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Daily Dose Of Zinc

The trace element zinc plays in our body in various metabolic processes as a component of enzymes (control substances) an important role. It is, among other things, for the growth of the skin, as well as for the storage of Insulin is important. In addition, it is involved in wound healing and immunological processes. Anyone who takes enough zinc to strengthen his defenses.

Recommended Daily Dose

The recommended daily allowance of zinc is 15 milligrams for pregnant women with 25 milligrams of a little bit higher. 15 milligrams of zinc include:

  • 20 g of oysters
  • 60 g of rye germs
  • 100 g of wheat germs
  • 150 g of calf liver
  • 200 g Corned Beef
  • 250 g nuts
  • 250 g of hard cheese
  • 300 g oatmeal
  • 350 g of wheat
  • 350 g of meat

Overdosing with zinc is in everyday life is hardly possible, because zinc is also in high doses it is practically toxic.

Zinc deficiency

In the case of zinc deficiency can lead to symptoms such as loss of appetite, increased susceptibility to infections, delayed wound healing, disorders of taste and Smell, hair loss and characteristic changes to the skin. In the age of the child also growth can occur.

Particularly at risk for a zinc deficiency persons with an increased need for zinc (e.g., Pregnant women) or an increased loss of zinc (e.g., athletes). Likewise, people who take in through food is often too little zinc are also older, at-risk group. In addition, vegetarians and Vegans have an increased risk for a zinc deficiency, because your body can make use of the herbal diet zinc worse.