per kilogram of food. Now the latest studies showed that cinnamon-containing food products, the limit values are frequently exceeded. Part of the reason is that finished products are almost always significantly cheaper Cassia cinnamon is used, which has a much higher coumarin concentration than that of Ceylon cinnamon.

Since manufacturers are not required, the used Zimtart indicate it is an estimate for the consumer difficult, if he remains under the allowed coumarin limit of daily 0.1 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, especially foods such as cereal or soda that included cinnamon and absorption through the skin (e.g. soap) can be carried out.

Cinnamon: enjoy only in certain quantities

In particular, in the case of children, this limit is quickly reached – the Federation and the Länder recommend, for example, that children daily, not more than

  • The 4-star Cinnamon à 5.6 grams or
  • 1 gingerbread of 30 grams or
  • Milk rice with cinnamon and sugar 200 grams or
  • 2 granola bars à 35 grams or
  • Ready-To-Cereal 75 Grams

eat should. Why the recommendations are not a disclosure or limitation of the ingredients is enforced, remains unclear.

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