Cysts and uterine fibroids

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Cysts and uterine fibroids


Among the many expertise of the physicians to Express the term “Tumor” most commonly give rise to misunderstandings and unfounded, unnecessary Fears. A typical example is: The lady doctor/the lady doctor in the study cysts found on the ovaries the woman’s ovaries. He is listed on the case sheet or in the hospital admission diagnosis “Adnextumor” and says only that something is swollen-like bead on the “Adnexen” (= Annex of the uterus), ovaries, or fallopian tubes, has formed.

Cysts and fibroids are usually harmless

The word “Tumor” most people think of “cancer”. Ovarian benign Entity, which have to do with cancer, nothing to cysts are almost always. The same is true for uterine fibroids. Also in the case of these vessels, of the uterus muscles of the beads is the risk of a malignant change is very low.

Both Structures, cysts and fibroids, are widely used and are today discovered more and more of the women doctors during routine ultrasound examinations. In many cases, the doctor gives the diagnosis, suffice it to say, and recommends to his patient only to Wait. This applies in particular to the cysts. These fluid-filled hollow age occur singly or in greater number, on one or both ovaries can be fitted in every life. They do not grow by growths of cells, but by the accumulation of tissue fluid.

The most common cause of cyst formation on the ovary, a follicle (follicle), that is not burst during ovulation, as is normal. Small cysts do not usually cause any discomfort, sometimes however, there is one-sided, pull-lower abdominal pain or an unpleasant feeling of pressure. Irregular or heavy bleeding. Large, pedunculated cysts can rotate around its handle, and suddenly a fierce pain trigger.

What do women doctors today

In many cases, it is worthwhile to observe the growth of the cyst at first, because she is often alone and back again. Also the taking the pill or other hormone preparations, it can stop your growth. However, cysts that are likely benign and do not cause any discomfort, regularly by ultrasound, and digital examination should be monitored. If you are grow particularly fast, to medication do not respond, the woman prepare greater discomfort or in the case of the ultrasonic investigation as suspicious, advise the woman doctor/women doctor to their distance.

Also uterine fibroids are often harmless and only sometimes the reason for a surgical intervention. These benign tumors arise in the smooth muscles of the uterus and are found after the age of 35. Age when almost every third woman. You do not cause any symptoms, regular gynecological Monitoring. In the change of form due to the decreasing hormone production, back-ends, mostly. Depending on the extent of uterine fibroids can lead to strong and prolonged menstrual bleeding and a feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen. Sometimes they also press on the bladder or intestine and cause discomfort. Also back pain are often the result of fibroids.

When to wait, when to operate?

The lady doctor/the lady doctor can try to bring the myoma with a novel hormonal against players of Estrogen (the so-called GnRH-agonist) to Shrink. In this way, many women today remains a surgery saves. In other cases, it is sufficient to remove individual fibroids, the uterus remains in place. However, if the fibroids are very numerous, in spite of medical treatment will always grow back and cause discomfort, will recommend to the lady doctor/the lady doctor a removal of the uterus (hysterectomy).

In the investigation and treatment of cysts and fibroids methods used have changed significantly in recent years, emphasizes the professional Association of women doctors. In many cases, can today be without a body-section surgery. With the help of the so-called “key hole surgery” today, a lot of cysts and some uterine fibroids without Opening the abdominal wall, in the framework of a laparoscopy (laparoscopy or pelvis copy).

The advantages of endoscopic surgery are not restricted to the favourable cosmetic effect. This originally gynecologists developed method is also less stressful and caused less pain. The patients recover after the surgery faster and leave the hospital soon. Also the Fears and the emotional stress of the Operation are lower. As the patient recovers faster from surgery, endoscopic operations, in addition to the cost reduction in the health care, concludes in the notice of the gynecologist Association.