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At the Yoga Exercise Cobra proceed as follows:

  1. Flat on the belly, legs, and arms parallel to the body to stretch out. The palms down, the top of the foot to lie on the ground. The forehead touches the yoga Mat.
  2. Hands close to the body at the level of the belly button hand. Arms bend. Leg and Pomuskeln tensing, upper body slightly lifted from the ground.
  3. Torso with the arms further away from the ground, pushing away. The elbows remain close to the body.
  4. Head in the nape of the neck, the view goes to the top. Five, hold for ten seconds, then the Position remove and repeat three times

Effect of Yoga Exercise Cobra

  • Physically: Strengthens and stretches back, Butt, and arm muscles
  • Spiritually: Opens and frees. A new self-consciousness.