Diabetes mellitus and cinnamon

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Diabetes mellitus and cinnamon


Cinnamon for thousands of years, both because of its taste but also because of its wide range of health effects estimated. New findings point to a further Use: the blood sugar regulating effects of cinnamon. Here you can learn what makes cinnamon for diabetics so interesting.

The Secret Of Cinnamon

Cinnamon, with the Botanical name “Cinnamomum verum”, belongs to the family of the Laurel plants (Lauraceae). Under cinnamon is the bark of branches of up to 20 m high, in Ceylon, wild cinnamon tree.

The spice plant cinnamon is prized for millennia, both for its taste as for its diverse health effects. New findings show a other health Benefits: blood sugar-regulating effect of a gram of cinnamon as a daily dose in the supportive treatment of type 2 diabetic patients.

Impaired Glucose Metabolism

Characteristic of type 2 Diabetes mellitus is that the body’s cells respond adequately to the blood sugar-lowering hormone Insulin and high blood sugar levels result. For diabetics a good Balance of blood glucose levels is of particular importance. According to research, non-insulin requiring type 2 diabetes, benefit of cinnamon is already of a gram, in order to support the effect of the existing insulin.

The Basis for a type-2 Diabetes is insulin resistance, which means that the pancreas produces sufficient Insulin, the body cells respond less and less to this Regulator. The organism tried to do this by a higher production of insulin to compensate.

The result is a Hyper insulin-ISM, that is to say, it is always larger quantities are delivered to Insulin in the blood. The effectiveness of the insulin is then restricted in the further course of the disease more and more. The insulin production dries up usually gradually, as the performance of the pancreas is exhausted, and so type 2 diabetics need to inject Insulin.

How does Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas. Only with the help of this hormone, the sugar from the blood cannot be absorbed into the cells. At the cell input Insulin acts as a kind of “door opener” about the so-called lock-and-key principle. Insulin (the key) binds to specific binding sites on the cells (the castle), so that the cell image to open the word, and the circulating sugar from the blood may pass into the interior of the cell.

What are the benefits of cinnamon for a balanced blood sugar Balance?

The aqueous cinnamon extract contained ingredients, the so-called methyl hydroxy Chalcone polymers (MHCP), improving the insulin sensitivity of the body cells and thus the uptake of blood glucose into the cells. In this way, you support the effect of the body’s own insulin, causing blood sugar levels to normal values is regulated.

In a study with type 2 diabetic patients, small amounts showed cinnamon (1-6 grams daily) over a time of 40 days, a significant improvement of the diabetic metabolism situation. In addition to the positive impact of cinnamon on blood sugar levels positive effects on lipid metabolism (total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides) and thus the cardiovascular risk observed.