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Diet enjoy

Healthy eating and pleasurable eating are compatible?

A healthy diet is proven in many people with the attributes of bland, boring, and a little tasty. Even of grain or green fodder. Healthy nutrition is anything other than that. The healthy diet is a diet that includes the entire bandwidth of the food, so a varied mixed diet. Only on the quantities and the composition of it is.

In particular, fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables and herbs to stimulate the pleasures of the palate. Many is not aware of, such as aromatic, taste with a home-made tomato soup with fresh Basil or fresh short angedünstetes garden vegetables. Just out of fresh food, special Treats can be prepared.

We have to deal only with the original food, and its special and unique taste. Because this seems to be somewhere between canned and ready-made pizzas lost.

Lovers of the good life to be healthier?

People who enjoy the food and not as a side thing to consider, more time with your food and eat it automatically slower. This causes you to pay more attention to your satiety and non-Hunger, eat. For these people it is often easier to their weight. Enjoyment is not a question of quantity but a question of quality and selection.

Who likes to eat, not eat to much. So also the food lovers make it: a bit of everything, but in small portions. In addition to the gourmet eats with all their senses. It takes more visual, and taste the subtleties of true. About the sensual Experience he does so probably something for his health.

We don’t know what the effect of the well-being of the food has on our body. Individual food components and their effect on our organism are examined. However, the positive stimulation of the senses and the pleasure of eating have an impact on our health, it is still completely unclear.

You will enjoy time and again

Let the little devil on your shoulder, but just once again run free. It offers a boisterous feast in the family circle or with friends. You plan a menu that the devil can be in terms of enjoyment, value, cheer, and the angel in light of the healthy choice the language that brings. How would it be, for example, with the following menu?

Mixed salad with roasted sunflower seeds, sprouts and yogurt dressing

Salmon fillet with lemon sauce, mixed vegetables and wild rice

Mixed fruit salad with vanilla quark


Try it also with common cooking. The contact with food stimulates the senses, promotes the desire for healthy food and try New things. Especially for children this is a very special experience.

Keep in mind that the eye eats

Cover the table so that it is a pleasure for the eyes. Candles, napkins and flowers can create a beautiful atmosphere. To align the individual gears of the menus on the plates nice and don’t forget a small decoration.

Let the time for each gear. Small breaks in between, aid digestion, and leave room for discussions. Here we can learn from French food culture, a lot, as a special mark the hours of sitting Together, to Feast and to Tell. Since food is not just a minor thing, but filling program for the evening.

Delicious meal – every day?

Why not? On the topic of food, we can’t get past. We need to take every day food so that our body and our mind can work. With our changed living style and little time remains, however, apparently for this banal necessity. Or is this just a matter of priorities? You try to give just the topic of eating a larger, temporal meaning in your life.

  • You are planning aware of the times and for the preparation of food and the food in the family circle.
  • They bind the family members cut actively in the preparations of food (vegetables, peel potatoes, set the table).
  • Use as often as possible with fresh ingredients and enjoy it consciously.
  • You spoil the eye as often as possible, with a beautifully set table.
  • Avoid reading, if possible, in addition to activities at the dinner table, such as television, etc.
  • Don’t try more something New to the taste buds “fall asleep”.

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