Coconut oil and coconut oil

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Coconut oil and coconut oil

Coconut oil (virgin coconut oil) is a particularly high-heatable vegetable oil, which is extracted from the endosperm of the coconut (copra). At room temperature coconut oil has a solid state and an off-white color – in this Form it is referred to as coconut fat. Coconut oil is mainly used in the kitchen for Roasting and baking, but also in cosmetics. Here, coconut oil is popular for hair care.

Coconut oil – healthy or unhealthy?

Since coconut oil and coconut oil have a particularly high proportion of saturated fatty acids – this is about 90 percent – were for years considered to be unhealthy. Because, supposedly, the many saturated fatty acids should lead to an increase in the cholesterol levels. Today, we know that high quality coconut oil only, the content of HDL cholesterol increases – this is the ‘good’ cholesterol that protects us against cardiovascular diseases.

Due to its health-promoting properties of coconut oil is becoming more and more popular: Today, worldwide, approximately eight percent of the demand for vegetable oil to be covered by coconut oil. In addition to its effect on cholesterol levels coconut oil is used because it is good wholesome and easy to digest. This is probably due to the fact that coconut fat contains in contrast to, for example, Butter is mainly medium-chain fatty acids.

Oil quality is particularly crucial

In the case of coconut oil, and coconut oil, it is particularly crucial to pay attention to the quality of the product, because many commercially available coconut oils and fats are industrially hardened. In this process, TRANS-fatty acids, which can have damaging effects on the health of the natural fatty acids.

Although the TRANS-fatty acids in coconut have the same composition of fat, however, a structure other than the natural fatty acids. Because the hardening of the coconut fat, the curvature of the natural fatty acids is lost, and this therefore after hardening no longer curved, but in a straight Form.

The straight TRANS-fatty acids can be processed by our body, however, is just bad. In addition, you increase in the body the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and lowering the levels of ‘good’ HDL-cholesterol. As a result, the risk for a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases may increase significantly. Similarly, through the consumption of foods with TRANS-the risk for Diabetes as well as Obesity, fatty acids are increased significantly.

You want to benefit from the health-promoting effects of coconut fat, you should rely on a high-quality Oil or non-hydrogenated fat. Such products are, for example, in reform to buy houses.

Health-Promoting Effect

Among the saturated fatty acids of coconut oil, among other things, lauric acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid. In addition, in coconut-unsaturated Oleic acids and small amounts of mineral fat substances, such as calcium, iron, copper and potassium.

Especially the lauric acid found in coconut oil, and coconut oil in especially large quantities, is said to have health-promoting effects. So you should have antimicrobial and, therefore, the body in the fight against bacteria, yeasts, fungi and certain viruses support. In the case of viruses, the mechanism of lauric acid is particularly effective – it simply releases the fat components of the envelope and inactivates the Virus.

Due to its anti-microbial effect, can help coconut oil for colds and sore throat. In order to alleviate the symptoms, just a few coconut oil in a warm Cup of tea. Creams that contain coconut oil, should also promote the wound healing process and the skin infection.

A positive effect in Alzheimer’s

Whether coconut oil diseases has a positive effect on Alzheimer’s, is still controversial. Advocates say the case of an American, whose Alzheimer’s disease has not been cured by the daily intake of coconut oil, supposedly, but significantly improved. Scientific studies on the efficacy of coconut oil in Alzheimer’s disease are missing so far.

Allegedly, the positive effect of coconut oil is supposed to be due to the many medium-chain fatty acids contained in the Oil. They will be converted in the liver to ketones, and then via the bloodstream to the brain to be transported. There, they can be used as an alternative energy source to glucose. As in the case of Alzheimer’s, certain areas of the brain no longer is able to, glucose, is to be improved by the Ketones, the energy supply to the brain.

Use of coconut oil and coconut oil

For the extraction of coconut oil first of all, the flesh of the coconut has to be the so – called copra – is dried and crushed. By the Drying, the water content of the coconut drops to about five percent, while the fat content increases to 60 to 70 percent. After Drying, the pulp is squeezed and thus, the fat won.

Because coconut oil has a lot of saturated fatty acids, it is highly heatable, and thus ideal for cooking, baking and Frying suitable. To Buy coconut fat is mostly in the Form of a solid block, because the coconut fat at room temperature a solid state. At 22 to 25 degrees, the fat begins to melt and turns into Oil.

When melting the coconut oil can absorb a lot of melting would be, and thus provides for a cooling effect. This effect of the coconut fat makes the confectionery industry, for example, in the manufacture of the ice confection. In addition to an ice confection coconut oil is also used for the production of other sweets like ice cream and waffle fillings. It also plays a Central role in margarine production.

Coconut oil: Good for skin and hair

Next to the kitchen, coconut oil is also used in cosmetics and is used in hair shampoos, sunscreen cream, massage oil and various creams and Soaps. Coconut oil has a cooling effect and is moisturizing, but the Oil penetrates hardly into the skin.

Coconut oil is said to have an impact, especially on the hairs positive, as it provides dry and damaged hair with moisture. Just a little bit of coconut oil to damp hair, massage in for at least one hour to take effect. Alternatively, the Oil can soak in overnight. After exposure to the coconut oil wash out thoroughly.

Due to its moisturizing effect of coconut oil is used not only for the hair but also in skin care, especially for the care of dry skin. In addition, a drop of the Oil that is in the evening, massaged into the skin below the eyes is to prevent the next Morning eye rings.