Creativity needs space

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Creativity needs space


In the bathroom, bed, or Bus, not infrequently, these are the places from which it is claimed that creative people get the ideas that the world could you later be famous. Archimedes rushed, for example, from the bath out into the streets of Syracuse, shouting: “Eureka!” He had solved the Problem that had kept him busy for days: How to measure the volume of an irregularly shaped body, for example, a Golden crown,. Friedrich von Kekule had, sleeping by the fire sitting, a dream that gave him the idea, the structure of the benzene molecule, which appeared so difficult to explain, could be annular. The result was the birth of a new branch of the science, the chemistry of aromatic Compounds. As Henri Poincare ascended for a geological field trip on a Bus, he had all of a sudden, an inspiration to a fundamental mathematical property of certain functions that he had discovered shortly before, and no longer went to him for days out of the head. How these and many other examples show, come up with creative ideas often just when the person thinks all appearances of something else, or nothing in Particular.

Creativity one encounters everywhere

Creativity is a skill that distinguishes only the great Poets and thinkers up to the sizes of the advertising and fashion? No, creativity is encountered everywhere. May buzz a top voice the a spontaneous to Church song, or to improvise Jazz on the living room piano. Others, such as creative, i.e. creative, you are, if you are tailors in the blink of an eye, the costume for the Ball or without previous experience a broken car repair. Certainly, whether this idea or that person is creative, that’s debatable. But what does it mean to be creative? Creativity, follow one of the countless definitions, the ability to in a shorter amount of time than other, more original, to produce more economical ideas, considerations, solution options and views than the average. Such skills lie dormant, if you believe the science, in principle, in every human being. It is a question, therefore, is to awaken these skills to develop and strengthen.

Creativity needs space

The worst enemy of creativity is Routine, whether it be a rut, the mental Monotony or excessive stress through the day. Creativity needs free space and apart from spontaneous ideas, the possibility of a thing in peace and quiet to think this through. Professional creative people withdraw not uncommon for hours or even days, until you have a good idea or a creative thought came from. For the normal people to be an almost impossible procedure, because who has the time, day length in his “Closet” ideas in themselves to grow and Mature. And yet there are people who suddenly have an idea, you let go before you do not have this implemented.

Creativity double action

To have good ideas is only one side of creativity, they will consistently implement a other. Who bogged down full of good ideas and their implementation, to confuse creativity with “activism”. Creativity is the ability to analyze problems, to decompose it into sub-problems, and thus in the solution steps and then “step by step”.

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