Diaper dermatitis (diaper rash, miracle Po)

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Diaper dermatitis (diaper rash, miracle Po)


Most parents know it: the delicate baby’s bottom is red and sore, the Wrap hurt the little darling, and you barely dare to clean the bottom. Fortunately, the Situation can be with the right care, quickly change for the better. Baby’s bottom not is almost always in a diaper is always dry. The warm humidity “chamber” softens the skin and makes it susceptible to external influences. Urine and stool irritate the delicate skin in addition.

The chair – for example, by feeding a new baby foods (especially citrus fruits), infection, diarrhea, or medication changes, then this can lead to redness and inflammation. The damaged skin has only a limited protective function – an easy game for fungi and bacteria. Sometimes, the child reacts also sensitive to the diaper materials.

Symptoms of diaper dermatitis

For simple soreness of the skin in the wind is red the same rich – the rash spreads from the Anus in the direction of the perineum and genital/lower abdomen. If he can heal in the moist diaper climate warm bad, it can come to the open, wet Places.

Fungi from settling on it (diaper thrush), in addition, pustules, nodules, and dandruff, the affected area itches much, it can swell up and over the diaper expand. The limits of the healthy range in contrast to the simple wounds of the Po. Bacteria can be the pimples bigger, but possibly pus that hung as a yellowish crusts. In case of a severe infection even can affect General well-being and the temperature increased.

Prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis

The most important measure is the warm, moist climate in the diaper counter. To this Popflege – with the help of which you can also avoid that your darling even get a sore Butt – a few tips:

  • Often gear change diapers: In the chair immediately, otherwise, at least after every meal
  • Rather loose wrap – so a bit of air in the humidity chamber
  • As often as possible to air to the baby’s butt (naked, kicking – in a warm room on a ceiling or under a heat lamp)
  • Your Baby has more frequent a sore Butt, you have to switch to a different diaper brand – some children may not respond to certain substances sensitive to other brands but.
  • To Clean, take a soft wash cloth that is soaked in water, or Calendula, or whey. But: lubricating wipes will not be tolerated by some children, and are to be avoided in the case of a fungal infection.
  • After Clean the skin (including the skin folds!) dry well: you can either gently DAB or a hair dryer on low-level (40-50 cm from the side and little boy’s Penis with a dry cloth cover)
  • Thereafter, a skin protective soft zinc paste, or a baby ointment to grease with calendula oil. In wet conditions the sole is a cream paste made of almond oil, zinc oxide and fatty cream or chamomile, cod liver oil, sulphur, lanolin and zinc oxide (to mix in the pharmacy) or a ready-made cod-liver oil ointment (e.g., Mirfulan®) can be applied subject to instead.

In addition, there are some medicinal plants that act against the inflammation. So you can proven baby’s bottom after Cleaning in warm chamomile or Schafgarbentee baden, especially, has wild thyme tea. Astringent and healing-accelerating oak bark (from the pharmacy), and the blueberry press juice (from the reformhaus). Two effective home remedies breast milk, which is dabbed on the sores, and black tea (1/2 hour), with the weeping Places swabbed.

Does your child suffer from always recurring diaper thrush, recommended by many of the therapists, a change of diet: eliminating “unhealthy” carbohydrates, such as sugar, white flour, fruit juices, instead of wholefoods with plenty of sour milk products, Sauerkraut, and nuts. Important is the conscious, slow intake of food, with thorough Chewing. A homeopathic constitutional therapy can help to strengthen the child’s defenses.

When to see a doctor?

Usually parents get the Situation with simple measures. A visit to the doctor, however, is not recommended, if the condition of the skin improves within 3-4 days, the skin bleeds or other signs of a fungal infection or if your child seems to be affected. Infections with fungi and bacteria need to be treated with special drugs – mostly creams, or in severe cases tablets.