Decaying Process

Stop Eating Vegetables
Stop Eating Vegetables

As soon as an animal dies, proteins in its body begin to shrink. It’s a beginning of the enzyme self-destruction. The process of destroying animal proteins is much different from the same process in the plant world (from slow decay of wood, for example). Shortly after the death of an animal a decaying substance begins to form. Therefore, some time after a slaughter (not immediately) animal bodies are placed in refrigerators for a storing purpose. Then they are transported to the butcher shops and sold.

After that meat gets to customers’ homes and again stored until it is taken out for cooking. However, cooling meat down to -10 or -15º C only slows the decaying process down without stopping it fully. This means that the meat stored in the fridge is all the same slowly decaying. Here the question arises: how does a customer know what a decaying stage the meat was in when a customer was cooking dinner? Often poisonous rot bacteria are not killed even after the meat has been treated. Especially, when it is underroasted, which often happens when cooking chops or barbecue. Thus, not only does meat decay inside our body, it also gets into our body in a decaying state already!

A few years ago there was an action in Britain. British public health inspectors warned housewives after a series of food poisoning cases that “taking raw meat in terms of hygiene is like taking the feces”. They also gave women a lecture explaining to them that “raw meat in the decaying state can get cook’s hands and other things nearby dirty and cause pathogenic infections”.

How can it be explained that taking raw decaying meat is dangerous, but eating underroasted or overroasted meat is not?

It takes meat about 5 days to be fully digested and leftovers to get out of the body! This time is inconceivable if it comes to plant food! And during all this time decaying meat products are in constant contact with the digestive system. This can result in a disease. No wonder that devotion to meat food leads to poisoning and premature wear of the entire body.